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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 15: Leonard Fournette and RosterWatch Housekeeping

In Episode 15 of the RosterWatch podcast, Byron Lambert tells Alex Dunlap live on-air (for the first time) about a major impasse that RosterWatch has come to with Sirius XM and breaks down options moving forward for the radio program, as their local Sirius studio in Austin is set to be shut down indefinitely. They touch on the usual eclectic mix of NFL topics ranging from Leonard Fournette (who’s pro day Byron was in attendance for last week) to Marshawn Lynch to Josh Doctson to Corey Coleman to why everyone is sleeping on Texas RB D’Onta Foreman. Byron does some RW housekeeping where select members of RosterWatch Nation are given comped PRO subscriptions. He also introduces a new listener game for leaving comments in iTunes, and recaps key hands from his exploits at the poker tables in Louisiana. Give the podcast a five-star review and unlock all of their content with a PRO subscription at RosterWatch.com.

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