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PRO All Cheat Sheets Updated for This Big Weekend of Fantasy Drafts

All magical Cheat Sheet products have been updated for use during this big weekend of drafts. However, please note that there could be changes over the weekend as we monitor preseason action. We’ve made initial adjustments for the Julian Edelman and Spencer Ware injuries. For reasons such as these, we ask that you please make sure you check the site before drafting to make sure you are using the most recent version. We wish all of RosterWatch Nation the best of luck – not that you’ll need it.


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the mystical sheet. AND ALWAYS make sure you are drafting using the most recently updated version.

DOWNLOAD the newest version of the Cheat Sheet – START HERE!!!


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    So had my first draft today and wanted your opinion. It went as many of my mocks wr heavy early. I almost bastardized to take Gurley in the 2nd but I held strong to the system. Until late late anyways.

    Henry rb
    Cam Newton
    J hill
    P Rivers
    Philly D

    1. I would say it looks like a great team that was drafting against the little sisters of the poor

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    Well I feel week at rb. Knowing how much the nation loves Gurley it was tough not to bastardize on the 2nd and thenthw perfect storm hit in the third with all 3 Cooks Keenan and Lynch staring me in the face. Again wanting to take Lynch right there but the sheet said Cooks then coming back around I thought for sure Hunt was going to drop in my lap but was taken right in front of me. I think if I am vigilant on the waiver wire or get lucky with a lottery late pick and avoid the injury plaque as I have been bitten the last several years I will then have a very good shot at the playoffs. Time will tell. On to my next 4 drafts!

    Best wishes
    Da Grouch
    President of the Dope Smoking Loser’s

  3. So with Edelman out for the season, what does this do for Hogan? He had several huge games last year. Plus Brady looked his way today.

    1. will address this in the next pod but Hogan will not be taking over his role. It elevates Hogan slightly but it’s not like he becomes Edelman – they play different roles.

  4. Just finished my draft and want see what you guys think. 10 team half point PPR, I picked in the 9 spot.
    K Allen
    D Cook
    T Coleman
    CJ Anderson
    C Coleman

      1. Thanks Alex. J Hill is still available, would you drop any of my guys for him?

        Also, realized after the draft ended I have K Allen and H Henry…should I drop Henry for a different TE? Anyone below him on the draft sheet is available.

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    Hi, Rookie subscriber here so please be nice. 12 team , .5 pt PPR. I suspect I will be drafting Shady in the first given your Cheat Sheet. Say that another RB is the top pick in the 2nd and I am faced with picking another RB in the 3rd. At what point do you drop the “best available” and consider “by position”? Lastly, I see that you have Carlos Hyde rated on par with Aaron Rogers and Gronk if everyone in the draft followed your philosophy?

    1. I’m sorry, I don;t really understand your question. I’d recommend following the sheet for your draft, though.

      1. Post By

        Hey Alex

        What I think the rookie is trying to say is he is a little scared to take 3 or even more rb’s in a row! Just like I was nervous going the opposite wr’s and the sheet keeps directing you to take the same position. I think he wants to know at what point might you deviate and go with positional need versus best player which the sheet is directing you to do? At some point you may have to deviate before total disaster I suppose.

        1. Following the sheet I took 3 WR in a row, then the following 6 picks were RBs. You can see my team posted a few questions above.

          Just follow the sheet. I would only get worried if I made it to round 7-8 without having any of 1 position, which I don’t think will happen. That said, it’s your team, do what you feel most comfortable doing.

  6. Does the T Taylor injury change your ranking of Zay Jones? With the sheets be updated to include the happenings last night? Also, with Henderson’s fumbles would you push up Jamaal Charles? Thanks

  7. Would Taylor’s injury also effect the # 4/7 pick on your sheets — Shady

    1. Shakey I think you’re reading way too much into a concussion. Let’s see how he progresses through the protocol before even making the slightest of considerations of its effect on other pieces of that offense.

