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Hands Off: Players to Avoid in Fantasy Drafts

trashman-editThere are few players that a trashman like myself won’t trifle with in fantasy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t several players I won’t avoid if I can help it. I’m not off these guys entirely, but I have to squint really hard to make them look good where they’re currently being drafted…

O.J. Howard TE, Buccaneers: Probably the highest profile tight end we’ve seen in recent years, it’s a shame it’s unlikely we’ll see much of Howard in box scores this season. Cameron Brate is running as the pass-catching end coming off of a strong 2016 season, and Howard has been struggling holding onto the ball. O.J. will be on the field a lot due to his pass-blocking ability, but he we’ll probably have to wait at least another year before he’s an every week fantasy play. We love him for dynasty, but not 2017 redraft.

John Brown WR, Cardinals: It’s hard not to pull for John Brown, with his phenomenal skill-set and knack for overcoming adversity, but complications from his sickle-cell trait are making it harder and harder to rely on him in fantasy. There are too many fleet-footed and sure-handed receivers in Arizona to bank on his on-field success.

Eddie Lacy RB, Seahawks: Lacking the burst that is often negatively correlated with getting fat, Lacy is a big name with an ever decreasing role. He’s already behind Thomas Rawls, and rookie Chris Carson is already pushing him for 2nd back duties – don’t forget about C.J. Prosise as the pass-catching back, either. Lacy’s best hope is that injuries to other players keep him relevant.

Tyrod Taylor QB, Bills: The Bills aren’t helping Taylor out much as they hemorrhage receivers, but Taylor hasn’t done himself many favors with his lackluster preseason play. Rookie QB Nate Peterman could press him from week one.

Corey Coleman WR, Browns: This hurts because I love Coleman as a fantasy prospect, but there’s only room for one viable WR in Cleveland with Brock Osweiler likely to be under center for at least a chunk of the season, and that WR is Kenny Britt. Coleman is a field stretcher, not a possession guy, and if there’s one thing that Osweiler hates to do it’s throw the ball farther then 10 yards down the field. If Kizer eventually takes the reins it’s a different story.

Randall Cobb WR, Packers: Cobb had enough trouble getting targets when Martellus Bennett wasn’t around. Now that the Black Unicorn is in Green Bay, in addition to Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams returning, Cobb’s chances of booming on anything resembling a regular basis are few.

Allen Robinson WR, Jaguars: There are too many things going against Robsinson, like a mysteriously underwhelming 2016 season and a QB situation that rivals the Jets in its pitiful nature. Marqise Lee actually seems like the safe option here, as you can get him rounds and rounds later.

Paul Perkins RB, Giants: There’s nothing particularly wrong with Perkins, but there’s nothing terribly exciting about him either. He’s the weakest link in an otherwise high-ceiling offense, and there are a lot of backs that I feel better about starting on a regular basis. I’m only taking him if I can get value on him.

LeGarrette Blount RB, Eagles: Blount looks ineffective in the Eagles offense, so it’s hard for me to endorse him in anyone’s draft. In all honesty, it’s not really his fault with HC Doug Peterson playing to his weaknesses by having him try to do everything BUT ram the ball down throats. That being said, he doesn’t look like a great fit in Philly and at least three other Eagles backs do.

Kevin White WR, Bears: White has lost confidence to the extent that he’s been having to watch college tape of himself to remind him that he was good at one point. Cam Meredith is the 1A, and I don’t know that there will be much else to go around with a shaky QB group like the one they possess.

Amari Cooper WR, Raiders: Byron went to Raiders camp, and he’s nothing if not a Cooper apologist, so hearing from him that Cooper is a big question mark and Crabtree is undoubtedly Carr’s guy speaks volumes. Unless he drops at least a round below his ADP in my drafts, I’m going to let someone else deal with Cooper and his head scratching fantasy outlook.



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    I have heard you guys mention a few times that you want all of Roster Watch nation to own Keenan Allen and Martavis Bryant this year. What other players do you want all of rosterWatch to own this year?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Haha, we can’t list all those guys here! Listen to the Pods, read Trashmans articles, and test the sheets at FPros on the Mock Draft Wizard and you will get a good feel for which guys we like.

