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PRO 2017 Running Back Handcuff Tool

One of our pro members asked in the comments section of another article for a running back handcuff tool to use in drafts as a supplement to the cheat sheet. I’ve taken the top 25-or-so running backs and assigned each one a “level” of handcuff viability. The sheet should be pretty easily understood, but it basically lets you know if the running back you are considering has a “handcuff” you should aim to select at some point during the draft, and the general level of importance in aiming to secure that handcuff. The three levels are “must handcuff,” “might want to handcuff,” and “low priority handcuff,” along with a section with notes if there is no true handcuff. As with all supplemental draft tools, this is not a substitute for the cheat sheet and is merely reference material to aid in identifying whether or not to handcuff players. If you must “reach” a small bit for certain players in the “must-have” handcuff cell, you are allowed to deviate from the sheet at the appropriate time to make that happen.

Click here to go to the shared google spreadsheet.


  1. I need help I can keep two keepers and it is .5 ppr. It is between Dak, G. Tate, D. Freeman, T. Coleman, B. Powell, A. Robinson and J. Reed??

  2. freeman and reed if it were me.

    1. But Reed is always injured

      1. I agree with jschles – can’t win without taking a few chances and Reed when healthy is a difference maker.

        1. I kept Tate and Freeman but if I can grab Reed round 2 I will because Gronk and Kelses.

  3. Should I keep OBJ as my 8th round pick (last year i can keep him), or switch it to Michael Thomas with the 12th round pick?

    I have the #4 draft pick. I was thinking I can keep Thomas and just outright draft OBJ, unless I want someone like Freeman or Gordon.

    1. If you can get OBJ at 4, then keep Thomas and just get OBJ with your pick! Excellent problem to have.

  4. I drafted last night and am worried about RB depth. Thoughts? PPR no dedicated TE
    T Hill
    D Henry
    D. Washington
    Z Jones
    Def & Kicker

    1. I left out I also drafted K Wright as a flier.

    2. team is great, don’t worry.

  5. I have the opportunity to to trade down from #4 to #6. In exchange, I get his 4th round pick, and i give up my 9th round pick. Would you do it?

    1. I’d do that deal.

  6. I have Evans, Beckham, K Allen, Cook, Mixon, Hunt, T Coleman, CJ Anderson, McFadden, Garcon Perine, C Coleman, Winston, and H Henry.

    Should I drop someone to pick up J Hill, who is still available, to handcuff Mixon? Also, should I change to another TE since I have K Allen? Everyone below H Henry on the draft cheat sheet is still available. Half point PPR, 10 team league.

    1. It’s tough to decide in a 10-teamer, but given the state of your RBs if you were to pick up Hill, we’d probably have to drop Perine and hope you can pick him back up later if he breaks out

      1. Ok cool…..what about switching to a different TE? I was leaning Rudolph.

  7. In a dynasty league. Need to drop 1 to stream a defense. Who is worth getting rid of outright or picking up later in the season?
    John brown

    Thanks guys. Second of 4 drafts is tonight

  8. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare


    I’m in a very unique league, scoring-wise, as it is EXTREMELY high scoring. To put things into perspective, a good week generates 400-500 points. Start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. The scoring system is HEAVILY dependent on the length of TDs. See below for a breakdown:

    TD Scoring is the same regardless of passing/rushing/receiving:
    0-20 yd TDs: 15 points
    21-40 yds: 30 pts
    41-60 yds: 45 pts
    61-80 yds: 60 pts
    81+ yds: 75 pts
    Essentially, an 85 yd TD is worth 5 short TDs; so distance of TDs is key.

