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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 19: Dynamics of the First 10 Picks

In Episode 19 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert preview the Top 10 picks of the upcoming 2017 NFL draft and break down the interesting dynamics and implications of each selection and hypothesize on how they will affect the rest of the first round. They go through, team by team and discuss scenarios. They also circle back to Penn State WR Chris Godwin and discuss his ranking after further review from Byron and they discuss news of recently-failed combine pee-testing results for Rueben Foster and Jabrill Peppers. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and give it a sick five-star review. Unlock all of their content with a PRO membership at

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  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    …wait .. John Lynch has Elf Ears ?!

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Hi Again

    OK So I follow and subscribe to this one very popular 1500 page pRe and poSt draft Publication ( without advertising it I am sure you know who I refer to ? ) I love the read and all, but he is so wrong most of the time, like really wrong. Anwyays This year he said that this draft is not exceptional, its deep but its missing the hands down instant studs like in yrs past (where he also kinda missed on OBJ) .

    I read that LF isn’t a generational player, and Ross, Davis, and Mike Willyumz will be serviceable WR2 types but not AJ green types essentially.

    Tell me why this is cockamamie ? Don’t need you to break down each player (again) I already see that, but if it’s true am I better off trading down and away from picks like 102, or 104 for more capital ?

    1. We’ll answer your question in the podcast #20 today.

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