      1. Where can I find trashmans articles to read, been looking all over the site?

      2. They want all the Latavius Murray and Rob Kelley you can get! Love you guys!

  2. Howard, Brown, Lacy , Taylor, Cobb, White, and now Blount are in the right spots in the Standard Magical Cheat Sheet. No one in Roster Watch Nation should be drafting these guys. I keep getting Robinson (5th), Perkins (11th) , and Cooper (3rd occasionally) when doing 10 person best ball drafts. That being said, is the Cheat Sheet designed for a 12 team draft? If so, should I be reaching below when these guys fall to me. I feel that getting these guys when I do is the magic. Am I missing something? I feel like I’m stealing….keep up the good work guys

    Capt. Kirk’s Balls

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No man, just keep doing what you are dong- and look for cheat sheet updates coming that involve some consideration of the Trashman’s disgusting logic and takes.

      1. Post By Capt. Kirk's Balls

        Thanks Byron. I’m gonna be raking in stacks of cash thanks to you guys!!!! Can’t wait for the DFS content.

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          No prob brother! We do it for RWNation!

  3. So I’m my 12 team standard dynasty keeper league has our auction draft tonight.

    Best available
    WRs- Julio, Sanders, D. Thomas Benjamin,
    Rbs- Ingram, L. Miller,
    Qb- Newton, Palmer, Manning Flacco and Wentz
    Rbs- I have Mixon, Perkins, Kelley
    0 Qbs
    WRs- D Adams and Diggs

    I can also pickup foreman

  4. had my first draft of the season over the weekend. I was wonder If i could get a ‘grade’ and if you see some potential holes. its a 12 team .5 ppr, keeper, can keep rounds 2-18, must keep two players can keep up to four, keepers take the place of the round you previously drafted them, this is the first year.

    sean’s Official Team
    1. (7) LeSean McCoy (Buf – RB)
    2. (18) Leonard Fournette (Jax – RB)
    3. (31) Brandin Cooks (NE – WR)
    4. (42) Michael Crabtree (Oak – WR)
    5. (55) Spencer Ware (KC – RB)
    6. (66) Jarvis Landry (Mia – WR)
    7. (79) Martellus Bennett (GB – TE)
    8. (90) Matt Forte (NYJ – RB)
    9. (103) Corey Coleman (Cle – WR)
    10. (114) Kareem Hunt (KC – RB)
    11. (127) Zay Jones (Buf – WR)
    12. (138) C.J. Prosise (Sea – RB)
    13. (151) Jared Cook (Oak – TE)
    14. (162) Philip Rivers (LAC – QB)
    15. (175) Arizona (Ari – DEF)
    16. (186) Malcolm Mitchell (NE – WR)
    17. (199) Laquon Treadwell (Min – WR)
    18. (210) Brandon McManus (Den – K)

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Great squad man, you have a ton of the guys we love- and certainly are looking at some very nice young keeper options for years to come. Best wishes this season.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Also- see if there is anyway you can wrangle in Lesean’s backup – Jonathan Williams- he’s good and you should try to own him.

  5. Stuck with my 3rd keeper in a PPR. Miller, Ware, or Pryor? Btw, awesome seeing you guys covering all of the camps and getting that insight!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tough call, we’d prob role Miller and get D’Onta late. Ware will still be available at value. We can live with or without Pryor.

  6. Post By Robert Braswell

    The magical mystical PPR cheat sheet does it again! 12 team 1 pt ppr 1 keeper league
    team name :King of the North picking 5th: keepers start after the 6th rd…Thanks again guys

    Mike evans 1st rd
    Fournette 2nd rd
    Brandin Cooks 3rd
    Gurley (keeper) 4th
    Martavis Bryant 5th
    willie snead 6th
    C J Anderson 7th
    Kyle Rudolph 8th
    Kareem Hunt 9th
    Dak Prescott 10th
    Zay Jones 11th
    Donta Foreman 12th
    Carson wentz 13th
    Joe Williams 14th

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Great squad! Tons of potential keeper value. Thanks a ton for the support!

  7. Im a rosterwatch fan for sure, but last year you guys were hating on Jay Ajayi, so you never know right? At any rate I appreciate this list, I think I had all those clowns low as well…

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Can’t get em all right, correct misses as quickly as possible and take accountability!

      1. Ajayi sucks. It shall be proven yet again.

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          This is the year we will find out one way or the other for sure. Adam Gase LOVES him- thankfully his fantasy schedule sucks so we have stayed at moderate exposure to him.

          There is a lot of upside, we’ve aways hated him-but we have to work with the intelligence we have accumulated – his HC loves him, possible workhorse role, flashed NFL talent, bad schedule, can’t stay healthy, questionable team, bad scouting report coming out of college = moderate exposure.

