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PRO RosterWatch End-Zone and Goal-Line Targets Report: Week 5

alex bylineHere you can find a new tool we’ve added for the 2017 season. Each week, we will maniacally go through the All-22 tape on NFL Game Pass and chronicle every time a player is targeted in the end zone. Red-Zone targets are a nice statistic, but are not as telling as being targeted in the actual end zone which is clearly a much higher expected-value event. We could not find this statistic available publicly anywhere else, so our solution was to do it for ourselves and for RosterWatch Nation. We hope the database, which will be updated on Thursdays weekly through Week 15, is one you find useful in making your critical sit/start decisions or in projecting player performance moving forward while gauging value for trades.

A few notes:

– RosterWatch considers an end-zone target a target where the player is targeted either in the end zone, or where a reception occurs as a player is entering the end zone. For example, if Corey Coleman leaps in the air from the 3-yard-line and makes a catch in the air outside of the end zone but lands in the end zone, we count those as end zone targets. A goal-line target is one where the player catches a pass inside the one yard line on plays designed to get him in the end zone.

– RosterWatch considers all end-zone and goal-line targets to count even if the play is nullified by penalty. For example, if Rob Gronkowksi is targeted in the end zone and the defender is called for pass interference giving New England a new set of downs at the one-yard line, the end-zone target will still be counted. This is also the case if the play were to be called back due to holding by an offensive lineman or any other penalty. As long as the play was live when the end-zone target occurred, it will be counted.

– RosterWatch does not award end-zone targets to players closest to the ball when a QB clearly is throwing away a football out of the back of the end-zone.

– RosterWatch counts all end-zone targets, including those on two-point conversions. For example, if Alshon Jeffery catches a pass in the end zone for a two-point conversion, he’ll still be awarded a red-zone target. NOT ALL TDs CAUGHT BY A PLAYER WILL BE CHRONICLED IN THE TOOL. For example, if Amari Cooper catches a ball at the 20 yard line and runs it in, it will not be listed. The only TDs listed in the tool are those that occur as a result of end-zone or goal-line targets.



  1. Just saw the tweet about Bryant. Quick question though the answer will likely be – Check the rankings (which says Funchess) but your gut on M. Bryant vs. D. Funchess as a flex play this week? PPR.

    Both with tough match ups. Thanks.

    1. Should I play D.Martin in his return game,in a flex spot

  2. Have another trade offer. I can give up Evans or K Allen and get D Martin and K Benjamin or W Fuller.

    I have Jameis, Watson, Evans, OBJ, K Allen, Garcon, Hunt, CJ Anderson, Mixon, T Coleman, B Allen, McQuire, Rudolph, and Brate. I will probably drop B Allen for Gallman. 10 team half point ppr.

    Only thing that worries me is if I trade K Allen, then I more than likely be rolling out 3 Bucs every week…..4 with Brate. So I guess my only choice would be to trade Evans.

    1. Sorry, make that I give up either Evans or Allen along with CJ Anderson. I’m leaning no.

    2. Sorry the guy keeps changing the trade. So I give up either Evans or K Allen, along with CJ Anderson and I get Fournette and K Benjamin.

  3. Is it completely nuts to think of playing both Murray and Henry at RB1 and RB2 with Mariota out? Other RB2 would be Buck Allen, Foreman or E. McGuire. (Ingram on bye)

  4. We droppin Aaron Jones for Clement? After Dalvin went down McKinnon’s the best I have at RB2 would like another option to play this week, thinking if Smallwood’s out Clement could provide solid usage.

  5. PPR start D. Martin over A. Jeffery , Mixon, Ellington?

  6. Trying to trade D. Henery to the Murray owner. Would you give up T. Hill Rawls and Henery for Parker and J. Howard ?

  7. Would putting McGuire in my flex over Baldwin or Keenan Allen, be considered getting too cute?

  8. Gotta deal Shady right?? somehow got to 1-3 running into the LARvsDAL buzzsaw last week… I like my roster (built by RosterWatch Pro membership!) but need to make a move I feel like on a couple guys.
    QB- A.Smith
    RB- L. McCoy, J. Howard, T. Coleman, D. Foreman, D. Henry, S.Perine
    WR- D. Hopkins, T. Hill, D. Bryant, W. Fuller, C. Davis
    TE- J. Graham
    D/ST- Lions
    K- Succop

    I’m usually tempted to sit tight since I have so many ‘lottery tickets’ waiting for a chance, but if I were to mix it up based on your GREAT TRADECAST INFO! What would be the move? McCoy for Ajayi and another player? Go get Joe Mixon… possibly McCoy & Dez for a blue chip like A. Bryant??

    Any advice is appreciated, just like all that GREAT PRO CONTENT!!
    -Boone (2nd yr Pro Member)

  9. I have 2 questionw about making some roster changes to be better position for late season and post-season. It’s a 10-team, standard scoring league and I’m 3-1. I lost D Cook and picked up Palmer when Carr went down. I kept Carr to see how his injury would play out. I have concerns over Palmer’s ability to avoid injury and thinking about dropping him for one of these. Should I keep Palmer for now or replace him?


