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PRO All Cheat Sheets Updated For Final Weekend of Drafts

All magical Cheat Sheet products have been updated for use during this final weekend of drafts. However, please note that there could be changes over the weekend as we monitor fallout from 53-man roster cutdowns. For reasons such as these, we ask that you please make sure you check the site before drafting to make sure you are using the most recent version. We wish all of RosterWatch Nation the best of luck – not that you’ll need it.


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the mystical sheet. AND ALWAYS make sure you are drafting using the most recently updated version.

DOWNLOAD the newest version of the Cheat Sheet – START HERE!!!


  1. Does Mike Williams coming off PUP change his ranking much? Or is that already calculated for in the latest ranking?

    1. I”m having to update PPR and superflex right now to get him on. I’m assuming Byron baked that into the latest standard sheet.

  2. 12 team standard 1 keeper (Jordan Howard last round)

    Qb:Big Ben/Philip Rivers
    Rb: Gurley, Howard, T Coleman, Henry, Kamara, Foreman
    WR:Cooks, Allen, Jeffery, Martavis, Zay Jones,
    TE: Eifert
    D: Jags
    K: Santos

    What do you guys think? I didn’t realize until it was too late but I have on overload of byes in week 9, I’m hoping that’ll sort itself out by that time.

    Mike Williams worth an add over any of these guys?

    1. great job, no worries about the bye. Wouldn’t drop any of those guys for Williams.

  3. Thanks for the updates just in time for my most important drafts this weekend! I’ll be in 6 leagues this year because I’m an addict so you’ll probably be seeing me a lot here again since I’ll need help managing all of my teams!

    Got a question regarding my biggest money league draft tonight which is a Keeper league. It’s a 10 team PPR league where we start 2RB, 3WR, and a FLEX with only 5 bench spots and I’ll be keeping OBJ and Evans which will consume my picks in rounds 1 and 2…

    I’ve got the 9th overall pick tonight and if my guesstimates are correct there will be 17 players kept and I’ve been mocking like crazy on FantasyPros (w/keepers) with the latest PPR sheat, and I’m consistently looking at the following players at the end of the 3rd and start of the 4th round: Allen, Lynch, Hunt, McCaffrey, Jeffery and sometimes Fournette … then I’ve been consistently guys like Hyde, Kelvin, Martavis, T. Coleman, Parker, CJA, Ingram, and Riddick in the next 5 rounds, then Bennett consistently in the 10th and then guys like Zay and K. White late with Cam at QB…

    Obviously we can’t guarantee the draft will go like these but IF I’m facing a situation where the cheatsheet is telling me to go with Keenan Allen with my 1st pick after Keepers, would it would too cockamamie to deviate and go after two of the next highest RBs like Lynch, Hunt, or McCaffrey there since I’m already starting with Evans and OBJ at my WR1 and WR2!? Or still take Keenan with one of those picks and just grab one of Lynch, Hunt, or McCaffrey?

    Sorry for the elongated question but really appreciate your input!

    1. no in that exact situation we don’t mind deviating to an RB in the range you’ve cited since you have two WR keepers. GL sir!

  4. May have posted this on wrong page. —
    Should I drop Kamara for J Williams (buf); Smallwood, foreman ( Hou) or J hill of cincy

    1. would only drop Kamara for one of them if you need the handcuff (ie if you’re a McCoy or Mixon owner).

  5. Thoughts on trading away Stefon Diggs and Brandon Marshall for Brees…

    My current WR’s are Thomas, Cooks, Robinson, Allen, Diggs and Marshall. My current QB’s are Eli and Luck

  6. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Trade Hunt for Howard in standard league?

    1. i think they absolutely would say yes…

  7. so we just mark guys off on that cheat sheet, how do we know what type of player to draft when, does the cheat sheet help with that? I can click all rb’s and then it doesnt really ever to say pick a WR as it looks very bland.

    1. Pick best available based on your needs. So, if a RB is available higher than a WR pick best available. If you do a mock draft with the sheet, you will see it generally works out fine.

      1. Yes – if you have a choice between two players, take the one you like best or the rounds out your roster best positionally

  8. Post By Jeffmimullins@gmail.com

    16 team superflex 2Qb Max per team PPR 4th pick.






    Overall happy with PPR scoring.