    Rushing/Receiving yards (combined)
    5 points once 50 yd mark is reached, then 5 more points for every additional 20 yards
    2 (two) PPR

    Passing yards
    5 points once 150 yd mark reached, then 5 points for every additional 50 yards

    All turnovers: -5 points

    Having said that, obviously my draft is going to go much differently than the cheat sheet. Players I have on my radar to move up fairly significantly are:

    QB: Rodgers, Ryan, Brees, Winston, Mariota, Big Ben, Luck, Carr, Wentz
    RB: Freeman, Tevon Coleman, Crowell, Gurley, Riddick, Mccaffrey, Ajaiyi, Hunt, Pederson, Fournette
    WR: OBJ, Evans, Cooks, Tedd Ginn, Mike Wallace, Diggs, Goodwin, Martavius Bryant, Tyreek Hill, Sanders, Torrey Smith, Desean Jackson, TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Taylor Gabriel, John Brown, Cooper Cupp, Zay Jones
    TE: Ertz, Graham, Hooper

    My question to you is, which players would YOU remove/add to this list as the best “big play” threats, and how far up would you draft them in a league like this? I know this is a vague question, but I’ve tried calling in several times to discuss this but always am on hold for too long and have to run before I get put on. This is a big money league to me, so I’d really appreciate your help on this!

    Thank you in advance!

    Quick side note – I believe your rankings for WR/RB/TE are currently messed up for the PPR tab (I think Garcon is listed as the #1 WR, for example).

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      Obviously, Julio, Antonio Brown, and David Johnson should be on those lists, but I’m pick #6 so I won’t have a shot at those guys, more than likely.

    2. remove Crowell Riddick Ajayi Peterson and Fournette from RB
      Remove Diggs Sanders Cooper Kupp and Zay from WR

      like the rest as big play guys.

  9. Is doug martin worth holding onto ?

  10. I have a serious case of Chris Carson FOMO. He seems like Pete’s shiny new toy. Thinking of dropping Jamaal Williams for him. Other RBs are Mixon, Crow, DMart, Prosise, DForeman. .5pr/.5 per rushing 1st down keeper league. Thoughts?

    Also, in a ppr dynasty would you take a shot at Kasen Williams over Kearse?


    1. If you have a feeling about him we don’t hate it. Jamaal hasn’t looked near as good this preseason as Carson.

  11. Had my second draft last night — I think I killed it. What do you think? 8th pick 9 team league
    D Freeman
    M Thomas
    D Cook
    K Hunt
    M Crabtree
    M Bryant
    M Gordon (Keeper)
    D Parker
    R Wilson
    T Eifert
    T Coleman (keeper)
    J Maclin
    P Rivers
    KC def
    C Davis
    D Bailey

  12. ended up with Freeman, Mixon, CJ Anderson, Blount, and Perkins.

    J Hill is still available. should i drop blount or perkins for Hill?
    is Perkins worth keeping or should i try and pick up prosise or darkwa?

    1. I’d personally drop Blount for him as a Mixon owner.

      1. thank you!

  13. Are you guys worried about Jordan Howard at all? I can keep him with my last round pick this year. That’s a no brainer right?

    1. no brainer to keep him

  14. My League is heavily scored in favor of RB’s One point per carry, I hate it but can’t change the Comish mind. It is also PPR. That being said I just picked up Kevin White off waivers but D’Onta Foreman is out there as well would you rather White or Foreman as a stash and hope guy.
    I have a very Cheat sheetish draft my RB’s are:
    Melvin Gordon
    Isaiah Crowell
    CJ Anderson
    Kareem Hunt

    My WR’s are:
    Mike Wallace
    Kevin White at the moment

    Thank you.

    1. Would rather have D’Onta if RB scoring is big

  15. 12 Team 0.5ppr Auction gave me:
    WR: Mike Evans
    Keenan Allen
    Deandre Hopkins
    Willie Snead
    Josh Doctson
    Zay Jones

    RB: Marshawn Lynch
    Tevin Coleman
    CJ Prosise
    Jamaal Williams

    Would like to offer a trade for Kareem Hunt. Which of these WR would you think would be a fair trade offer? Do you think I even need to get another runner?

