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PRO RosterWatch End-Zone and Goal-Line Targets Report: Week 6

alex bylineHere you can find a new tool we’ve added for the 2017 season. Each week, we will maniacally go through the All-22 tape on NFL Game Pass and chronicle every time a player is targeted in the end zone. Red-Zone targets are a nice statistic, but are not as telling as being targeted in the actual end zone which is clearly a much higher expected-value event. We could not find this statistic available publicly anywhere else, so our solution was to do it for ourselves and for RosterWatch Nation. We hope the database, which will be updated on Thursdays weekly through Week 15, is one you find useful in making your critical sit/start decisions or in projecting player performance moving forward while gauging value for trades.

A few notes:

– RosterWatch considers an end-zone target a target where the player is targeted either in the end zone, or where a reception occurs as a player is entering the end zone. For example, if Corey Coleman leaps in the air from the 3-yard-line and makes a catch in the air outside of the end zone but lands in the end zone, we count those as end zone targets. A goal-line target is one where the player catches a pass inside the one yard line on plays designed to get him in the end zone.

– RosterWatch considers all end-zone and goal-line targets to count even if the play is nullified by penalty. For example, if Rob Gronkowksi is targeted in the end zone and the defender is called for pass interference giving New England a new set of downs at the one-yard line, the end-zone target will still be counted. This is also the case if the play were to be called back due to holding by an offensive lineman or any other penalty. As long as the play was live when the end-zone target occurred, it will be counted.

– RosterWatch does not award end-zone targets to players closest to the ball when a QB clearly is throwing away a football out of the back of the end-zone.

– RosterWatch counts all end-zone targets, including those on two-point conversions. For example, if Alshon Jeffery catches a pass in the end zone for a two-point conversion, he’ll still be awarded a red-zone target. NOT ALL TDs CAUGHT BY A PLAYER WILL BE CHRONICLED IN THE TOOL. For example, if Amari Cooper catches a ball at the 20 yard line and runs it in, it will not be listed. The only TDs listed in the tool are those that occur as a result of end-zone or goal-line targets.



  1. Thursday night dilema… Please help!

    Half point PPR.

    I need to sit one of these guys.

    D Jax, Garcon, Alston, M. Lynch, McKinnon.


  2. Im in complete conflict. Need 1 WR and 1 Flex
    WR- Jackson, Pryor, Funchess
    RB- Aaron Jones, Kamara

    1. Post By


    2. I would go Jackson and kamara

  3. Ok I’m taking notes and trying to sell high and buy Low.
    Can you rank my WRs ROS? Hilton Cooks Baldwin Tyreke Hill Jaron Brown..

  4. Also would you trade Melvin Gordon for Mixon/Ajayi?
    Standard scoring

    1. I would especially after this week , no byes to worry about

    2. You should be buying Mixon or Ajayi low and this is not a buy low trade

  5. Have a few questions for tonight’s TNF. Alshon, Funchess, Doug Martin, Kamara. Need 1 RB and a flex for PPR.
    Also Jeffery, Garcon, Beast Mode, Funchess. Need 1 WR and a flex for standard.

  6. Trade standard league.
    Get watson
    Give d. Martin or Benjamin or TY

    1. give where you’re deepest

    2. Do it for TY!

  7. .5 PPR flex decision. McKinnon or T Hill and his recently added to the injury report hammy. Once I set my lineup Friday, I won’t be able to make changes.

  8. Picked up Morris & McFadden off waiver.
    What should I expect in trade value to koth the Zeke owner and to other league members?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Full point ppr league. Would drop Jared Cook for ASJ this week?

  10. Post By

    Full point ppr. 2 QB league , trade offer. I give up Mike Evans, receive Ty Mont., Tarik Evans & Will Fuller. Should I accept? Not sure about Ty’s health?

    My current squad
    QB – Brees, A. Smith, J Winston
    RB – T Coleman, L. Murray, A. Jones, D. Foreman, C Prosise
    WR – M Evans, A Jeffery, D Parker, T Williams, JJ Nelson
    TE – Z Miller, A Hooper
    Panthers D
    S. Gostkowski

    1. no, jones will stay relevant enough for you to have to decide who to start every week.

  11. Who is better for the long term, Henry or Mack? After listening to the WW pod it sounds like Mack is legit.

    1. Henry is the better back, full stop.

  12. .5 PPR with 1 pt every 7 yards receiving. Need 2.

    Aaron Jones
    Jordan Howard
    Doug Martin
    Jerick McKinnon

    Thanks for your help.

  13. Ppr trade

    Giving : gallman
    Getting: Austin Sefarian Jenkins or R. Matthews

    I can choose

    Current tight end is Bennett

    1. i could go for either

  14. Trade proposed to me:

    I give up:
    Michael Thomas
    Alvin Kamara
    Derek Carr
    Will Fuller V

    I get:
    Deshaun Watson
    Demaryius Thomas
    Jay Ajayi
    Willie Snead

    1. You are buying Deshaun high and Ajayi low + losing the best player and a great PPR back. No way.

      1. That’s how I was feeling too. But wanted to put it out here. What if I got him to agree to switch Thomas for Jeffrey?

        Trying to get Ajayi and Watson but don’t want to pay this much.

  15. Need WR help in a 10 team STD – I give away McCoy + Funchess and I receive Hilton + Mixon. Is this a good trade proposal?

    1. it depends, if you’re deep at rb you can take the hit.

  16. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    WR3 – Non-PPR – Martavis Bryant, John Brown, or Josh Doctson?

  17. Thanks for the help. 12 team, ppr, 4-1. I have Hunt, Gurley, Miller n Foreman and AB, K Allen, n Garcon. Thinking of offering Joe Mixon n K Allen for AJ Green; thoughts, please.

    1. you’re deep enough at rb to take the hit

  18. Post By

    How about trading Duke Johnson for Pierre Garcon?

    Full Point PPR.

    Thanks for the trade cast. looking to shop Johnson now.

  19. Does the AZ backfield create a good play for Palmer against TB who kept Brady to 1 TD? Or does the matchup for rivers make him a better option this week? 6ppTD

    1. i have them back to back, but i prefer palmer. division games are always tougher than it looks.

  20. Post By

    So would you trade Duke Johnson for Pierre Garcon?

    1. only if you’re hurting at wr. dj is on the up

  21. You guys are truly maniacal…zigging while other people zag. I listened to the trade podcast and it is great just like everything else you guys do. Would you trade Marshawn Lynch for Tom Brady or Deshaun Watson and Wayne Gallman?

    My RBs are: Devonta Freeman, Lynch, Joe Mixon, Samaje Perine, Tarik Cohen and Jamaal Charles
    WR: Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant, Will Fuller, Cooper Kupp and Corey Davis

    My only QB is Big Ben…guys in my league are rostering 2 or 3 QBs so the WW would make Trashman hold his nose.

  22. Need 2 RBs, 1TE and one Flex in PPR:

    My options are:
    WR: Cooks
    RB: Ajayi, D. Martin, E. McGuire, and T. Coleman
    TE: Engram and Rudolph


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