    1. Great job in a 16 teamer !

  9. Post By rymayer2@gmail.com


    1. Post By rymayer2@gmail.com


  10. Lots of FA goodies post-draft! Which is a better RB bench stash, non PPR – D’onta foreman or Prosise?

    (Need some RB depth. My RBs are T Coleman, Mixon, and D Martin – WR depth is sick. AJ Green, Mike Evans, D Hop, Martavis, Devante Parker, Maclin)

    (Dont have L Miller or other Seahawks RBs; I know cheat sheets are not “rankings”, so figured I’d ask here!)

    1. For a stash-and-keep it’s definitely D’Onta

  11. Been using the Cheet Sheet for years now, didn’t let me down. Let me know how I did, you guys are rock stars.

    12 team PPR:

    K. Allen
    M. Bryant
    K. White

  12. i see 3 versions of the cheat sheet –
    Standard (.5 ppr)
    Super Flex
    if the league I am in is Super Flex and PPR , do i try to use them both together? I see the rankings in the Super Flex have the WR/WB in different order than the PPR – they are more along the same lines are the standard…

    1. Use the superflex sheet

  13. I have a 1/2 pt PPR draft coming up on Tuesday and picking out of the 2 spot. This league starts 2 RB, 3 WR, and a Flex (so can start 3RB/3WR or 2RB/4WR). I’ve been running some mocks with the Standard (0.5 PPR) cheat sheet and feel like I am getting swindled on the WR position based on this roster construction.

    What are your thoughts on using the PPR sheet for this draft and just crossing off a few of the PPR-only type options as Do-Not-Draft? The couple mocks I’ve done with this feel like a stronger roster with more consistency for replacement value players.

    For reference, a 0.5 cheat sheet team:
    QB: Carr
    RB: Bell, Lynch, T. Coleman, Perkins, J. Charles, Foreman
    WR: K. Allen, A. Robinson, D. Jackson, C. Coleman, K. White
    TE: Graham, J. Cook

    And the PPR sheet team:
    QB: Roethlisberger
    RB: Bell, CJ Anderson, Perkins, D. Henry, Foreman
    WR: K. Allen, Hopkins, Crabtree, Maclin, Z. Jones, T. Smith
    TE: Eifert, H. Henry

    1. I’ve said from the beginning that the PPR sheet works great in .5 PPR if you’re fine w/ a more WR heavy strategy. GL

  14. Post By carabia0226@gmail.com

    Question….is there a cheat sheet for a non PPR league or should I just use the .5 per sheet?

    1. The standard (Non-PPR) and the 0.5 PPR cheat sheet are one in the same. Go with that one :]

    2. Use the standard and .5 PPR sheet !

  15. Just completed a live auction draft via skype. Holy molly it was challenging! Except for a few screw ups where I missed a higher ranked player because there was so much chicken scratch on my draft sheet after hours of auctions this is the team I ended up with.

    Auction rules in this league is as follows. Everyone drafts 9 players with $100. 8 starters and 1 wild card. QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,K,D,WC. Then who ever spent the least would draft first every round to fill our bench spots.
    Where I screwed up is i bidded on Woodhead when I had just the WC to select. If I would had stayed idle I could have selected Dalvin Cook, Joe MIxon or Martavis Bryant. (Stupid! Stupid me!!) Also I could have selected Allen Robinson instead I picked Kelvin Benjamin. (I blame chicken scratch and i was 5 IPA’s deep by this time in the draft…..) Anywho this is the team I eneded up with. I like it but it could have been better. What you think good sir?

    QB Big Ben
    RB David Johnson
    RB Christian McCaffery
    WR Antonio Brown
    WR Michael Crabtree
    TE Tyler Eifert
    K Justin Tucker
    D Bengals
    BN Danny Woodhead Coulda woulda shouda (dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, or Martavis Bryant)
    BN Tyreek Hill
    BN Kelvin Benjamin (Allen Robinson)
    BN Tevin Coleman
    BN Paul Perkins
    BN Jarvis Landry
    BN Pierre Garcon
    BN Brandon Marshall

    1. Standard espn league

  16. Post By nferreir@hotmail.com

    Hey I am a new pro member and used the cheat sheet for my draft which turned out excellent. Will there be any weekly “start’em vs. sit’em” content at a player level. Some of the Pro content that I saw was around strength of schedule and fast start but it appeared to only be at the team level. Thanks

    1. Yes and you can always ask here in the comments

  17. What to do with Jonathan Williams ? Wait till he is picked up by someone like KC?

    1. Yes hold until we see landing spot

  18. I am a fantasy owner of LeSean McCoy/Jonathan Williams. Who are we supposed to handcuff Shady with now? My other RBs are Joe Mixon, Marshawn Lynch, Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffery, and Tevin Coleman in a full point ppr and 1 point per carry league.

