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PRO All Cheat Sheets Updated to Account for Ezekiel Elliott and Sammy Watkins News

All Magical Cheat Sheet products have been updated to account for Friday’s onslaught of news headlined by the six-game suspension of Zeke Elliott and the trade of Sammy Watkins to the L.A. Rams (along with a few other tweaks and regularly-scheduled maintenance).


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the mystical sheet. AND ALWAYS make sure you are drafting using the most recently updated version.

DOWNLOAD the newest version of the Cheat Sheet – START HERE!!!


  1. Post By Bret Van Beav

    FUBU jersey is magical, mystical, MYTHICAL

    1. HAHAHAHA – never noticed that.

  2. Gonna wait for mixon and Delvin to be moved up on the sheet.

    1. In PPR, we are getting a good amount of exposure to both players, and they are two that will likely end up moving up in position on the sheet through the preseason. Have to remember, though, the sheet is not rankings – it is a guide that forces you to take the best value at each pick.

      1. I am sure as preseason goes on going to have plenty of trashman followers aka “trash coons” digging through garbage bastardizing the cheat sheet.

  3. Any spots left for the listeners league?….email me at rosebowlmvp97@yahoo.com

    1. I would check with @eaglesfan3535 on Twitter or @gutsman004 – they are the two commishes I believe.

  4. Rawls Is too low?! That fat tub of lard Lacy will get hurt again.

    1. You sound like a Trashman but he’s definitely a guy we might have to get up a little, I’ve made a note for the next update.

      1. Play the song!

  5. Post By chicagocubskid@yahoo.com

    Love the content on this site. Can’t get enough. But what other site do you guys recommend???

    1. Thank you – we have a lot more content in-season as you’ll see. During this month, most all of our attention is focused on keeping the cheat sheets solid and humming. As for other sites, I like RotoGrinders, but it is more for DFS than season-long.

    2. Profootball focus is decent. I specifically like Jeff ratcliff on there and he seems to come in agreement with the boys on here more often than not. If you don’t want to pay for the price of the site or Sirius xm he does have a podcast as well. These boys also have one and should be checked out and highly rated!

      1. Jeff is our friend and his podcast is very good. PFF Fantasy Podcast.

  6. Post By hoosierdonny@comcast.net

    Is there any way to customize the draft sheet to accommodate my specific league scoring system? If there is, I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

    Let me know,


    1. No, just use the sheet closest to your league scoring. If you have questions about which one to use, just ask us. Your draft will be great.

  7. Hey, I used the RW cheat sheet by the book on a Fantasy Pro mock draft. Had the fourth pick. Things did not go well. I got a c- score. I understand that the rating itself is not that significant since RW has it own view on players which seem to differ some as we got to the middle rounds. But, by following blindly rounds 6 through 11 had me picking RBs only. (then again maybe I shouldn’t complain — CJ ANderson, Blount, d Maritn, Mcfadden, and J strwart) A QB finally got drafted in the 12th rd (CAM). Matt Ryan went in the 7th, which seemed like a good value for him at that spot.
    Another problem was that the cheat sheet had me taking Allen Robinson in the 4th round. I’m not sure this guy can be trusted.
    I generally like the rankings and had success last year, but I do tend to deviate for better balance and an earlier QB. I’m here for another year!!

    1. Never worry about those scores. If I had a dollar for every time I had to talk someone off the ledge for a shitty score from their game provider I would be rich. We zig while others zag so of course they won’t understand our tactics. Keep practicing with the sheet, you’ll be fine when draft day comes as always. (also, we like Allen Robinson in the 4th, it’s a great value for a talented guy in a contract year).

      1. I get that, but a big concern is an overload on one position. I drafted Robinson high in one league in 2016 and regretted it. So he still has a bad taste in my mouth.

        1. We haven’t seen an overload like that in any of our simulations – especially not at RB. If you get overloaded to start, it is usually with WR which then is built to correct by pivoting to RB value. Was it standard, PPR or Superflex? Can you send us the complete mock draft results somehow to info@rosterwatch.com?

          1. It was a 1/2 PPR — I will send the results

  8. Post By tannerk08@hotmail.com

    at what point do you have to stray from the cheat sheet? never used it before, but what if running backs are being taken yet WR are still left but need a RB1? personal preference or is there a strategy? Thanks

    1. It is always personal preference, but in my experience, it has been good to follow the sheet. The PPR sheet will sometimes make you take 3-4 WR in first 3-4 rounds and I sometimes get a little bit scared about holding out so long for RB, but it always stacks up value RBs through the next few rounds. IF things are going crazy-sideways with how your league drafts, you can always deviate from the rules, but not by much. We test this thing so much that it should be dialed in.