  8. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare


    I have a league where you get double points when QBs/WRs score rushing TDs and when RBs score receiving TDs. Important to note this is a 12-team, NON-PPR.

    Having said that, who are players I should target in my draft? See below for my initial thoughts (let me know if you think I should take any of these players off my list and which you would add to it):

    QB: Wilson, Cam, Cousin, Mariota, Prescott (iffy on him though)
    RB: David Johnson, Bell, McCoy, Mccaffrey, Freeman, Howard, Fournette (?), Woodhead, Dalvin Cook, T. Coleman
    WR: nearly impossible to predict IMO, please let me know if anyone jumps out to you aside from Tavon Austin

    Thanks, guys!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We like that QB list, Big Ben, and Winston should be in there too. Having been at Cowboys training camp- we can tell you not to worry about Dak. And, he’d be nice in this format if he falls to you at value. Carson Wentz and Alex Smith might be a sneaky guys here too if you come into trouble super late.

      We’d add Ty Montgomery, Mixon, Doug Martin, McFadden, Cj Anderson, possibly even Gurley and Lynch to your RBs- were at both camps- both will be catching some balls in PPR- Gurley has a shot at quite a few. Lynch has a shot at 30+.

      Tyreek Hill at WR. A guy you would never draft, who all of a sudden is a possibly viable deep sleeper on your waiver wire any given week is Cordarrelle Patterson. He is taking snaps out of the backfield in OAK.

      1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

        Killer response, Byron. Your maniacal ways never disappoint! That you for the thorough response. You sir, are a legend (in a much better way than the illustrious TM… don’t tell him I said that)!

        Interesting thoughts on Cordarrelle. I would never have thought of him… TBH I thought he was still on the Vikes! Haha

  9. RWN – help me out. 12 team Keeper league with Standard format and I lose the round the player was drafted in – can keep forever. I need two of these:

    Antonio Brown – 1st round
    Odel – 2nd round
    Melvin Gordon – 5th round
    Matty Ice (6 pts per TD) – 12th round

    1. Odell and Gordon make a great keeper duo at those rounds in standard for sure.

    2. Gotta keep the two Big WRs Nasty. Don’t even fret.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        This is a #MelvinGordonNation, folks!

    3. Post By Byron Lambert

      We’ go Melvin and Odell assuming you will get a much better player in RD1 than RD2 without knowing the keepers off the board.

      If there isn’t a huge difference between the quality of player you will get in RD1 vs RD2 because so many keepers are off the board- or for any other reason- than I’d make the move and keep Brown over ODB.

  10. Keeper ?

    Auction league 200$ budget keep 3 Max
    PPR and .5 per carry

    Jamies Winston 6$
    Leveon Bell. 47( can sign 3 year deal at this price this year)
    Lesean McCoy. 42$
    Ty Montgomery. 3$
    Mike gillislee. 2$
    Michael Crabtree. 11$
    Hunter Henry. 1$

    Rashard Matthews 1$
    CJ Procise. 1$
    Jarvis Landry 21$
    Corey Coleman 1$
    A Thielen 1$

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Ty Montgomery is a slam dunk here, and I think that may allow you to splurge on Bell. Especially, if you roll with Winston- who is a solid consideration to keep at $6. With only $9 in those two- Bell is palatable and the combo w/ TyM in this format could be lethal.

      Think you’ll still be able to get value on most of the other guys during the live draft. I might consider Gillislee at $2 instead of Winston if you think you can get QB cheap in your live draft, naturally.

      Best Wishes

  11. Hello RW
    1QB + 2RB + 3WR + 1TE + 1FLEX

  12. You guys have OJ Howard on the “hands off list” due to Brate getting the majority of the work in the passing game, however on the PPR cheat sheet you have OJ much higher on the list than Brate. Whats up with that? Oh and J. Witten isn’t even on the list, is that intentional?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Witten is on the Standard Sheet. Will reconcile with the PPR version, shortly. Howard is on my list of guys to revisit on the next update. This is a trashman article you have just read, so please do not mistake it for the magic of the cheat sheet.

  13. Sorry, one more question… what is your philosophy on drafting back up TE’s and QB’s, in a 12 team PPR?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Our philosophy is to follow the Cheat Sheet. Always. This will lead to outstanding value in the mid to late rounds on a quality QB. Trust the process.

