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PRO All Cheat Sheets Updated for First Big Weekend of Drafts

All magical Cheat Sheet products have been updated for use during this first big weekend of drafts. However, please note that there could be changes over the weekend as we monitor preseason action. For this reason, we ask that you please make sure you check the site before drafting to make sure you are using the most recent version. We wish all of RosterWatch Nation the best of luck.


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the mystical sheet. AND ALWAYS make sure you are drafting using the most recently updated version.

DOWNLOAD the newest version of the Cheat Sheet – START HERE!!!


  1. Saw the latest update, why move Shady ahead of ODJ in standard? I thought the bills looked like a trainwreck last game. Not arguing your move just trying to understand the thought process. Zig when they zag? Or simply because Shady will be the only mouth to feed?

    1. That’s a Byron deal, he’ll probably answer when he sees this. There is a method to the madness though.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      The architecture is magical, stick with the program!

    3. Got to keep Cooks Brady Martavius Bryant and Hopkins in our 10 team PPR, does keeper league change the approach for the cheat sheet ? I’m faced with decision between Murray Fournette Keenan Allen Amari Cooper or Gronk as top available, and I have the first 2 picks in the draft. We can start 5 WR or 4 RB’s as we have 2 flex spots

    4. Ok going deep here. In a master drafter 30 rounds should I be drafting Beasley before your sheet is empty and why didn’t he make your epic awesome ppr sheet even at the bottom after his consistency last year?

  2. What are your general thoughts on Paul Perkins, Zay Jones, and Kenny Golladay as sleepers?

    I went too HAM on my starting WRs/RBs, and picked these bench players for $4, $3, and $1 in our $200 salary auction draft last night. Perkins has that home run potential, but I’m afraid of a RBBC dynamic in NY. Zay (imo) should be #1WR in Buff, and Kenny looks like a red zone beast.

    1. we love all those guys.

  3. Hey guys. I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for answering my question last week during your Sirius XM show. If I may elaborate more, maybe you’ll change your mind, or make the same decision.

    I’m in a 10 man, 1/2pt PPR, and I draft 8th. I currently have the option to either keep McCoy with my 1st round pick, or Cooks with my 6th. Alex, I know you seemed dead set on keeping Cooks, while the TM was leaning towards McCoy.
    Here’s the change of things since you answered. Other notable RB’s that will be kept by other owners are:
    M.Gordon (5th round), DeMarco Murray (4th round), and Crowell (11th round). With the announcement of these guys being kept, along with the news of Ezekiel being suspended for 6 games (who know if that’ll change). Would you still stay with Cooks w/ the 6th. Or secure McCoy with the 8th overall pick?

    Thanks guys!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      It’s close, I’d prob roll Cooks.


  4. You all helped me win my league last year after years of mediocrity and general sh*ttiness. Thank you! I am planning a repeat of epic, ungodly, mystical, and gargantuan proportions. You all are the best (even Trashman). Long live RW and all hail RW PRO!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We truly appreciate your loyal support KCash. We cannot thank you enough. Best wishes this season!

  5. I will not be taking Ajayi over Gurley!
    I refuse to believe the Lamborghini can not will not out perform that fucking jobber Ajayi.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We love you, and everything you stand for Frank Grimes.

  6. What would you say is the optimal pick slot in a 12 team 1/2 point ppr snake?

  7. Would you recommend that your readers check out expert drafts? Would you know if these drafts can be accessed by the public? Curious if RW has been involved in any recent drafts and if you would like to share a link to see how that worked out. Thanks

    1. you can always do that. I’ll have a few more on SiriusXM over the course of the next two weeks. If you follow us on Twitter, we always tweet out the links to the drafts as they occur.

  8. Thank you for the updated draft cheat sheets.
    Btw, what are the times for your show on SiriusSM radio station?
    Thanks again!

    1. yessir, no problem, it’s our job! PS – I just made a few tweaks to PPR and superflex.

      We’re currently on SAT nights 7-9e and SUN afternoons 3-5e. Thanks again.

