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2017 Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet “The Original” Standard v1.0 NOW AVAILABLE


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

If you follow the three simple rules (even a toddler would have no problem understanding them), you are, as always, GUARANTEED and expert-quality draft.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the sheet.

DOWNLOAD V.1.0 of the 2017 RosterWatch Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet (Standard and .5 PPR) – START HERE!!!

We’d wish you good luck but you don’t need it. Don’t believe us? Just read the testimonials.


***The cheat sheet will be updated frequently through the NFL preseason. RosterWatch PRO users will have access to all cheat sheet updates, so PLEASE check to make sure you are using the most recently updated version before utilizing the tool in real drafts.

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  1. Let’s dominate our leagues and DK again this year!
    The sheet is The Truth.

    1. It’s time to rain fury on our opponents and any others who stand in our way.

      1. I have one request. Is it possible to get a LARGE print version? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


          1. Post By FrankGrimes

            Haha thanks!

  2. Last year you recommended this sheet for .5 ppr… Same deal this year?

    1. Jeez never mind. Fantasy football has me anxious and I didn’t read the whole title. My apologies boys.

  3. Does RW Nation intend on updating the ADP Sheet from Early July as draft data is being collected?

    1. No I was only making that for a time when fantasy pros wasn’t making a composite ADP. Now that one is up on fantasy pros (free to view), I’ve just been using that one.

  4. The wait is over! Time to dominate some drafts! Rosterwatch nation for life

    1. #RWN will dominate once again!

  5. NICE

    1. nice to see you back in the comments sections, TG.

      1. 1. What the hell you holding now Dunlap?
        2. How do I add a profile pic?
        3. I came aboard mid season last year so I’m looking forward to deploying this standard sheet as my main draft day weapon.
        4. I will provide a Great critique of this fine piece of work as we move closer to the regular season. I got some guys I maybe higher on then most.
        5. Will see ya later. I’m off to purify myself in the water of Lake Minnetonka.

        1. ha that’s a red snapper. You can add profile pics at gravatar using the email you used to sign up here for your RW account. It’s sort of a pain, we’re going to make it easier with the next major site overhaul.

  6. Post By

    Just joined the RWN! All of my leagues are auction drafts. What are your thoughts on the RW tool for auctions coming out in the next weeks (hopefully before 8/25)?

    1. Welcome. We’ll be adding the auction sheets probably within the week, don’t worry. It’s the same as the cheat sheet, just gives you a space to write the auction values on the side. There will be a post explaining how to use it for auctions. Very simple and works great.

      1. Post By

        Thanks Alex! looking forward to it!

  7. Looking forward to winning it all this year after losing in week 15 playoffs the past two years. Your research and tools will help me prepare for the draft (and hope to avoid key player injuries in week 1). Thanks in advance for your opinions and feedback!

  8. I am using your Cheat Sheet and have for the last couple of years. My question is in my league (Standard 10 team league, no PPR) QB’s & TE’s go earlier than normal so if I follow the cheat sheet then I am drafting a QB or TE at the very end of the draft. When should I vary from the cheat sheet and draft for position?

  9. Post By

    Been using cheat sheet for a few years. Pure Domination, top finish top scorer not even close. Even have guys say they’ll quit if they are in my division. I’ll be getting my PRO member in a few days & I want it to continue in my new league but, I’m not sure what sheet to use.
    I’m in a 12 team 1st year Dynasty with .5ppr, IDP. Dep rosters 1qb, 2rb,3wr,1te, k 1rb/wr,te flex 1wr/te flex, 2dl, 2lb, 2db 2 d/flex. Which cheat sheet would be my best option. 
    Team Name: I S.Ware you’re a K.Hunt

  10. Post By

    I just joined. I will be using this in my Auction draft this Sunday. I also have 2 keeper leagues I will be using it for. Hope it works as well as it looks like it will.

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