Alex and Byron Talk Beast Mode on SiriusXM Fantasy


  1. Fresh PPR Dynasty Start Up Draft
    start 1 qb, 1 rb, 1 wr, 2 rb/wr. 1 te

    Hey guys been missing those epic podcasts, also your latest sirius episode isn’t available for download on the sirius app. Jonesing for RW.

    Have a start up dynasty draft tomorrow. I have the 1.04 and I know with the talent at the top you just cant go wrong but in a ppr, do we favor wr such as obj and evans over the backs? I’m cool with whoever falls to me but if I had a choice between odell, evans and zeke whos is the better long term. I’ve been going back and forth with good and bad for each and can’t come to any conclusion. Like I said, they’re all excellent choices but who is the BEST of the excellent choices?

    Look forward to hearing you guys back on the airwaves.

    1. Would love to see a RW Dynasty ranks sheet

    2. hey deags – we’ll have the pods back up next week, Byron and I have both been in the process of selling our houses and moving, etc. but I’m back settled in now in my new place for the next year or so. In this situation, you have to take Zeke in a dynasty start up if he falls to you. If he doesn’t I’d probably take Antonio Brown over ODB or Evans. GL.

  2. All good my man. You guys take care of that stuff, RW nation will be here when you get back!

  3. Post By rw-gND4etGha

    Also missing those podcasts! Still waiting on my housewarming party invite. Must of been lost in the mail. Was new last year right before preseason but I can’t remember, do you guys touch on auction values at all?

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