Cut Bait or Just Wait: Players You Should or Should Not Drop- Week 8

Cut Bait or Just Wait
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert,

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Should they stay or should they go? We’ll make the decision easier for you:

Donnie Avery WR, Colts: And we had such high hopes. Avery burst on the scene this season with a couple of noteworthy games, but the former Ram has done nothing but been underwhelming ever since. The Colts throw the ball a ton, and Avery sees many of those targets, yet he still manages to come up short all too often. Still, you aren’t going to find another number two receiver who gets as many looks from his quarterback. He’s still worth a roster spot in most 12-team leagues.

Dennis Pitta TE, Ravens: As the Ravens offense goes, so does the fantasy relevancy of Dennis Pitta. As of late, Flacco and company haven’t been able to do anything with the ball, and it’s killing players like Pitta who rely on a high volume of targets. There are too many marginally good tight ends in the league to hang your hopes on this guy. Look for greener pastures until the Ravens can get things going again.

William Powell RB, Cardinals: Solid play from LaRod Stephens-Howling and the impending return of Beanie Wells have resigned Powell to inconsequential status. Surely there are more promising options on your waiver wire.

Domenik Hixon WR, Giants: Victor Cruz was the exception to the rule as a third receiver who could make a consistent impact in New York. Hixon has nowhere near that type of talent. There are a lot of  fantasy free agent receivers who are on the field a lot more, who can do a lot more with the ball in their hands.

Scott Chandler TE, Bills: What an agonizing player to own, as Chandler either gorges himself or starves from week to week. There is no grey area with this guy. He relies too much on the touchdown to garner serious TE1 consideration, and every other week he’s barely a TE2. There are more reliable choices available.

Christian Ponder QB, Vikings: Is Ponder falling victim to the Romo-Simpson effect? Ever since he started dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele (what a name!), Christian has lost focus on what he’s supposed to be doing on the field it seems. This all could be due to Adrian Peterson’s re-emergence as the engine of the Minnesota offense, but you have to expect more than 5-point stinkers out of your starting QB. He’s only worth a spot play these days.

Andrew Hawkins WR, Bengals: Honestly, it’s a crap shoot with any other receiver on the Bengals whose name doesn’t end in Green. Hawkins hasn’t put up decent numbers in four weeks, and the Bengals aren’t dynamic enough to get him the kind of action he needs to make it worth holding on to him. Look elsewhere for upside.

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