  9. Is the offensive player in ESPN leagues the same thing as a super flex?

    1. If it can be a QB then it is a superflex.

  10. Post By

    Yo Alex and Trashman, pick 10 on 10 team ppr 1qb/2wr/2rb/1te/1 flex and I’m trying to decide should I go AJ + Jordy or Freeman and Ajayi or 1 elite wr and 1 elite rb. Just looks like so much value in the later rounds for sustainable rb2s with cook, Abdullah, McCaffery, Duke Johnson.. Just tough to know what to do I intend to take Brady in round 3 pick 30

    1. I’d definitely follow the cheat sheet but if you want to go rogue, I’d go the route of more WR heavy early as I agree about the sustainable RB2’s later on.

      1. Post By

        Ty brother love the show

  11. Post By

    RW, based on my league type, should I consider moving Zeke higher up the draft board? 10 team league, 0.5 PPR.
    No head to head, no playoffs. 16 week season, each week all 10 teams are up for $X, highest point total wins. Some small payouts at the end of the year for total overall points. Just wondering if having Zeke for 10 of 16 individual contests raises his value?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, this raises his value some. The sneaky guy might continue to be McFadden late- even in that format

  12. Post By

    new kid on the block here. I’m in a .5 ppr league. I want to look like i know what I’m doing, thats why i listen to you on xm and joined to get your sheets. which sheet you recommend i use to destroy my opponents? the standard list or the PPR list. Thank you, much appreciated! great work by the way!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Either sheet will work just fine. We have traditionally suggested using the standard sheet. Feel free to test both at w/ your league settings in their Mock Draft Wizard- and see if there is one you prefer. But, typically- the standard sheet is your go to sheet.

  13. Post By yeagermeister

    Eaglesfan3535 is back on here and I am planning on reeking havoc and maybe some trashman smells too! Anyways, should we read too much into how the chargers are playing as a team and specifically the Oline with Gordon pretty high on cheat sheet?

    I pick at or near back end of several drafts and in mocks Gordon is often available with Michael Thomas a tick below or perhaps another rb like freeman. I know not to bastardize the cheat sheet from past experience, but I am getting really nervous about drafting Gordon that high because of this.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      What are you nervous about Gordon for? We know you listen to the pod! Gordon looks great, and is going to be featured in this offense! DO what you want, the robot genius says when there’s player touching on the sheet you can be a bastard, but we hardly recommend it.

  14. Post By yeagermeister

    Also since picking at back end of draft, often in mocks if Thomas is available on the 2/3 turn I am finding Willie Snead available and that is what cheat sheet is telling me. I don’t like the idea of having both although I know some people will employ the handcuff for wr’s and this might not be a bad one.

    At times thankfully tevin coleman has been available as well and I go with him, but on the sirius sunday show, one of the mocks alex did you took both. I know we don’t bastardize the cheat sheet, but I’d be hard press to take both of them no matter how it shakes out in the end.

  15. Post By Byron Lambert

    The sheet is magical, but we do expect users to use some semblance of basic common sense- don’t draft 3 TEs or 2Qbs, don’t draft 2 wr from same team, etc.

    Just move on to the next highest guy on the sheet!

  16. Post By

    Hey fellas – 1st time using the cheat sheet, and 2nd year playing fantasy so please excuse the ignorance.

    I’m in a 10 man ppr league. QB/2 RBs/2 WRs/TE/Flex/Def/K starters and 6 bench – total of 15 man rosters.

    Question is, I see that on the cheat sheet you simply scratch off players already selected but at what point do you know when to switch from WR to RB or vice/versa? Is there a rule of thumb? I’ve got the #1 pick, snake draft.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You don’t – you just follow the sheet. The proper balance of WR and RB and every other position will present themselves naturally over the course of your draft. It will be obvious. You should run some mock simulations on the Mock Draft Wizard and to get some experience- and you will quickly see how it works.

      If you ever have to deviate ever so slightly as the draft elapses into the later rounds – in order to fill some roster constraints- we won’t slap you on the hand for that one. But, remember- NEVER go all the way off the reservation. NEVER.

      1. Post By

        Team Name – Bone Daddy Ballers

        I have the 9th pick out of 12, and I noticed after crossing names off the cheat sheet that the highest ranked players tend to be RBs for my first three picks. I know I shouldn’t stray from the cheat sheet, but should I pick three of the same position be it RB or WR, or after three rounds should I have a 2 and 1 combo? I also noticed that Kickers and DEF are not listed. Should I save my last two picks for a DEF and K?


  17. Post By

    10 tm PPR i draft 6 would you rather start with….
    Beckham,howard,pryor,hill, C.J.,fitz,
    McCoy, Murray,baldwin, Jeffery, and Tate?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d take Group 1. Best wishes.