  8. I’m in a $200 auction league with the option of 2 keepers. I’ve already settled on keeping Michael Thomas for $5, but I’m struggling with my other one. I can either keep Demarco Murray for $17 or Crowell for $11. A lot has been written about Cleveland’s improved line and intention to run more which is why I’m having a hard time making a decision. I also have Henry that I could keep, but I can’t pass up Thomas for only $5.

    1. Definitely keep Thomas, we’d probably keep Crow as well for the $11.

  9. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    I see Kareem Hunt and Dalvin Cook in a similar situation. The only difference is that we know Hunt will get the majority of carries to begin the season. Cook may lose touches to Murray to begin the season. We know KC wants to run the ball. Shouldn’t we be drafting Hunt over Cook? Thoughts?

    1. Just updated the PPR cheat sheet and have them back to back. In a vacuum I may take Hunt over Dalvin but the fact is the integrity of the sheet is based on ADPs, if we think you can get both guys, we are going to shoot to make that happen.

  10. Post By

    Not just the beginning of the season for Hunt. Looks like Ware has a torn pcl as well as other damage. He is going to get a second opinion but it does it sound good. If so Ware will be done for the season opening the door wide for Hunt! My suggestion is put a little coin on Hunt at 28/1 for offensive rookie of the year before vegas changes the odds! LOL

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    I need a cheat sheet for rookie IDP’s. Anyone know where I can find one?

    1. Sorry , for now we don’t have IDP sheets as scoring varies so wildly among different leagues. If you have IDP questions though, feel free to ask.

  12. Need to drop one to pick up a D or kicker: Kupp, Zay Jones, or Jeremy Hill. I have Mixon so Hill’s my handcuff. Who should I drop? Other WR are: Cooks, Jeffery, Tyfreek, Willie Snead. PPR

    1. Let’s wait until the last minute to drop anyone for D/PK so we have all the info at our disposal going into Week 1.

  13. Post By

    Rookie here. X-ray taker & kwilee understand where I am coming from…again at what point do you deviate from the system and draft acording to need

    1. The same question for me, I find myself waiting to long and getting a low tier QB and TE

      1. Post By

        I am curious what you consider low tier qb?

        1. Flacco, Bortles, Palmer, smith, Bradford

          1. Post By

            Well…. that is shall we say poopy imho…lol. Surprised you can’t pull off a P Rivers late???

    2. Post By

      Personally if you can start say 3 WRs and another in the flex I am guessing RW will advise you take 4 of that is what the sheet is telling you to do. it can be hard when you start to see what you might be left with if you pull the trigger on say that 3/4 at one position to start the draft but that is where trust and faith in the system lies. Bit it is ultimately up to you and your comfort level and if you really want that other guy who is right there around the pick then go for it. I am guilty of a little bastardization here or there but I am in so many leagues I want to have a little differential!

      1. Good point!

  14. Hey guys. Just drafted granted it’s a 10 teamer PPR but what do you think? Luck Carr Evans Hopkins KAllen Crabtree Garçon Z Jones Ajayi Lynch Abdullah Woodhead Ertz. May have reached for Luck but he was there in the 9th and couldn’t pass. Thanks B

  15. Post By Slidemaster729

    Have my dynasty team ppr draft coming up and I’ve traded for the top overall pick.

    With Hunt taking over in KC, who is the best RB to take at the top? Lots of people are projecting Hunt to take over all 3 downs, and I’m scared of Fournette because that offense is putrid and he doesn’t catch passes on top of his foot injuries.

    Am I overthinking? Is Fournette a slam dunk, or is Dalvin Cook or Hunt a reasonable option?

    1. we still take Fournette first – dynasty is forever, not just this year.

  16. Post By

    I too used the cheatsheet for the 1st time on a Mock draft and waited until round 7 for a QB and grabbed Rivers because I didn’t like anyone after that. I’m finding it just depends on the flow of the draft. If you see a run on 1 particular position, I would make sure I address it ASAP (RB/WR/QB). That said, many of these later round guys on this sheet are ranked much higher than what I was expecting. I’m going to roll with it though, I invested my $3.99 and want to get my $’s worth. 🙂 Very excited for this season!