    1. No Shady handcuff now – hold JWill until we see his Landing spot.

  19. …question answered before I could get it posted – should i backup Cam (already backing up J Reed & Shady) with Dalton or Stafford… just dropped J Williams and will pickup best available QB… thanks for the awesome draft via the manically magical cheat sheet!

    1. I would pick up high upside WR or RB instead of backup QB but if you need backup QB for sanity I’d choose Dalton.

      1. thanks for response! I’m feeling more positive about Cam…

  20. Switched to a two QBs league and completely dominated my draft.

    QBs: Brady, Brees, Dalton, and Wentz
    RBs: Bell, Crowell, Peterson, Martin, Henry, and Burkheed
    WRs: K. Allen, D. Adams, T hill, and M. Bryant, R. Matthews, and Z. Jones
    TE: Hooper

    Wondering if I should trade Brady or Brees to get a top end WR?
    Its a PPR league start 2QBs 2RBs 3WR 1TE 1FLEX.

    1. You HAVE top end WRs. Sit tight and get sick.

  21. Post By chris.blakesley@gmail.com

    I know my qb’s are weak ( not good for a 2qb/superflex league. 2rb/3wr/te. But thoughts on my draft?
    D. Johnson
    K. Hunt
    G. Bernard
    M. Thomas
    K. Allen
    D. Parker
    Z. Jones
    M. Bennett
    M. Prater

  22. Hey guys,

    I’ve been offered a $1 Josh Doctson contract (I’ll get him for $1 at this year and next year’s draft) for my $3 Corey Coleman contract (same timeline as Doctson’s contract). Should I do this? It’s 1/2 PPR. Thanks!

    1. We love both man- that’s too tough, flip a coin but prefer Doctson’s upside if he can get healthy

  23. Post By bkirkb@mac.com

    Cheat sheet, you are oh so magical!
    I had a 12 team PPR draft last weekend and ended up with this stacked gem:
    Mariota, Gurley, Ajayi, T. Coleman, Mixon, Julio, Keenan, Garson, Tyrell Williams, Zay Jones, Doctson, J Graham, Hooper and the Seahawks D.

    Thanks for all you do Fellas!

  24. Post By shawnc604@aol.com

    I just joined and I have my draft tomorrow. I won’t know my draft order until 1 hr before. I need some help with the cheet sheets

    1. Just follow the three simple rules

  25. Post By mjgoodsman@live.com

    Team Name Ron Swanson,

    1 pt PPR Keeper
    Start 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE) 1 Def
    QB Big Ben
    RB Ajay, D Cook, E. Elliott, T Coleman, S Perine & A Kamara
    WR K Allen, A Jeffery, M Bryant, P Garcon, D Parker & J Doctson
    TE T Eifert
    D Buffalo

    I love the cheat sheet. #youguysrule #rosterwatchnation

    1. OMG an epic throbbing monster

  26. Fiancée had her 8 woman league team draft today and asked to use the cheat sheet. I guess she makes half of our money, so I said yes. Here’s what she got.

    QB: Wilson, Manning, Bortles
    RB: Gordon, Crowell, Anderson, Coleman, Perkins,
    WR: Evans, Bryant, Allen, Hill, Jeffery
    TE: Ertz, Doyle

    Cockamamie 2RB/2WR/2Flex PPR

    1. LOL, nice!

  27. 12 team PPR home league:
    M Thomas
    D Parker
    C Davis
    Steelers D vs Browns week #1

    Should I look to do anything? Only drafted 1 QB + 1 TE

  28. Post By jpmckay24@yahoo.com

    Question. I’m in a 12 team standard league. This year they’re adding a IDP spot to the roster. How should I incorporate that into the cheat sheet? First time user.