  18. keeper question 0.5 ppr

    Crowell for a 9th or T Coleman for a 12th?

  19. Post By Byron Lambert

    Yikes! We love Coleman, esp in any kind of ppr additive.- but think you have to roll the dice on Crowell and some workhorse upside here. Best wishes.

  20. 10 team PPR . Can keep 4. Draft position #7.

    Gurley – 2nd
    Ware – 8th
    J. Howard – 12th
    P. Perkins – 12th
    Tyrell Williams – 12th
    Hunter Henry – 12th

    Jordan for sure. Keepers add 2 rounds to value each year so Gurley just for this year. Looking like Green or Evans with first round pick.


  21. Post By Byron Lambert

    I’d likely keep Perkins, Henry, and Gurley. We don’t care about Tyrell The Gazelle quite as much this year, even though he made RWNation a grip of cash last year.

    And, we think you can still get Spencer Ware at good value – naturally- in your upcoming draft. Best wishes.

  22. Post By

    1/2 ppr league. I’m keeping Pryor and Crabtree and losing a 5th and a 9th. I have the 4th overall pick. Should I draft Shady and go for some combo wr/rb in the next 2 rounds or draft either Julio or Antonio Brown and draft rb/rb in the next 2 rounds?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We’d simply instruct you to follow the cheat sheet. If there is a tie- I’d personally take Julio and pillage RB after that. Also, you have to abandon these antiquated ideas of cockamamie premeditated strategies. They are trash.

      1. Post By Turd Ferguson

        Thanks, Im just worried knowing I already have two wrs as my keepers and that if I draft 2 wrs in the first two rounds its going to be tough to find quality rbs in rounds 3 & 4.

        love this sheet though. gonna serve me very well in my first ever offline draft.

  23. Got to keep Cooks Brady Martavius Bryant and Hopkins in our 10 team PPR, does keeper league change the approach for the cheat sheet ? I’m faced with decision between Murray Fournette Keenan Allen Amari Cooper or Gronk as top available, and I have the first 2 picks in the draft. We can start 5 WR or 4 RB’s as we have 2 flex spots

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We’d suggest pulling up the cheat sheet or printing it off and marking all the keepers in your league off in advance. Then have a look at the geometry of the sheet, and re-asses. In a 10 team format, we wouldn’t go too far off of the reservation.

  24. Post By

    I have my draft tomorrow night. 12 teams standard scoring. Each team can keep 2 players so starting the draft 24 players off of the board. Do I continue to follow the cheat sheet as followed with those players just crossed off? Thanks. This is my first time utilizing the magical draft sheet so want to use it to its fullest.

  25. Post By Byron Lambert

    See my comment / instructions directly above and examine an positional inequities a bit closer for your 12 team format, beforehand. Talk to us if your seeing something that looks like a major imbalance.

    1. My team was ravaged last year so I traded off pieces and have all of my picks in rounds 1-7. I kept Michael Thomas & Derek Carr that have no draft picks attached. 8 of the first 11 RBs listed are off of the board to start the draft. 7 of the top 16 receivers are crossed off as well. The QB points are all relative in this league so I feel okay rolling with Carr and grabbing someone late as my back up. I don’t see a reason I should go far off of the path at all based off the sheet. As long as when the players left call for me to take a TE, I do it. I am going to go RB/WR heavy from the beginning and make sure I am loaded there.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        This sounds very rational. Best wishes!

  26. After 2 years of being a part of rosterwatch nation, I cancelled my subscription cuz i was tired of losing (not blaming u). I re-subscribed one more time for the 2017 draft. I need ur help to win the title. Here’s my team. Jones kept in 5th round. Would u trade D. Murray & I. Crowell & 7th rounder for Tom Brady & 6th rounder???


    T. Gurley, D. Murray, I. Crowell, T. West, T. Coleman, D. Foreman, R. Burkhead

    J. Jones, A.J. Green, R. Cobb, D. Parker


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No. The only thing you should be doing is adding some quality TE depth w/ upside. You should also be shopping for Derek Henry in your spare time. Or making an offer to the Henry owner involving your shipping Murray.

      Not sure how many teams are in your league, but this is. a solid roster, especially if DParker pops w/ Cutler which it looks like it could. Best wishes!