    Here’s my Superflex, 16 Team .5 PPR draft results without the cheatsheets. This is a league I’ve been in for years.
    QB – M Ryan
    SuperFlex – J Flacco
    RB – M. Gordon
    WR – T. Pryor
    Flex – J Ajayi
    TE – H Henry
    K – M Crosby
    D – Vikings

    CJ Anderson
    K Britt
    P Garcon
    C Hogan
    D Moncrief

    1. Post By

      I guess I should’ve said it was an Auction draft.

  17. 12 Team PPR (4th pick overall)

    [1] QB: Luck
    [2] WR: AB, M. Thomas, K. Allen (Diggs, Snead, C. Davis, Doctson)
    [2] RB: Mixon, Coleman (Martin, Riddick, Kamara)
    [1] TE: Walker
    [1] W/R/T: Jeffery
    DEF: Jaguars
    K: none

    Thanks for the in the moment help on Twitter tonight as I followed the latest cheatsheet to draft this team! Kicking myself because I feel like I should have deviated a little and took Lynch over K. Allen in the third, because part of me thought I could still get him but didn’t wanna be a rule breaker!

    I’m a little concerned about RB and QB obviously and feel like I drafted too many WRs …

    I’ll need to drop at least 2 players so I can pick up a Kicker and another QB since Luck is out til who knows when!? SO who are the drops and who do I pickup?

    QB: Bortles, Cutler, Flacco, Smith, Bradford
    K: Hauschka, Boswell, Lutz, Santos, Gano, Walsh, Catanzaro, etc …

    Oh also, couldn’t get Steelers DEF late and autopicked Jags so any of these defenses a better team to replace them with for the first couple weeks or so?

    Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Eagles, Bucs, Titans, Jets, Rams, etc …

    1. Ooops we start THREE WRs not just two … and there’s only a bench total of 6!

    2. Hold on as long as you can but you may need to drop Kamara and Doctson. We haven’t transitioned to in-season content yet so give us until the end of the week to give advice on Week 1 defenses.

  18. Is there a point where you can draft TOO many RBs/WRs. Left me with Eli at QB who I despise. See my mock draft team below. Thoughts?
    QB – Eli Manning (14th round)
    RB – M. Gordon (1st round)
    RB – T. Gurley (2)
    WR – A. Jeffrey (4)
    WR – Tyreek Hill (5)
    TE – J. Cook (13)
    FLEX – M. Lynch (3)
    DST – Rams (15)
    K – Dustin Hopkins (16)
    BENCH – Kareem Hunt (6)
    BENCH – Brandon Marshall (7)
    BENCH – Derrick Henry (8)
    BENCH – Darren McFadden (9)
    BENCH – Zay Jones (10)
    BENCH – Jeremy Hill (11)
    BENCH – Josh Docson (12)

    1. that team is great. if you hate Eli you can stream QBs by using the waiver wire cheat sheet in -season.

  19. Finally had a draft — Curious about your view on on this draft — only a few minor deviations from sheet. I had 3rd pick in 10 team draft 15 rounds QBs flew off the board with 2 teams drafting 3 Qbs We start 2WR, 2RB, 1 flex and usual others.
    Graham TE
    M. Bryant
    D Henry
    T Riddick
    Tyrell Williams
    Hopkins (K)

    1. Post By


  20. Just finished a .5 ppr 2QB league, 10 team pick #2 and feel like I got away with murder. Team is sick. Andrew Luck sat there forever and he was the best available according to the sheet so I got him as my 3rd QB. Hoping I can trade him down the road to pick up a solid WR.

    QB- RYAN

    This is my 3rd money draft, I’ve picked 2nd, 6th, & 9th in the three drafts. All three drafts I have taken Mixon and Ty.Mont. Best available on the cheet sheet so lets hope they produce!

