RosterWatch Podcast Episode 35: Preseason Week 1 Fantasy Fallout

In Episode 35 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap flies the ship solo in picking through some fantasy news and notes to start the week and unpacking some of his observations from the NFL’s first full-weekend slate of 2017 preseason action. He outlines a new worry about Leonard Fournette while expressing increasing optimism regarding Joe Mixon. He breaks down the state of the Cowboys backfield as it pertains to Ezekiel Elliott’s handcuff and ponders who’s hype train will finally sputter and die sooner between Kevin White and Breshad Perriman. Finally, he reads the draft order for the second installment of the RW listener fantasy football league.

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  1. I just tried my first mock with the PPR cheat sheet. It wwent ok drafting #3 I got:
    A. brown ,TY, DHop, Montgomery, Dalvin, Tevin, diggs, woodhead, garcon, prescot, hooper, wentz, brate, oakland D, and Boswell
    I just feel weak at QB and TE- I could have had cam and ertz instead of woodhead and garcon,

    do you think i did better by following the cheat sheet?

    1. We think that team is great, the cheat sheet is not going to give you high-round QB or TE unless real value falls. That only happens about 20% of the time.

      1. Gotcha, I have one more question about the sheet. I did another mock this morning. I had a situation where the sheet was telling me to draft Maclin which would have been my sixth receiver, i had no TE at that point and Ertz was there, am I wrong to want to draft my first TE before my sixth WR?

        1. I think the sheet was hoping you could get Maclin then follow up with Jack Doyle in the next round.

  2. Hey guys!! I just want to say that I love the podcast!!! Due to working 3rd shift, it is really difficult to hear you guys on Sirius any more, so having the podcast lets me listen whenever I have time. I gave you guys a solid review and 5 stars of course. Thanks for the amazing content!!!

    1. Thanks for all the support Pop Rocks.

  3. Currently running a 14 man league (ppr). Roster is currently 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Def & 1 Kicker. I was wondering if I should take it down to 2 WR instead of 3 (draft will be 17 rounds). Or do I lessen the amount of rounds and keep the 3 WR’S?


    1. You don’t have to do either one, but we’d prefer to keep the 3 WRs in a 14 teamer. Gives you a chance to play some deeper-bench guys and brings a different element of strategy.

  4. There is a big difference between PPR cheat cheat and Standard/.5PPR sheet. I would think that the .5 ppr should look much closer to the PPR sheet. Has RW considered a separate cheat sheet for .5 PPR? thanks

    1. we’ve always used the standard sheet for .5 PPR but if you like the layout of the PPR sheet better for .5 PPR or you play in a league that values WRs more, you can always use the PPR sheet for .5 PPR.

      1. I was actually wondering the same thing about the big difference between the PPR and Standard sheets. What do you mean by possibly using the PPR sheet “in a league that values WRs more?” For instance, I’m in two 12 man leagues where it’s .5 PPR and we start 1QB, 2RB, 3, WR, 1 TE, and 1 (W/R/T) with 6 bench so which sheet would you use for that one? I was thinking of using the PPR sheet for one and the standard for the other just for fun!

        1. Thx renourka – We have different testers for each sheet and the tester/architect has to take trends and things they’re seeing with ADPs into consideration when modifying it for updates. It is not a formula where we just click a button and make it work for PPR or vice versa. There is a lot of nuance to each sheet and most people don’t understand it’s not really rankings but rather a method for beating ADP based on the trends we’re seeing or that we anticipate. The standard sheet is designed to work in .5 PPR but I was only suggesting that if you are in a league where you’ve noticed that guys will put a premium on WRs early, I have no problem with someone choosing to use the PPR sheet in that league because I’m the designer of the PPR sheet and just happen to know that that sheet holds up fine in a .5 PPR league drafting against guys who place value on WRs early because I used it in a league with those exact specifications just two days ago and it turned out great.

          1. Post By renourka

            AWESOME! Thanks for the info!

      2. We give bonus points for 40+ TDs but all other point categories are the same as RBs

        1. As I’ve mentioned to you a few times, then I would use the standard and .5 PPR sheet. We do not have a separate .5 PPR sheet. In fact, up until last year, we only HAD ONE SHEET that worked fine for all leagues and that worked for years until people really started pushing for separate sheets for different league types. We air on the side of not getting these things too complicated. In short, here is my answer to any question you have about a .5 PPR deal since you seem to ask a lot of them and we want you to win, and you will win, but we’re going in circles with all your questions regarding the differences in the two sheets: the standard recommendation for .5 PPR is to use the standard and .5 PPR sheet. HOWEVER, as architect of the PPR sheet, I can tell you it works perfectly fine in .5 PPR simulations and that I personally use it to draft in .5 PPR leagues because it usually automatically directs me to a WR-heavy strategy early, which I find to be a good way to build a starting roster in 2017. I hope this helps.

          1. Agreed — PPR sheet perfect for WR heavy strategy. Thanks

  5. Post By

    New subscriber and first time user of the draft cheat sheet. My question is “how do 6 pt passing tds effect the qb rankings on the cheat sheet?” Does this bump their value up a few lines? I find myself having drafted 12 position players or more before I arrive at a qb in mock drafts with my scoring settings, and most have a backup qb before I end up with an Andy Dalton or the like. Appreciate it! 

    1. It doesn’t affect anything – we create the sheet using a baseline of five point passing TDs but technically it doesn’t matter because all QBs get those same points. It’s not just the ones taken early who get six point passing TDs.

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