    1. you could probably use another runner but Hunt’s price will be a ton right now. I’d poke around guys who I could trade for a Deandre Hopkins-ish price like Carlos Hyde who are being undervalued right now.

      1. Thank you. I will see what I can find.

  16. Thanks for your help. I’m in a 12 team PPR. We start QB, 2RB’s,2WR’s,TE, Flex,K,DEF. I have: Winston and Dalton, Gurley, L Miller, K Hunt, J Mixon and Jamall Williams, at WR, AB, K Allen, Garcon, Doctson, Tyrell Williams n Golladay. My TE’s are Austin Hooper and David Njoku.
    I have an offer to trade K Hunt for Eifert. I’m weak at TE and looking to upgrade, but I’m hesitant about trading Hunt so soon. Thoughts?

  17. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    Alex, Wondering if you have any good fill in rb’s with good schedules for Zeke owners for weeks 1-6… Cowboys have a shitty first 6 week schedule don’t really want McFadden.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d be just fine w/ McFadden. If not- Quizz Rodgers, Sproles, Chris Thompson, Patriots RBs, Buck Allen, Charles Sims would be low end type considerations for a few weeks. Best wishes this season.

      1. Post By dima1130@aol.com

        thanks Byron

  18. Thanks Alex! Besides AB should I trade any WR I have for Olsen or Kelce?

  19. Or would you trade Hunt for either of those two TEs?

  20. Alright fellas, QB and RB question…

    My QB’s are Winston and Rivers, but D. Henry is still available.
    My RB’s are Howard, Gurley, Montgomery, Hunt, and Martin. In a standard league only starting two RB’s per week should I drop Rivers and snag Henry, or hang onto that second QB just in case Winston goes down?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      This sounds like a short format, if Henry is on the wire. Meaning, there are prob plenty of QBs on WW at any given time. If true, drop a QB and snag Henry. His upside is too much to be on the wire.

  21. That’s some great depth at RB! I’d sit pat.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thank you pepster, – yes this is a close call. Not worth a huge sweat either way, both are useful. Depends on the league.

  22. Post By Austin Benedict

    Week 1

    Lynch, Lacy or Woodhead? Ppr

    1. lynch over both

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Agree. Bet he gets in the endzone Week 1.

        1. Post By Austin Benedict

          Thanks. Y’all will love my team name:

          2 Girls, Cooper Kupp

  23. prayers to texas, I lived there for a year in my life in the USAF. love the rosterwatch nation, trashman an dunlap, how do we get u guys on the radio everyday instead of just weekends, theres some garbage on from 4-6, replace fantasy alarm asap. from a rosterwatch pro member in nj

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You guys just have to keep hammering the powers that be. The guy you have to let know is Steve Cohen. Of course, please be respectful in you correspondence. But, we say – RWNation mobilize and unite and email the SiriusXM w/ fury.

  24. Do we pick up someone like Rob Kelley from waivers or handcuff Ty Mont (Williams) and Joe Mixon (Hill)?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would pick up Kelley, maybe Hill. Williams a lower priority, you can’t handcuff everyone all season. The situation in GB is less clear

  25. Post By hoskinsjacob@ymail.com

    Hey guys. What’s your thought on the Zeke suspension. Got my draft on Saturday/Sunday and I’m sitting in the 4th position. Maybe take him second or third round, hoping the suspension is pushed or removed?