    1. Also on my bench is Andrew Luck, forgot to add him to the roster!

    2. Post By

      You got David Johnson, Michael Thomas, Brees and Ryan in a 2 qb league??? Wow

      1. Ya, took Thomas and Brees at the 2/3 turn. Some how Ryan fell back to me in the 4th. I took 2 of the first 5 QB’S.

  21. Post By

    First year using the cheat sheet and gotta say, really really like the team I got in
    The five hole. In order of round:
    Julio Jones
    AJ Green
    Keenan Allen
    Dalvin Cook
    Kareem Hunt(Saturday, before the announcement even)
    Doug Martin
    Mark Ingram
    Jimmy Graham
    Derrick Henry
    Willie Snead
    Marcus Mariota
    Jeremy Maclin
    Zay Jones
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Panthers D
    Chris Boswell

  22. Post By

    This cheatsheet worked so well!! Tell me whatcha think, 12 team ppr offline draft. I was the 11th pick and these are my players in order of draft.

    Aj Green
    M. Bryant
    Zay Jones
    Zack Miller

    1. love it, great job.

  23. Used the previous standard version for a draft last week, the sheet is a monster:

    QB: Roethlisberger
    RB: Melvin, Marshawn, CJ Anderson, Derrick Henry, Tevin Coleman
    WR: Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson, Tyreek, DeSean Jackson
    TE: Martellus

    Thanks again!

    1. Post By

      Did you draft a defense or kicker?

  24. Post By

    First year subscribing and using the cheat sheet, 10-team ppr with keepers and traded draft picks, so I traded my 1st rounder (9th overall) for a 2nd and 3rd (20 & 21 overall). VERY happy with the results!!

    2) Todd Gurley
    2) Marshawn Lynch
    3) Deandre Hopkins
    3) Terrell Pryor
    4) Kelce (4th round keeper)
    5) Kareem Hunt
    6) Sammy Watkins
    7) Doug Martin
    8) Russell Wilson
    10) Kirk Cousins
    11) Corey Davis
    12) Texans D
    13) D’Onta Foreman
    14) Dan Bailey
    15) Paul Perkins (for some reason no one wanted him, including me, but had to take him here)

    Anyone have any thoughts? I was nervous about not being able to pick until #12, but all I ended up losing out on between picks 9-11 were Jordy Nelson, Devonta Freeman and Michael Thomas. Never drafted 6 RB’s before!!

  25. Will RW be updating the cheat sheets today?

  26. Post By

    If and when there is something that needs to be updated I am sure they will be on top of it! I am looking forward to the next podcast myself! Nothing better than a fine cigar a nice pour of McCallan 18 and a rosterwatch podcast!

    1. yessir, I’m hoping no updates until tomorrow. We’ll have a pod dropping today as well as another with Byron from Miami either tomorrow or Wednesday.

  27. Do you guys know what’s going on with Martavis Bryant and his reinstatement?

    1. I’m operating under the impression everything will be fine – there have been no implications that he hasn’t done everything necessary to have it granted fully on 9/1.

  28. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    Are you guys going to be posting a handcuff tool this year?

    1. I wasn’t planning on it, but I can make one if you think it would be helpful.

      1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

        Your maniacal ways never cease to amaze me… Thank you, good sir!

  29. Post By

    my league has a large bonus for big plays (40+ yard runs/catches/TDs).
    Any tools that help include those bonuses for drafting?

    1. Post By

      even just a list of top wr/rb’s who will gain value with this bonus scoring would be helpful

      1. we just draft in those leagues like they are normal but maybe prioritize Martavis Bryant, Desean Jackson, Tyreek Hill and Marquise Goodwin.

        1. Post By

          i like those names. will do.

  30. Drafted yesterday in my 16 team, ppr, auction league:
    Qb’s Eli and Palmer
    RB’s Gordon, Mixon, Forte, Woodhead
    WR’s Odell, John Brown, Moncrief, Crowder, Tyrell W.
    TE’s Ertz, DeValve, Njoku


    1. that’s an insane 16 teamer roster.