    2. See the answer above. It’s a matter of personal preference, but the sheet should lead you to having a balanced roster in most situations. Especially if it has you taking lots of WR early.

  9. Post By beerbuff@aol.com

    Do you adjust for keepers or just pile onto a position if a cheatsheet indicates to take the best available player even if you are loaded in that position? And do you make adjustments for player position scarcity due to whom is kept. i.e. to start 11 rb’s, 7 wr’s and 3 te’s are being kept.

    1. the sheet has three rules we recommend following. As for keepers, just mark them off the sheet before starting. We think it is fine to make minor adjustments for positional scarcity in a league like yours since there are 11 RBs already off the board. It’s probably OK to reach a little at times, but we wouldn’t stray too far.

  10. Post By John Hunsberger

    How do you use the draft cheat sheet correctly , do you pick left to right the whole way ? Thanks for the help!

    1. no, that is definitely NOT how to use it. There are three rules at the top, read those and if you still have trouble, let me know. In short. Mark off players as they are selected, when it is your turn, select the player highest up on the sheet.

      1. Post By John Hunsberger

        What’s considered the highest on the list? That’s what I’m lost about

  11. Post By Scott Mitchell

    On the Podcast, you said the best way to get a question answered is through the comments. So after I put in my 5-Star review and glowing recommendation, I came here. It doesn’t EXACTLY fit the cheat sheet comments, but it’s a keeper question:

    Draft is next Saturday – 12 Team, 0.5 PPR, 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX
    I need three…
    Melvin Gordon in the 3rd
    Terrelle Pryror in the 3rd (which would bump up to a 2 since I’m certainly keeping Gordon)
    Jordan Reed in the 6th
    Tom Brady in the 7th
    Carlos Hyde in the 9th

    1. You can ask any question in the comments section, thanks for your support and for rating the pod, etc.
      Keep Gordon and Brady.

  12. Post By Devin Agustin

    Will grades and rankings (like the Offensive Lines) be updated before the season starts? They still reflect a June date.

    1. Those are personnel unit rankings, so they’ll only be “updated” if there is a significant injury to one of the players whose grades account for a part of the unit rankings. As of now, they are still valid. I’ll take that date off of there to ease any further confusion.

      1. Post By Devin Agustin

        Thanks. I ask because players like Branden Albert (Jags) and Forrest Lamp (Chargers) still are showing in the lineups and we know they’re not playing this season.

        1. I’ll shoot an email to get this on the content queue (updates to the OL rankings to reflect this and also Josh Garnett, etc.) within the week.

  13. Have you ever considered putting something on the PDF that would print which version. I like to print these off and I typically write what version of the Cheat Sheet it is on the top as its updated often and they’re all over my desk.

    PPRv3.1 Just above the RB column would work perfect.

    1. I can ask our web guy, we have to submit the PDFs in a specific format so it will create the online tool.

  14. I’m in a league with 1 keeper, Auction draft with $200 bid budget. We add $10 to what you bid on the player last year in order to keep him. I got Jordan Howard for $3 and Jimmy Graham for $1 so they’d be $13 and $11 respectively.

    I assume I should keep Howard. Would it be worth it to keep both (12% of total budget)?

    1. *if we can keep more than one*

    2. Sure, I’d love to keep those two guys at those prices.

  15. Post By rauentanner@gmail.com

    Been testing out each Cheatsheet as we go and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can only select Rivers or Dak at QB. Struggling with getting a consistent QB even though they don’t really matter when you’re getting the insane value at every position because of the sheet. Any tips how to swindle something a little better or just let the draft play out and allow the idiots to keep taking QBs too early? Thanks.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I personally expect your real draft to go differently. It depends on how many teams are in your league. I’d be perfectly happy with Dak or Rivers if the rest of my team was sick, I really would. However, if you are goosey- and you are happy with your roster in your real draft and you identify superior QB talent slipping late, and you want to make a bit of a move for a Big Ben or something- then go ahead and exercise some basic discretion.

      I don’t even feel goosey getting stuck with an Andy Dalton to begin the year. It’s more around Eli or Tyrod I start to get a bit concerned but – think you can still thrive if the rest of your squad is sick. But, again- those guys are like QBs 13-16 here.

