Pierre Garcon 750

PRO 2017 WR/CB Individual Projected Matchup Strength-Of-Schedule (Top 50 ADP)

This tool is useful for identifying what receivers may benefit the most from facing the worst cornerbacks in projected individual matchups (as opposed to the unit matchups highlighted in the other tools) and who may have trouble with a schedule featuring more talented corners in coverage. The individual matchup projections are made based on information

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Ezekiel Elliott Camp 750

PRO All Cheat Sheets Updated to Account for Ezekiel Elliott and Sammy Watkins News

All Magical Cheat Sheet products have been updated to account for Friday’s onslaught of news headlined by the six-game suspension of Zeke Elliott and the trade of Sammy Watkins to the L.A. Rams (along with a few other tweaks and regularly-scheduled maintenance). RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts.

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