  27. 10 team half point ESPN keeper league. The only players worth keeping I have are Mike Evans Jordan Howard and Demarco Murray. I’m leaning Evans and Howard.


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah, if you’re giving up the same amount / ea for all of those guys- then per the cheat sheet we’d roll w/ Evans and Howard and feel awesome about it. Long Live Derrick Henry.

  28. Post By

    New to the RW group but long time listener. I have my cheat sheets ready. My question is do I do left to right until all my positions are full or do I ever jump positions early? Thank you!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No, just follow the rules- the players will present themselves naturally- and it will be obvious. You might want to run 1-2 quick test simulations on the Mock Draft Wizard at to see how it works. The sheet is top to bottom. The flexibility the sheet offers horizontally, when a tie presents itself is part of magic.

      Best Wishes!

  29. Post By

    What are the rules? I’m sorry I’m

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You will see the rules on the cheat sheets – at the top

  30. Why no bye weeks on the cheat sheets?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      It’s baked in. The sheet is meant to be so easy a toddler could use it.

  31. Post By Steelnation1825

    Keeper question. I would lose 10th round on all three. Would you keep Jordan Howard, Matt Ryan, or Tyreek Hill. I am leaning towards Howard but worried about the offense being bad. Who’s the best option?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Probably Howard, because we can still get what we perceive as value on Tyreek Hill- who we love- naturally in our live drafts using the cheat sheet.

      Wouldn’t blame you for rolling Hill if you feel he’s safer on a better team.

  32. Post By

    My one point PPR league uses 6 points for QB touchdowns. The QBs seem to fly off the board in early rounds. How should I adjust QB pick if any with a 6 point touchdown? Thanks.


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No need to adjust unless this is a 14 or 16 team league. If so – move the Mariota-Big Ben-Winston-Carr-Dak-Rivers- Dalton-Manning tier of QBs up a bit – just make sure you get one of them.

  33. FYI Spencer Ware appears to be on PPR 4.1 twice….he’s good but not that good! 🙂

    1. Still won’t hold off Hunt….

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      This was promptly fixed, thank you for the notice

  34. Post By

    Are the rankings for 2 QB league set up for PPR or Non-PPR?

    Also, last year at the draft for our 2 QB league I noticed most of the league was using a standard 1 QB rankings sheet. My 2 QB rankings almost hurt me, because everyone else ended up waiting on QB like it was a standard league. Should I follow the cheat sheet, while top RB/WR are taken off the board the first few rounds, or adjust a bit?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That is a very odd situation. We are the biggest fans of waiting on QBs in the world. But, in 2QB formats where they tend to go very early- we can’t take the chance of our subscribers being swindled at QB via the cheat sheet.

      My advice, stick to the sheet- and just pass on QB while you let the first few come off the board to get a feel for the direction of your draft. When you start to see a run, go for a QB1 who is not too far off the reservation of the architecture of the sheet. Wait to get somebody in the Big Ben-Winsto-Carr-Dak-River- Andy Dalton / Eli Manning range for your QB2.

      If you get in trouble somebody late like Stafford or Wentz or maybe even Flacco or Alex Smith are reasonable life preservers.

  35. Fellas – need your help!

    Just had our draft. 10 man ppr. I have Jameis Winston and Big Ben as my QBs. Prob a dumb question but Carson Wentz is in the waiver wire – should I claim him and give up Latavious Murray (Vikings RB)??? I read that Wentz is in prime position to blow up.

    Thoughts? Insults? lol

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We don’t hate the idea of stashing Wentz in deep leagues. But, in a 10 man league you should never roster 3 QBs, it’s rare to roster 2. We’d leave Wentz on the wire in this situation. We’d def drop Murray for a better player on the waiver wire, though. Surely, in a 10 man format there are guys we like more avail.

  36. Post By

    New to roster watch. Love the content and discussion. Just did my first draft using the cheat sheet. Quick question – I know it says in case of tie pick player you like best – however, at times there could be a three way tie – any further advice on picking in this scenario? Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Balance it between your roster needs based on what you have drafted to that point. Also , look at the positional scarcity of the remaining players at each of the positions involved in the tie – and use that to help make the decision.

      In PPR maybe tilt toward WR, and standard toward RB. Assign QB and TE the lowest priority unless the right opportunity presents itself.