  16. Post By michaelfkurtz

    First, Thanks for a great product and your time.
    i am in a keeper league that is a ten team league. we keep 1 player per every 6 draft rounds. so one keeper from each of 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-26 (i know the last is larger). essentially 4 per team, so 40 players are gone, and count as your draft slot drafted. only keep for 3 years then released back into draft.
    this year i plan on keeping Gurley in 5th, D. Freeman in 7th, Crabtree in the 17, and Perriman in the 21st.
    This year we will draft 26 or28 rounds (vote isnt in yet.. ) It seems like there is only about 160 picks on the magic cheat sheet, in my case 16 rounds. Where should I go to after pick 160 with still another 100 players drafted.
    is there an extended version of this that exists? hope all that made sense. thanks again.

  17. I have never used the cheat sheet before but it seems very straight forward which is awesome. My only concern is how applicable would you say it is to a 16 team standard league? My current league which I have been apart of for several years always gives me nightmares. When I look at the sheet it seems RB/WR go off pretty equal in distribution. But from experience RB is a disaster in our 16 team. Just to get 2 starting RBs can be brutal with the way they go off the board, let alone a quality starter. Waiver wire RB? HAHA thats fun if you are terrible and pick near the top each week (which I’ve done many times and sort of kept it together but never enough). So is there truly any difference in the way the sheet should be utilized in a scenario like this? Would you maybe move up a good number of RBs ahead of there WR counterparts on the sheet for example? Any other suggestions if not. Thanks. Looking forward the rest of the NFL season and the great work you guys do with DFS as well.

  18. When will the next best ball cheat sheet be available?….you swamp donkeys!!……leagues close on the 24th

  19. Post By TheGrandNagus

    Just drafted for my first league tonight. 8-team standard scoring. How did I do?

    QB: Mariota
    WRs: Julio, Dez, K. Allen, D. Adams, Diggs
    RBs: Howard, Lynch, Anderson, Blount, Martin, McFadden
    TE: Graham
    K: Bailey
    DEF: Arizona

  20. Post By John Hunsberger

    2 qb Poe 10 team keeper league keeper question ..

    I’m keeping AB in the 2nd do I also keep Melvin Gordon in the 5th or Winston in 15th leaning towards Gordon .. thoughts ?

  21. What are your general thoughts on Paul Perkins, Zay Jones, and Kenny Golladay as sleepers?

    I went too HAM on my starting WRs/RBs, and picked these bench players for $4, $3, and $1 in our $200 salary auction draft last night. Perkins has that home run potential, but I’m afraid of a RBBC dynamic in NY. Zay (imo) should be #1WR in Buff, and Kenny looks like a red zone beast.

  22. Post By jdsmd98@yahoo.com

    I heard you guys on Sirius and really liked your analysis, so I joined up , especially for the superflex cheat sheet.
    I obviously hear you loud and clear not to vary off the cheat sheet.
    But my big money league is different in that we think QB by far most important position so instead of downgrading them like most leagues we prioritize it.
    We are a 2 superflex such that most weeks you often start 3 qbs.
    And we bonus out for big yardage tds going up 1 point for each 10 yards past a 20 yard td maxing out to 10 points total for a 50 yd plus td, thus even more emphasizing qbs and big play receivers and rbs.
    Our draft usually goes 9 out of first 12 picks are QB’s
    Probably only Johnson, bell, brown for sure and maybe Beckham and Julio might get selected on a team prior to a QB.
    And it will likely only be Bell, Johnson and Brown.
    Any advice how I can adjust the cheat sheet some to account for this? I don’t want to break the rules but our league is pretty crazy with qbs.
    I can kind of do it myself just by prioritizing QB and then abiding by the sheet once I have at least 2 QB’s maybe??
    I pick 12 so have the wrap around , trying to decide what position player if any might make me pause on going QB-QB because by the time it gets back to me in round 3 I will be luck to be getting Bradford and Kizer …
    Only Beckham or Julio will give me pause I think.
    We are 12 team non keeper ppr 22 rounds pretty big buy in

    Thanks so much for any expert advice on any adjustment to the Bible sheet you have created ..

  23. Post By mfs1997@yahoo.com

    Just joined Roster Nation – noticed on your drafts on Sirius that you don’t draft a second QB or TE – is that by design – I am in a 12 team PPR league – should I be drafting a back up QB and TE? Thanks. Carl. (Teamtuff)

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