  29. Post By howardhwang1@gmail.com

    Had my draft on Saturday. 12 team standard. I was the 12th pick. I followed the cheat sheet to the “T”. I kind of feel like I’m weak at running back, but what do you think of the team? We can start 1QB, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1 flex(te/we/rb), 1 kicker, 1 defense

    QB: Eli Manning
    WR: Aj green
    WR: Keenan Allen
    RB: Devonta Freeman
    RB: Adrian Peterson
    TE: Tyler Eifert
    FLEX: Alston Jeffrey

    Desean Jackson
    Paul Perkins
    Lagarrette Blount
    Jeremy Maclin
    Zay Jones

  30. Post By jaykingii@aol.com

    Starting lineup question. 14 team 1 point PPR with TE getting 1.5 PPR. I need 7 of these 10…
    K. Hunt
    M. Lynch
    CJ Anderson
    M. Ingram
    A. Jeffrey
    T. Pryor
    Marty Bryant
    Golden Tate
    Hunter Henry
    T. Eiffert
    RB 2-4
    WR 2-4
    TE 1-2
    Lot of question marks especially with players at new teams for first game. Advise please? Thanks for your help.

  31. Post By prh@stebelton.com

    Team name Vinegar Strokes
    10 team 1 point PPR – start 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 flex kicker and Def

    What ya think? Week one may be rough due to matchups.

    Ajayi; Hunt; Carlos Hyde; Abdullah; CJ Anderson; S Vereen; Quiz Rodgers

    Evans; K Allen; Devante Parker; J Maclin; A Thielen; K White

    J Doyle; Giants and M Crosby

  32. My league just decided to go from a snake draft to auction.

    Does rosterwatch have a cheat sheet with pricing or % to be bid? we have a $200 budget

  33. Thank you for your help. 12 team PPR, I need to drop a TE for a kicker. Should I drop Austin Hooper or Njoku? Or drop both to pick up a kicker and CJ Fiedorowicz?

  34. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Is Rosterwatch nervous at all about Jordan Howard? Everyone has Howard ranked as a top 10 RB. Is that realistic considering the team he plays on?

  35. Just finished my leagues draft. PPR league.

    P. Rivers
    D. Murray
    M. Ingram
    D. Henry
    S. Perine
    D. Foreman
    K. Allen
    M. Bryant
    Z. Jones
    D. Parker
    J. Maclin
    H. Henry
    C. Santos
    Rams D

    My only real concern or question is having Rivers, Allen and Henry all from the Chargers. Is this a concern and where/what do you switch up the TE spot or QB or just let it ride.

    It was all work of the Cheat Sheet and two Keepers. Murray in the 2nd and M. Bryant in the 12th. Thoughts?

    1. Dalton, Taylor, Eli, Bortles, Palmer, Flacco, Cutler, Smith, Watson, Bradford, Glennon, Goff, Hoyer, Kizer, Siemian and McCown are the remaining 16

      1. Palmer has a great Fast Start Ranking – it worth the move off Rivers to grab Palmer? Thanks.

        1. I used the match up tools and pulled the trigger on Palmer.

          Roster Watch nation has to believe in what they hear and learn and trust in it. Can’t always wait for the founders to respond, have to believe in what you’ve heard and go with it!

  36. Hi, I’m new to roster watch and keep seeing the three rules to follow for drafting. My draft is later this week, but I can’t actually find what the three rules are. Can someone give me a link to what they are?

    1. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

      The rules are at the top of the cheat sheet:

      1) Mark players off the chart as they are drafted
      2) Select the highest remaining player
      3) If there is a tie, choose the player you like

  37. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Just drafted in a standard format. Rules pushed me to go WR heavy early on, so I’m a little concerned about the lack of “sure things” at RB. Thoughts?

    Extremely satisfied elsewhere, minus a couple of Week 1 matchups.

    M Mariota
    M Lynch
    J Mixon
    M Evans
    K Thomas
    A Hooper
    K Allen
    W Lutz

    A Jeffery
    C Anderson
    T Coleman
    D Martin
    J Hill
    Z Jones
    D Henry

    1. Your RBs are beast. You’ll be fine. I probably wouldn’t play Mixon to start the season though. Check their matchup tools.

  38. Post By Nebraskan Assassin

    Spent too much early on my auction. Its a 14 team standard. Thoughts on what i can do to improve?

