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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 13: Pro Day Road Trip with Mike Band

In Episode 13 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert broadcast live from Byron’s car as they travel from Texas A&M pro day to Texas Tech pro day for Patrick Mahomes’ throwing session. They are joined by RosterWatch analytics-lead Mike Band regarding upcoming PRO content at (via in-car bluetooth). They break down the results from Aggie pro day for prospects such as Myles Garrett and Josh Reynolds and keep listeners abreast of the changing landscape as they move west. Mike Band releases his initial Top 10 mock draft which features a few intriguing surprises based on RosterWatch’s unique brand of NFL intelligence. Please rate the podcast and subscribe and make sure to unlock all of RW’s content with a PRO membership at Music Clips: “Run (RosterWatch Theme),” Alex Dunlap Music Publishing; “Redbone,” Childish Gambino.

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