      1. Thanks! I promise to not screw this team up and over trade as I did last season. Only waiver moves.

  31. Post By Turd Ferguson

    Used me sheet and I love my draft but Yahoo graded me the worst.

    10 Man draft. Full point ppr.

    QB: Cousins
    RB: McCoy
    RB: Gurley
    WR: Martavis Bryant
    WR: Michael Thomas
    Flex: Hyde
    Flex: Fournette
    TE: Jared Cook
    Def: Patriots
    Kicker: Gostkowski
    Bench: Mark Ingram, Zay Jones, Devante Parker, Willie Snead, Joe Mixon

    1. Fuck Yahoo’s grades, they always hate our drafts because we zig while these other fools zag that team is disgusting.

      1. Post By

        I am trying to figure out how he got McCoy Gurley Fournette and Thomas???!!! Were these guys sleeping at your draft???

        1. Post By Turd Ferguson

          Went in this order


          It was a live draft and everyone had rankings with them. I was shocked at getting Thomas in the third but by that time people started freaking out because 3 qbs almost went in a row.

          Anyways, if I ever questioned the method behind the madness from Rosterwatch that came to a halt real quick. LOVE this team.

      2. Lol, ikr! Yahoo has graded me the worst in all 3 leagues so far!! Psh – I tell YOU what my draft grade is, fools!! Then again, these are the same same leagues Zeke is still going in the first round…ha ha.
        First year subscriber, first time using the cheat sheet – wow it is extremely simple! I am anxious to see what my record is mid season….

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Jeez- that is a huge monster!

    3. Post By Byron Lambert

      Jeez that is a monster!

  32. Post By

    Just finished my first draft, 12 team full point PPR. Curious to get your reaction.
    Phillip Rivers
    Amari Cooper
    Martavis Bryant
    Willie Snead
    David Johnson
    Dalvin Cook
    Austin Hooper
    Marshawn Lynch
    Doug Martin
    DeSean Jackson
    Zay Jones
    Kenny Golladay
    Josh Doctson
    Alvin Kamara
    Carson Wentz
    New Giants

    1. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

      Was this a live draft? Doesn’t look like a yahoo league because Cooper, Cook, and Lynch are all near the 2nd 3rd turn. I think in live drafts players tend to fall farther for what ever reason. In on-live drafts players just cycle through and rarely do good players fall too far.

    2. Post By

      It was a live draft.

    3. Post By Byron Lambert

      A super throbber!

  33. Post By

    Ask for the trophy now! lol

  34. Post By

    12 Team, full point PPR on Had 6th overall. Using PPR cheat sheet, this was my order: Evans, AJ Green, Hunt, Crowell, M Bryant, Diggs, Coleman…. no deviation.

    In round 8 (pick 91) Mixon (yes I should have got him back in like round 4/5 but I got lucky AF and not sure why we all skipped on him for 4+ rounds.) was snapped up.

    Then deviation kicked in slightly: Winston, Hunter Henry, Austin Hooper, Foreman and who cares about D & K. Thoughts?

    Oh and gave me a draft recap predicting my record to be 0-13 with a < 2% chance of winning the league (but we all know fantasy championships are won on the waiver wire) 🙂

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      LOL, those Donkeys! This is a filthy sick squad!!!

  35. Post By

    I have my draft coming up next week. 10 man half ppr. I got the 3rd pick. We can also keep up to 2 players. Any of the following worth keeping for their respective rounds?

    Jameis Winston – Round 13
    Mohamed Sanu – Round 10
    Jeremy Hill – Round 4
    Thomas Rawls – Round 4
    Eric Ebron – Round 11
    Tim Hightower – Round 11
    Jeremy Maclin – Round 3

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Post By

      Keep Winston at 13

      1. Post By Byron Lambert


  36. Post By John Hunsberger

    Thomas or cooks in a .5 PPR??

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  37. Post By RAWC n Roll Express

    Drafted last night using your super flex cheat sheet gold and wanted to get your takeaway.