    QB- Wentz
    Rb- mixon
    Wr-M. Thomas
    Flex-P. Richardson
    K- bryant d- pats
    Bench- smallwood, gio, perriman, golladay, torrey smith

  39. Post By wtabaczuk@pinchin.com

    12 Team standard keeper…keepers are Ajayi and J. Jones

    I pick third in the 1st round and 6th in the second …this league traditionally goes heavy on RBs early.

    Top guys based on the cheat sheet are:

    Should i take the next best RB with my pick to ensure i have someone to pair with Ajayi
    or should i follow the cheatsheet and risk not having a true RB2

    If i go RB what order do you like the four rookies in?

  40. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    Hey guys looking for some advice… Just did my 10tm .5ppr draft had #4… We play 3wr 2rb and flex… Stuck to the cheat sheet as much as I could… How’d I do?

    QB Rodgers

    Rb Murray(keeper) lynch mixon AP Henry prosise perine

    Wr Julio Adams (keeper) Wallace Coleman Tyrell Williams

    Te Bennett

  41. Had my last draft last night, .5 ppr, start 2 rb, 3 wr, and a flex. This team looks pretty sick to me, maybe a little weak at TE, but tons of upside at that position.

    QB: Rivers
    RB: Bell, Hyde, Coleman, Martin, Riddick
    WR: K. Allen, Hopkins, Parker, Diggs, K. White, Kupp
    TE: Cook, Howard
    PK: Boswell
    DF: Panthers

  42. 2QB League 6pt per Pass TD, PPR, 2 IDP (1 LB Max) – Thoughts on draft? Thank you in advance for any input and the awesome tools!

    A. Rodgers
    I. Crowell
    D. Cook
    M. Thomas
    D. Hopkins
    J. Doyle
    T. Hill
    A. Dalton

    D. Parker
    T. Coleman
    P. Perkins
    J. Stewart
    J. Brown
    D. Kizer

    A. Ogletree
    V. Beasley

  43. Post By Eaglesfansince77@yahoo.com

    Need to drop a player from below in this PPR Dynasty league. Can you rank the following from most desirable to stay on roster vs least from the following: Woods, Lacy, Mitchell or Richardson.

    Please advise…thanks!

    Jameis Winston TB – QB
    Julio Jones Atl – WR
    Stefon Diggs Min – WR
    Robert Woods LAR – WR
    Dalvin Cook Min – RB
    Paul Perkins NYG – RB
    Travis Kelce KC – TE
    Tevin Coleman Atl – RB
    Cameron Meredith Chi – WR
    Cooper Kupp LAR – WR
    Breshad Perriman Bal – WR
    Malcolm Mitchell NE – WR
    Paul Richardson Sea – WR
    C.J. Prosise Sea – RB
    Ameer Abdullah Det – RB
    Eddie Lacy Sea – RB
    Ryan Tannehill Mia – QB
    Sam Bradford Min – QB

  44. 16 Team PPR
    Qb Newton
    Rb: Abdullah, P.Perkins, DMcfadden, D.Martin
    Wr: A.Green, K.Allen,K.Benjamin, K.White, J.Doctson, T.Austin
    Te: C.Fleener, Z.Miller
    My first Ppr

  45. Well, my auction draft is in the books. All the podcasts and prep work paid off. Ready for back to back championships, courtesy of the Roster Watch lads.

    Love the starters. Would’ve liked more RB depth, but it’s literally the price you pay to land David Johnson.

    Who do you like as flex this week, Thielen, Woodhead or Decker? I like all their match ups but with Woody and Decker on new teams thought I might see how they’re used this first week.

    12 team ppr:
    Qb R. Wilson
    RB D. Johnson
    RB C. Hyde
    WR D. Thomas
    WR M. Crabtree
    TE T. Kelce
    Flex A. Thielen
    K Prater
    DST KC

    RB D. Woodhead
    RB T. Cohen
    RB K. Jusczyck
    WR E. Decker
    WR C. Kupp
    WR j. Ross
    WR K. Britt

    Thanks again,

  46. Post By Kwillee@hotmail.com

    Hope RW is right on what seems to be their more favorite players this season based on the magical sheets! I seem to be heavily weighted with Evans, Cooks, Keenan and Lynch on most of me teams! As well as a few others.

  47. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    Do you think I should drop M. Bennett of GB for Kendall Wright?

  48. Post By robpodowski@yahoo.com

    trying to access updated draft tool/cheat sheets as I still have drafts this weekend but it only brings up this weeks roster recommendations?

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