      1. I understand that, but should I try to roster 2 of each? I like to play matchups with QB’s kinda like Defenses…

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          In a 12 team league- no. You won’t be able to hold them all season and will have to drop them during bye weeks anyways. We don’t roster 2 TE and 2 QB unless somebody crazy falls to us.

          One move I have made occasionally in my simulations, is backing up Martellus Bennet with Jared Cook. Not a necessity, but that’s one move we can live with.

  14. I would like to circle back on my earlier keeper Q now that I have the draft order in my 9 team league. Issue is weather to keep Kelce of T Coleman. I can keep Kelce with the 47th pick or Coleman with the 98th pick. What’s your thinking? Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Keep Kelce!

      1. Thanks for your input. I thought about it (probably too much) but I am now thinking that in my league Brees, Wilson or Ryan will likely be available in the 6th where I pick 2nd, but they will all be gone by the time it comes back to me in the 7th round. (15 picks later) . I know its a RW sheet violation but the scoring and draft habits in my league force my hand. (Cam and Winston are keepers).

  15. How far do we reach for handcuffs like Derrick Henry, what round? Also, I cant find any of your mock drafts on your Roster Watch twitter page? Start drafting tmrw

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you use the sheet there is a very good chance you will get Henry naturally- even as a cuff. If you want to reach- we can live with a round or so

  16. Post By

    Can you guys write an article or explain on your show how to assess adp value. Like what is behind knowing when a player is going in a certain round an how that return on investment warrants their value in the round you pick them in

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tune into the Pod, we talk about the nuts and bolts all the time!

  17. Thanks Byron. I love you guys show on Sirius XM regular listener. The keepers you suggested it’s exactly what I was thinking. Right now I have Bell Gillislee and Montgomery slotted, but I was thinking about Winston too.This team won the title for me last year, so I’m thinking maybe going with Winston again.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Lots of skins on the walls around here!

  18. Post By

    What round is drafting Paul Perkins a “value”?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      RD8 and beyond is where we see the reward offsetting the risk. Wouldn’t kill you for a move on him in RD7

  19. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    I keep hearing you guys talk up Martellus Bennett on Sirius XM and see you mention him several times on the site. I’m curious, in a PPR league, what makes you guys think he will do anything when Rogers has basically never utilized the TE in his career? This is one of the few players you guys like that I have difficulty getting on board with. I would love some insight!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I like him in STD for obvious reasons. Will have to defer to Alex on the PPR side of things. Your stat is valid, but so is it to say he really hasn’t had many chances to play w/ a TE talent like the Black Unicorn.

  20. Post By

    14 team ppr keeper but want to win this year. Kareem Hunt or Lynch? It’s a 4 player keeper with no restrictions. I’m keeping Jeffrey, Pryor, Martavis and Hunter Henry. I have pick #5 and believe top 4 rookie RB will go 1-4 which would leave Hunt or Lynch. What to do?

    1. In that kind of league, we may go Hunt. Would go Beast Mode in more standard leagues.

  21. Post By

    12 team ppr Can keep 3 players but only one drafted in first 3 rounds. Can also keep players for next season. My choices are Zeke-1st, AJ Green 1st and B Cooks 3rd. Also Howard 4th Kelce 4th and T Hill 6th. Which 3 would you keep, have 9th pick in draft. Thanks

  22. I am in a 10 team Full rpoint PPR. I get to keep Antonio Brown and will draft Odell Beckham in the first round! Obviously for whatever reason we get to keep first round picks. Anyway, my question is with two stud wide receivers do I go two running backs ,most likely all the proven backs will be gone and I will be taking Rookie’s? Should I just follow the cheat sheetor draft Rodgers and a running back??

  23. ended up with Freeman, Mixon, CJ Anderson, Blount, and Perkins.

    would yall suggest dropping blount for smallwood and perkins for Jeremy hill as a handcuff to Mixon?

  24. I’m in a 12 team league (Black Unicorns) that has .25 PPC (points per completion) for the QB’s. How does this change draft strategy based on the emphasis put on the QB’s?

  25. Post By

    alright boys, i did the unthinkable……. i traded keenan allen for deAndre Hopkins……. i had to bc after the draft was over i noticed my RB1 was Melvin Gordon and my Wr 1 was keenan allen, let me know if i messed up big time. Allens knee injury scared me i was willing to take a dive on hopkins Help if i messed up big time

    ps i snatched up Martavis Bryant 🙂

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