Michael Floyd Gets Charged With DWI….By Larry Fitzgerald

Michael Floyd Gets Charged With DWI….By Larry Fitzgerald
Alex Dunlap, Rosterwatch.com

Maybe Larry Fitzgerald is unaware of the “character concerns” that Michael Floyd has had to overcome in entering the NFL fraternity.

Regardless of how much Michael Floyd might hate hearing the term “DWI” in any description of his current state of affairs, new Arizona Cardinals teammate and fellow WR Larry Fitzgerald sent this tweet earlier today:

So, “DWI” in this case means “Don’t want it.” Fitzgerald has always been known as a competitive “pusher” of teammates and a model in practice. He is currently working out at Wellefast Elite Sports Training in Maple Grove, MN where the rookie WR who is slated to line up opposite him as early as 2012 has been missing workouts for reasons unknown.

We do know one thing, though. Larry Fitzgerald thinks it’s because of “DWI”.

Notbale alumni of Wellefast include Beanie Wells, James Lauranitis, Plaxico Burress, Sidney Rice and Anquan Boldin amongst others.

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