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PRO MFL10 and Best-Ball Cheat Sheet Updated to v4.1


RosterWatch Nation, Version 4.1 of our newest premium product, the 2017 RosterWatch MFL10 Best-Ball Cheat Sheet is now available in the Downloads section. It contains a few minor tweaks from v4.0, most notably the flipping of Todd Gurley and Leonard Fournette in position on the sheet. The simple rules for using this sheet of paper to dominate your draft are the same three rules you have followed in redraft and dynasty leagues when using the tool for years.

Basically, rules so simple that a toddler could follow them. Keep checking back to to make sure you have the latest version of the MFL10 Cheat Sheet before drafting, as things can and will change (sometimes drastically) through the spring as ADPs shift.

IF YOU HAVE STARTED AN MFL10 using an older version of the sheet, please finish the draft using this version.

Welcome to another fantasy season, RW Nation.

Click here to go to the downloads section and get v4.1 of the RosterWatch MFL10 Draft Cheat Sheet.


  1. Post By Pablackbird

    Why can’t I see v4.1 best ball cheat sheet in downloads?

  2. Post By

    Any response to the above question re: best ball cheat sheet?

  3. where’s the download?

  4. No seriuosly, the link is gone.

  5. Same question

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