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RosterWatch 2017 Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheet (PPR) Updated to v2.0


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the sheet. AND ALWAYS make sure you are drafting using the most recently updated version.

The standard cheat sheet v1.0 (for use in standard and .5 point PPR leagues) should be finished baking and up on the site during the first week of August.

DOWNLOAD V.2.0 of the 2017 RosterWatch Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet (PPR) – START HERE!!!


  1. Guys, what do we think the chances of the Black Anaconda getting reinstated? As a late round flyer in best ball leagues, he could be the piece that wins it for you if he ever sees the field. Thoughts?

    1. It’s been eerily quiet from his camp which could mean anything, really. I’ve been taking him in one of those last picks before my two defenses for this same reason. You’re really just taking lottery tickets at that point anyway.

  2. Is Jacquizz Rodgers on the radar yet? Most likely starting first 3 games; would be a great late round bargain and potential RB1/2 in the beginning? Or just a cockamamie thought?

  3. Listening to your Sunday’s show – question above is answered! As usual, you are on top of things.

  4. 12 team ppr…we are drawing Wednesday to see where we pick…if an owners name is drawn they get the choice of draft position…then next owner is drawn with same option an so on….so where would be your top 3 spots….include an early round spot, middle and late….for the best value…tx Alex….and tell Byron to get out of the freaking woods its game time!!!!

    1. 4th spot (guaranteed either Bell DJ Zeke or AB), 7th (guaranteed at least Evans, Odell, Julio) or 11th.

  5. In PPR (2 & 2 plus 1 FLEX), I need one keeper.

    Jamison Crowder in the 10th or Tevin Coleman in the 12th. (Already keeping AB in the 1st).

    Hustle Like Russell thanks you.

    1. Misread the keeper rules. Can’t keep 1st Rounders…

      Luck (4th), Tevin (11th), Crowder (10th), Cooks (1st), Dalton (7th), Gore (6th). Rule changes are hard. Thanks guys.

      1. Probably Tevin and Crowder.

  6. Post By rw-K8YG2UGnW

    Gentlemen! I’ve been in a high stakes 12 team ppr league for 7 years and usually ended up in the money but never won…until I became a Roster Watch Pro and finally won it all last year. Thank you for all your help. Cant wait to repeat!

    Anne aka
    Blount Force Trauma

    1. Yes ma’am let’s get that repeat! Thx for your support, we all appreciate it!

  7. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    need some keeper help… .5ppr, 10 team league… can keep two players… leaning towards keeping demarco but someone else in my league is keeping Henry so i wont be able to handcuff… thanks for the help

    demarco Murray(5th)
    davante adams(9th)
    tyrell williams(9th)
    phillip rivers(12th)

    1. Would keep Demarco and Davante, GL.

  8. Alright Gents – Need some clarity and thoughts. I’ve been using this draft kit for mocks to see who I’m going to be playing with this year and I’m starting to draw some conclusion. Would simply like to run my thoughts past you and see what you would like to add.

    I’ve been getting a lot of Cook – Diggs – Abdullah teams. Diggs a lot of times being left until the 7th. I live in Vikings nation and I could see both Cook and Diggs going a round earlier but for the sake of this post how are you feeling about your 5-7th picks being Cook – Abdullah – Diggs? I have no idea what to expect from Abdullah and though I think Cook and Diggs have good seasons – not sure I want to players from Vikings offense.

    Is this an okay time where you move from the cheat sheet and grab a QB who may not be the selection if I’m following the sheet rules? Or even a TE?

    I almost always end up taking the 10th-15th qb off the board – usually 15th if I follow the sheet. We need to know our draft and how it is playing out and react accordingly to position scarcity but wanted your thoughts on those three previously mentioned players I always get in the middle and how ‘okay’ you are with moving to grab a qb or te.


    1. you could pivot from Diggs to take Snead – in the latest PPR update (2.1) we’ve addressed the issue somewhat with getting a high percentage of Diggs and Dalvin on the same team. In cases where this happens with other players on similar teams (ie you take Zeke early and you’re told to take Dez with your second or third pick) it’s always OK to pivot as long as you’re not going too far off the sheet. GL

  9. I’m sure this has been answered before. Any simple advice for 1/2 PPR with an auction draft? Should I just draft the same as if it was full PPR?

    1. Never mind. Saw that I should use the standard cheat sheet for .5 ppr

  10. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    Standard cheat sheet is up!!! awesome thank you!! quick question. im in a keeper league so just proceed with my cheat sheet as usual, obviously crossing off the keepers before the draft starts

    1. Post By dima1130@aol.com

      Also my league has bonuses for rbs and wrs after 100yds and qbs after 300yds… would that affect the rankings on the cheat sheet?

      1. no, it doesn’t make any difference.

  11. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    Thanks alex

  12. Ok Alex….we drew for our draft choices and I was stuck with the last choice….wtf!!!….after the smoke cleared….I ended up in the 8 spot….I’m a little squirrelly about Evans drop in target share…I think Gordon might go at 7 and shady just hit the 1800 carry threshold….so what do you think?…also I have the owner in the 4 spot willing to trade…but I’m going to have to pay the price….what would you offer to move up?…tx alex

    1. If I’m having to “pay the price,” I wouldn’t offer jack to move up. Tell that idiot you’ll draft at 8 and grab him by the peanuts either way. Maybe I’d offer AT MOST to move up swap spots with him in the first and second, then also swap him up to a higher spot in the 4th.

  13. Hey Alex, 16 team keeper league, standard scoring. QB, 2 RB, 3WR/TE. I need to choose 2 from Evans, McCoy, Howard, Michael Thomas and Cooper. No round penalties and can keep forever. Thanks!

    1. Jeez what a Tough decision. Evans for sure, and maybe since it’s a keep-forever deal I might keep Michael Thomas as well who is just so young and could be awesome for a long time. Maybe you can get Shady back with your first pick.

  14. Excited to be back for another season of RW Nation!

    Pick 2keepers : Amari Cooper – $22, Jordan Howard – $2, Melvin Gordon – $19;

    Should probably lean JH and MG ($200 salary), right? But man looove Amari.

    1. I love Amari too but you gotta keep Howard and Melvin here brother.

  15. Keeper question — I can keep either S ware for a 9th round choice or t Coleman for an 11th round pick?
    I am leaning towards Coleman. thanks

    1. We would keep Coleman, but it’s close.

  16. another keeper question — I can only keep two players — Brees for a 4th round pick; kelce for a 6th round pick; M gordon for a 7th round pick; t coleman for a 11th round pick. Thanks for your help.

    1. Definitely Gordon, and against all my best instincts which say wait on TE, I’d say Kelce. That’s three rounds of value you’re picking up through a valuable portion of the draft with Kelce’s current ADP.

  17. Used the cheat sheet today in one of my drafts….this team is so sick!!!
    8th hole…..evens,ty,Keenan,alshon,Hyde,j. Reed,Perkins,Russ Wilson,cj. Pro,joe Williams, theilan,Doctson,do foreman,sea bass,Chargers…..what do you think….I’m alittle worried about my rbs….but I love all the value at wr and reed could be the best te this year…..and tell the trashman to stay away from those swamp donkeys at the casino….

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