  26. Have a chance to get CJ Anderson and I think I can get him with Moncrief and Woodhead. Thoughts?

  27. 12 Team (.5 PPR )

    [1] QB: Winston
    [3] WR: M. Thomas, Allen, Parker (Marshall, Coleman, Davis)
    [2] RB: Howard, Lynch (Peterson, Woodhead, Kamara)
    [1] TE: Cook
    [1] W/R/T: Ingram
    Bench total: (6)

    Ended up using the Standard cheatsheet to draft this squad with the 12th overall pick tonight! I only bastardized on the round 11/12 turn when I took Jameis and Cook instead of taking Jeremy Hill and Corey Davis per the cheatsheet but luckily Corey Davis still fell to me on the next turn and for my bench spot I decided to take Kamara instead of Foreman, J. Williams, and Smallwood since I already drafted Ingram and AP! Those 3 RBs didn’t even get drafted and I’ve got 1st waiver priority now so I think I made out well there? I yelled BINGO when I got the whole Saints backfield at the time but now I’m not sure if I’ve put too many eggs in one basket? Got Thomas as my #1 WR too!

  28. Just finished my draft in an 11 team league 1PPR. Thoughts?

    QB Rodgers
    RB Johnson
    RB Lynch
    WR ODB
    WR Jeffrey
    FLEX Garcon
    FLEX Graham
    FLEX Lacy
    FLEX Z. Jones
    K Harrison

    T. Williams

  29. 12 team standard 1 keeper (Jordan Howard last round)

    Qb:Big Ben/Philip Rivers
    Rb: Gurley, Howard, T Coleman, Henry, Kamara, Foreman
    WR:Cooks, Allen, Jeffery, Martavis, Zay Jones,
    TE: Eifert
    D: Jags
    K: Santos

    What do you guys think? I didn’t realize until it was too late but I have on overload of byes in week 9, I’m hoping that’ll sort itself out by that time.

  30. Team:
    QB: Winston
    RB: D. Freeman, Crowell, CJ Anderson, Fat Rob, Lacy and Zeke
    WR: MThomas, Baldwin, Maclin, Hill, Doctson and Golladay
    TE: Doyle and Howard

    PPR league start 3 WRs and Flex.
    David Johnson owner wants Freeman and Thomas for DJ. Should I take it?

  31. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    Will this tool be updated after the finals cuts being made tomorrow? I just saw Chris Johnson was cut from the Cardinals, so I’m wondering who the top handcuff now is.

  32. Hi guys,
    Love your stuff! I am a resident of Washington State and was wondering if anyone knew of a website that hosted free daily fantasy so that I could start a league with my friends? We used to use CBS’s Gridiron Challenge but have not found anything since that went away.

  33. Should I drop Kamara for J Williams (buf); Smallwood, foreman ( Hou) or J hill of cincy

  34. Would you rather have C. Davis or Z. Jones as the last WR on your bench? 12 team half ppr league

  35. Hi gents! Who is the cj Anderson hahdcuff behind Jamal Charles and is he worth picking up & burning a roster spot on?
    Also, Smallwood or Perine a better stash ? Nonppr 12tn. Thanks guys!

  36. Post By kenru84@optonline.net

    Used the cheat sheets for the first time in my standard 12 team draft last night. What an awesome tool! Really helps maintain discipline and simplifies the process with intelligence I have confidence in. I drafted:

    qb: Mariota/Palmer

    wr: M. Thomas/ K. Allen/ B. Marshall/ Z. Jones/ K. White

    rb: M. Gordon/ M. Lynch/ A. Peterson/ B. Powell/ D. McFadden/ D. Foreman

    te: H. Henry

    Question: Should I try to pickup D. Washington as beastmode’s cuff? I was trying to decide between McFadden and Corey Coleman but went with the back. With a couple of injury prone wr’s I wish I took Coleman. Should I try to trade McFadden for him? Richardson is on the wire. Drop someone and pick up him?



  37. Hi Nation
    Last night picked 9th
    D Cook
    T Coleman
    K White
    J Rodgers
    M Bennett
    M Bryant
    Gave up a lot with postponed game
    1st 2 picks not playing this week
    Cousins is my 1st string
    Bradford has good match ups all year
    Thoughts ?????

  38. Also 1 point
    12 league PPR

  39. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Can you please update the 2017 RosterWatch RB Handcuff Tool?

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