  37. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    When I factor in ability, opportunity, and SOS I come away with Dalvin Cook being a top 10 RB. But, the “experts” don’t seem to agree. What if any are the pit falls with Cook?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Not many, we like him and are planning on staying in front of his rising ADP , for now. Pitfalls- MIN OL, possible split time (although we hate Latavius, and always have) – possible limited athleticism at combine testing exposed over more touches vs 1st team defenders. All in all, we like Dalvin quite a bit right now.

  38. Post By

    Tonight was draft night! 10 man .5 ppr



    D jax


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      A monster! Wentz will be fine to start the season! You have so much trade bait!

    2. Post By

      Oh man I don’t see Hint on your list… sorry bro…

      1. Post By

        Hunt that is…. Kareem Hunt!!!

  39. #1 guys – stay safe from Hurricane Harvey
    Now for my question, I’m in a 12 team, non-PPR, deep league with 11 active players (1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 TE/WR, 1 WR/RB, K, Def) and 6 bench players. Given that I could play up to 5 WR each week, and a max of only 3 RB, am I being completely maniacal to think about using the PPR cheat sheet instead of the standard sheet (especially if I’m at the tail end of the draft 9-12)?

  40. Post By Byron Lambert

    Yes, you are. Quality RB play in standard is a bit of a different breed. Trust the process.

  41. Got a crazy question. I’m in this league and they have really screwed with the settings. It’s 1.2 PPR, 1 point completion, 5 point passing TD are just a few but the one I have been really looking at is for Kickers. 7 for over 50 yes, 6 for 40-50, 5 for 30-40 right on down. My question is, sense we have this wacko system, how far up does this move someone like Justin Tucker in the draft we are having on Sunday?

    1. Just chiming in here. I still wouldn’t take a kicker until the end of the draft. Based on my personal analysis, kickers are completely random – there is no correspondence to total points scores by a kicker in a season and how they are ranked prior to season start. Plus, there’s always a hot kicker to pick up during the season.

    2. That’s my league as well, kickers get credit for the longer FGs but penalized as well for missing them(-3). That being said, a few games a year will be decided by the quality of kicker you have!

  42. Post By

    Would be awesome if you guys had a cheat sheet for bigger leagues (16 team). These bigger leagues put a little higher priority on QB (IMO).

  43. RosterWatch. Drafted from the #2 slot, 1pt PPR. 1QB, 2RB’s 3WR’s, TE,K and Def. How did I do?

    1) David Johnson
    2) Doug Baldwin
    3) Terrell Pryor
    4) Deandre Hopkins
    5) Martavis Bryant
    6) Ameer Abdullah
    7)Doug Martin
    8)Kareem Hunt
    9) Russell Wilson
    10) Tyler Eifert
    11) Jacquizz Rodgers
    12) Tyrell Williams
    13)Justin Tucker
    14) LA Rams D
    15) Samaje Perine

  44. Post By

    Curious what you guys think of this if my draft tomorrow goes the way many of my mocks have lately…

    Lynch or Crowell
    R Wilson
    P Rivers
    Kicker and d best available.

    A little bastardization but not to much…lol

  45. My results from my league’s draft last night: 12 team PPR: 14 roster limit: start 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s 1TE, 1K 1D/ST
    Rounds 1-5 Auction: 150 budget: Minimum bids per round: 1-$40, 2-$20, 3-$10, 4-$5, 5-$1: Snake beginning round 6
    My Team:
    QB’s: Brees, Dalton
    RB’s: Gurley,Kareem Hunt, Derrick Henry, Samaje Perine, D’Onta Foreman
    WR’s: Crabtree, Mike Evans, Mike Wallace, Kenny Galloday
    Te: Tyler Eifert
    K: Justin Tucker
    D/ST: Falcons

    Feedback appreciated as i have a 16 team auction draft later today.

  46. Fellas – 2 questions:

    1. Do you have any tools that help us decide which players to start/sit from our teams for each weekend?

    2. Which defense should I start?

    Ravens – vs Bengals
    Rams – vs Colts
    Bills – vs Jets
    Falcons – vs Bears
    Colts – vs Rams
    Steelers – vs Browns


  47. Who should I drop to pick up Kerwynn Williams – Theo Riddick, Tevin Coleman or Joe Mixon. I also was the unforturnate owner of David Johnson, but Im guessing I should hold on to him if I have room right?


  48. Post By

    Need a flex!

    Aaron Jones, Evan Engram, Dion Lewis, Josh Doctson

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