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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 32: Trashman Breaks Down Saints Camp from NOLA Airport

Episode 32: Trashman’s Saints Camp Recap from the NOLA Airport

In Episode 32 of the RosterWatch Podcast, the Trashman’s flight out of the Big Easy is delayed, so Alex Dunlap catches up with him about his observations from Saints camp en route to Chicago for the 2017 RosterWatch training camp tour. They touch on Willie Snead, Ted Ginn Jr., Michael Thomas and the touch distribution between Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara and Adrian Peterson during 11-on-11 periods. Unlock all of their content with a PRO membership at RosterWatch.com and please give the podcast a killer 5-star review in iTunes. Introduction by Dash Dunlap.

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  1. I am using your Cheat Sheet and have for the last couple of years. My question is in my league (Standard 10 team league, no PPR) QB’s & TE’s go earlier than normal so if I follow the cheat sheet then I am drafting a QB or TE at the very end of the draft. When should I vary from the cheat sheet and draft for position?

    1. Just follow the sheet and you’ll be fine, you’ll still get a solid TE and QB and you’ll be picking up value while others draft them. If you get super freaked out, you can deviate from the sheet but we don’t recommend it.

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