    I’m considering some available RBs/WRs and thinking about dropping either RBs- DForeman or even DHenry. I just lost out picking up Duke Johnson on waivers. Do you see better late-season value in any of these?


    Thanks in advance!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hi Freebird-

      I think I missed you last week- hope you see this one. Busy times! If we miss you, just go copy / paste your question into the comments section of the most recent post on the front page “Ticker”.

      -You need a QB this week- those are all weekly streamers- so just go with the QB who is highest in our rankings

      -MBryant, and maybe Shepard should probably be owned. In 10 team- you can make the swap with Foreman if you want.

      Best wishes.

      1. Thanks Byron and no worries; was just about to copy/paste to the current post/thread when I saw your answer. I hate to drop Foreman but agree with you that some of these should be owed and bring more upcoming value…LMiller appears to be one of the healthier RBs this year. Keep up the good work!

  10. Trade PPR (2-2)

    Getting: Parker
    Giving: Fuller (again in another league) and either Gallman or Mcguire

    1. I meant, would you give gallman or mcguire in the trade?

  11. Drop Willie Snead to pick up Corey Davis?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  12. Post By Kwillee@hotmail.com

    Quick!!!!! With Gronk inactive would you start D Allen tonight over Evan Ingram???

    1. Post By Kwillee@hotmail.com

      I am thinking I made an unwise decision…lol

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        When in doubt – please use the rankings. Engram was our #6 guy.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Answered this on Twitter last night- hell no- hope you didn’t roll out Allen. Engram is a start every week.

  13. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Does RW have a rest of season ranking anywhere? It would be useful for trade evaluations . Also, it would be nice if the schedule by position difficulty charts were updated now that we know which defenses are good and which ones not so much.

  14. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Does RW still believe in beast mode?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes- you have to play him every week the next 3 weeks at home. The TDs will come- hang in there. Then, we will trade him- as planned all along.

  15. new trade offer:
    Get: Mike Evans. Give Doug Martin. Here is my team.

    Russell Wilson
    D Hopkins
    D Baldwin
    M Bryant
    T Pryor

    Thoughts on getting Mike Evans but giving up Doug Martin

  16. Post By thetzel3@aol.com

    Need my flex 1pt ppr Kupp, A Copper, Jared Cook, Ty Williams. Any thoughts I have Kupp in the lineup now. Thanks guys

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Cooper. If you’re not feeling it we can live with Kupp. You know he’s our golden son. Don’t like the matchup – but it could be a situation that requires Goff to go to Cooper.

  17. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    I want to get Jaron Brown off my bench with John Brown and JJ Nelson both limited in Friday practice.

    I will have to sit one of the following:

    Isaiah Crowell
    Alex Collins
    Cooper Kupp

    Who would you recommend?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      probably Kupp or Collins- wait for the Trashman’s flex rankings later today.

  18. Post By gsox522@aol.com

    10 team ppr i have gronk,diggs,and was offered demarco Murray and Odell Beckham for a trade whats your opinion please been using your tools and dling pretty good im just worried gronk wont make it through the year i also have hunter Henry and jordan reed

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I would take the trade. Don’t love Murray but he’s def a buy low, and any time you can get Odell – it’s a great idea!

  19. Greatly appreciate the Twitter action this morning Gentleman!!!

    Was able to trade for Fournette even though cost me AJ Green. Current Roster Situation:

    WR1 – K. Allen
    WR2 – D. Parker
    RB1 – Fournette
    RB2 – D. Murray
    TE – E. Engram
    2FL – M. Bryant, Snead, Funchess, Ingram, Henry, Foreman, McGuire

    Overall thoughts?

    Try and package a WR/RB for upgrade at WR or just let this ride for a while??

  20. When is RW Nation getting on the Mike Williams pick up train. I remember a couple years ago you guys told me to pick up OBJ a week early and stole him from underneath all my league mates.

    Is Mike Williams that guy? When do you see him needing to be picked up?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Have you been listening to the PODS!?!?! And watching him on the WWCS?!?! Get on board early.

      1. I have, just wondering is it this week? Or next waiver week

  21. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    Start Sit Question:

    Zay Jones
    Cole Beasley
    Devin Funchess

    1. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com


      Need only one and it is 1/2 point ppr

    2. Post By Byron Lambert


  22. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    Season long question.

    Who do I drop for a Cole Beasley play this weekend?

    Zay Jones or
    Tom Rawls

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Don’t like dropping either for Cole.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        I’d prob play Zay if I had to in that case, unless you are just feeling the Beasley play. We like him and his role, and the matchup – it’s just been very uninspiring so far. He’s prob a better play this week, so if you are desperate go for it. Just saying, it’s unclear if that’s definitely the case- and we like Zay more on the season.

  23. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    I am not desperate and wanted to stream Beasley for the Slot Matchup. I like Zay as well and have room to stream if I drop Rawls or Mcquire. But if either go off, and both McGuire and Rawls have that possibility this week I could Net get one of them back. I have McCoy, CJ and Mixon in my RB Corps. Maybe I should just play Zay and not worry about streaming, since I will probably need Rawls and McQuire to get through bye weeks.

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