    Mike Evans
    Martavis Bryant
    DeVante Parker
    Corey Davis
    Zay Jones

    Jay Ajayi
    Ezekiel Elliott
    Cj Anderson
    Christian McCaffrey
    Samaje Perine

    Derek Carr
    Cam Newton
    Joe Flacco

    Martellus Bennett
    Austin Hooper

    Texans D
    Mason Crosby

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Holy shit – that’s a fucking monster nightmares are made of

  38. Post By

    12 Team Standard League – 4 Keepers

    I’m keeping Zeke – Cooper and Thomas but need my fourth?

    I have Luck in there now…….but I have Golden Tate or Landry as other alternatives.

    Most everyone keeps a QB…….Do I keep Luck or 1 of the other 2 guys……Landry by your cheat sheet……but I almost prefer Tate as Stafford’s #1

    Thanks Guys!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Al are viable options. We’d prob punt on Luck for Landry. We just left Dolphins camp, and while we’d rather have Parker- Landry is still very involved with Cutler. He’s a solid WR3/4 you can roll out any given week with confidence.

      Understand your logic on Tate, and honestly it may be absolutely correct. There’s greater than 50% chance you are- but we just hate Golden Tate. And, when in doubt we get sick on the players we love- which are Luck and the JunkYard Dog Jarvis

      Best wishes

  39. Post By

    I did a mock draft last night using the cheat sheet and came across something that probably doesn’t happen often and I wanted to know how I use it going forward.

    I ended up getting Jimmy Graham in the middle rounds and then come back to me a couple rounds later and the next player on your list was another higher end TE?? Based on your 3 rules……is this a case in point where you don’t get a second TE and move onto the next available player?

    Thanks again.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, please use basic roster logic here and pass on a TE2 and go next best skill player. We sometimes draft Jared Cook late as a TE2, as insurance when we get somebody like Martellus early

  40. Jamaal Williams last on my bench right now. Thoughts on Burkhead, Gio or Robby Anderson instead?


  41. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    12 man standard league -Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3WRs, 1TE – Thoughts?

    David Johnson
    Kareem Hunt
    Keenan Allen
    Davante Adams
    Martavis Bryant
    Doug Martin
    Kirk Cousins
    Zach Ertz
    Brandon Marshall
    Zay Jones
    Rex Burkhead
    Jonathan Williams
    Chris Carson
    Carson Wentz

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Awesome team, way to go! Best wishes this season!


      1. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

        Trade Hunt for Howard?

  42. Post By John Hunsberger

    In a 2 qb lg how would this change rankings or how early would you take a qb?

  43. Post By

    Any plans on moving zeke up? Schefters reporting a reduced suspension is likely… im drafting saturday in a 10 team .5 ppr… #4 overall…

  44. Post By

    10 team standard PPR – 5th spot


    D Martin
    T Coleman
    D Henry

    Mike Evans
    Martavis B
    DeVante Parker
    Corey Davis
    Josh Doctson

    Eifert Giants Blair Walsh

  45. 1st time picking first in 12 years of FF in a 10 team full PPR double flex league. First time using the draft cheat sheet, though I’ve been a member for 3 years (use the daily cheat sheets always). Here’s what I came up with:

    Zeke (bit of a reach but in ten team I went high risk on him not serving this season or being reduced)
    Dalvin Cook
    A. Rob -(terrible deviation but again, high risk/reward)
    Devante Parker
    Stefon Diggs
    Ty Eifert
    Frank Gore
    Derrick Henry
    Tyrell Williams
    Corey Davis
    Buff Def (Jets week 1- I play Matchups)
    Austin Hooper
    Some stupid kicker

    I deviated 3 times based on length between picks and guys I really wanted. I have one tonight and will try to fight myself to stay the course. Anyway, thoughts on this team?

  46. Post By

    Any thoughts toward the rumors that Zeke’s legal team is going to do a Brady and get it pushed off til next year so he plays the entire season???

  47. Other than picks one and two, what do you think the best draft position is in a 12 team league? Not sure I trust Brown at 3 with Big Ben getting old.

  48. Post By

    If it is a ppr then he is your guy!

