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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 22: Re-Shuffling the Running Back Deck

In Episode 22 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert circle back to some themes from their post-NFL draft edition of the show in Episode 21. They go over some NFL news and notes while discussing possible under-the-radar rookie pass-catchers such as Chad Williams, Adam Shaheen and Kenny Golladay. They give an overview of their first industry IDP dynasty draft of the 2017 season. The two talk over adjustments to the MFL10 Cheat Sheet at the running back position as the deck was clearly shuffled as a result of the 2017 NFL draft with certain players, both rookie and veteran. They also give away a free RW subscription to last week’s best iTunes commenter. Subscribe, rate and review the podcast. Unlock all of their content with a PRO membership at

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  1. Dynasty ppr

    I’ve been offered
    1.05 and Taylor Gabriel
    Derrick Henry.

    I have the 1.01, 2.09 and 2.11.
    I am leaning toward the 5 star porterhouse at 1.01

    My backs are:
    Jonathan Williams
    J Stewart

    Kelvin Benjamin
    Cam Meredith
    Robby Anderson
    Robert Woods

    He does also have the 1.04 (which if he wants Henry bad enough I figure he’d do that instead of 1.05) if that sweetens the deal even more? I was thinking if I were to do it, I could try trade out of 1.05 to 1.07/1.08 and hopefully get me some John Ross and gain a second for either this year or next.

    Wondering what you guys think?
    Love the pods fellas, looking forward to RW returning to Sirius as well.


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Love the maniacal thought you’ve given this. My take:

      -Don’t just lean towards the porterhouse, order it.
      -Hard to assign much value to Taylor Gabriel in this trade. So, we’d much rather consider it for 1.04
      -DeMarco Murray still a thorn in DH’s side, and you need RB help this year- HOWEVER- this will be DH’s backfield soon enough- a Dynasty future with LF + DH at the helm makes the Robot Genius’ pants shimmy at a rate never seen before. Throw in Jordan Howard, and we’ll have to go to Walmart to buy him a new pair of duck dynasty pajama pants, with a lot more room in the crotch.
      – This is a close call- because 1.04 would likely net you Mixon, Cook, or Perine. So first you have to decide- do you like any of those guys more than DH? Very close call. DH is an epic beast of mythological proportions. In theory- Mixon is our #1 here- lots of ? marks though.
      -Love your schemes and plots to go nuclear with RW Nations golden son John Ross, while also accumulating additional draft capital. We wouldn’t do this deal for a RD2 next yr- that would have to involve a 1. If we did it for a 2nd this year- we’d have to be very confident we are getting BOTH Ross + Perine or Foreman.

      Good luck.

  2. When will the new mfl10 cheat sheet come out? I’m working off v1.5, and it has the rookie rbs listed as “FA”. AP too. I’m drafting RIGHT NOW. Could use the advice. 🙂

    1. It’ll be up at some point today.

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