  49. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Should I trade Hunt for Howard in standard league?

  50. 12 team standard 1 keeper (Jordan Howard last round)

    Qb:Big Ben/Philip Rivers
    Rb: Gurley, Howard, T Coleman, Henry, Kamara, Foreman
    WR:Cooks, Allen, Jeffery, Martavis, Zay Jones,
    TE: Eifert
    D: Jags
    K: Santos

    What do you guys think? I didn’t realize until it was too late but I have on overload of byes in week 9, I’m hoping that’ll sort itself out by that time.

  51. Post By

    16 team superflex 2Qb Max per team PPR 4th pick.






    Overall happy with PPR scoring.

  52. hey RW, have you guys talked about Marshawn Lynch on any particular show or podcast lately that I can check out? If not, have you guys been so high on him for a while or did he move up the cheat sheet a lot and I missed something? Is the raiders o line that good, or is he still just that good, or both? Trying to buy in to this mentally, he is falling to me a lot in my mocks

  53. Post By

    Yes they did a pod named “their will be beastquakes”! A little ways back. He has been inching his way up the cheat sheet the last several weeks!

  54. Post By

    Oh and yes the raiders O line is that good as even Latavius Murray produced behind it!

  55. Post By

    Just finished 12 team standard draft using cheatsheet. Looking for some feedback,


    D. Foreman

    Julio Jones
    K. Allen
    C. Davis
    J. Doctson

  56. Got offered a one for one trade, Michael Thomas for Zeke? Fair trade?

  57. Post By

    Nobody can answer that question at this moment. The bigger question is what does the rest of your roster look like and can you afford it if he does have to sit however many games this season? And then who has McFadden if need be etc etc.

  58. Post By

    It is more a question of how much risk can you afford and want to take! If they come out Monday and say only 2 games or no game suspension or they push off whatever suspension with he injunction til next year then you just committed a crime stealing him! If they uphold the suspension and the injunction does not work and he has to serve all 6 then the question is once again how well is your team built to absorb it? And that all I got to say bout that.

  59. Good evening RosterWatch nation. so i just did my first seasonal draft with some buddies through CBS and according to CBS I have no clue what I am doing and will go 0-13. I know their draft grades mean nothing, but it is the first time I have ever gotten a D grade. Here is my draft results and personally, I liked what I got. 12-man 1pt ppr league. 1qb,2rb,3wr,te,k,Def I was drafting out of the 11 slot. Results as follows:

    1) Jay Ajayi
    2) Michael Thomas
    3)Alshon Jeffrey
    4)Kareem Hunt
    5) CJ Anderson
    6) Davante Parker
    7)Jeremy Macklin
    8) Derek Carr
    9) Delanie Walker
    10) Thomas Rawls
    11) Jamaal Williams
    12) New England Def
    13) Rex Burkhead
    14) Will Lutz K
    15) Rishard Matthews

    Please offer feedback where I need help. Thanks

  60. Post By

    A great American spy Austin Milbarge once said… “We mock what we don’t understand”! I have noticed ALL of the draft rankings hate just about any RW built team. Who cares! Remember all those ratings are just based off someone else’s player rankings and who is to say they are right? I will leave it up to the professionals to tell you osnand where you need help but just remember it is the in season management that usually makes all the difference!

  61. 10 team PPR. What do you think?
    Tom Brady,
    Freeman, Gurley, Elliott, Mixon, T. West
    K. Allen, M. Bryant, Garcon, Tyrell Williams, Kupp, C. Davis
    H. Henry
    M. Crosby
    Buffalo D

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      I think no matter what happens with zeke you are looking good! And if they do what I think they will with Zeke you can punch your ticket to the playoffs! But that is just me.

  62. Any idea what’s going on with Andrew Luck? Will he start season on the PUP? Does this mean he sits out 6 weeks? I also have Rivers but if out six weeks should I dropLuck for Cutler? thanks

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    Start 3 WR—K. Allen, D. Hopkins, E. Sanders and E. Decker?

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