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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 36: Rams and Chargers Camp Breakdowns

In Episode 36 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Byron Lambert joins Alex Dunlap to break down his fantasy football thoughts from spending the week between Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers practices. Included are exclusive interviews with Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett. Unlock all of their content with a PRO membership at and give the pod a 5-star review in iTunes.

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  1. Hi Roster Watch!
    I’m a 4 year user of RW Pro. This year my league has decided to go full point ppr with a superflex. Can you guys please make that sheet available? I’ve paid my subscription fee and this is the only league I’m in. Can you help me out?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      The super flex sheet as is will work just fine – or you can super-impose the QBs from the 2QB Sheet onto the PPR sheet and then run a a few tests. Good luck!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Oh wait I totally misunderstood this question- yes- just use the current 2QB / Super Flex sheet, that is the right one!

  2. I am playing in a 12-team Dynasty League, auction Style. his is the first year of the league. Any advice on how to go about attacking this?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We’d honestly be more than comfortable keeping it simple and just use either STD or PPR auction sheet, we already push the young guys way up. Assuming this is a full start up draft all vets and rookies avail.

      If you want to get fancy you can use both that, and the Dynasty Rookie Draft Cheat Sheet as a multi reference index for your picks. You could manually push up the top 10-12 guys from the rookie sheet on the either the STD or PPR sheet. By now, you know which 2017 rookies get us the sickest. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Byron!

  3. Hello Gents,

    On the podcast you talk a lot of Demarco Murray while discussing Gurley and mentioned the handcuff with Henry.

    In a two player keeper with round value I have Murray at 2.06. With that said how soon do I move off the magic which is the cheat sheet to ensure I have Henry?

    Roughly 18 of 24 possible keepers being kept. Thanks.


    1. I think we’d probably swerve off the sheet to take Henry maybe in the 7th, or you could try to wait until the 8th but it will be risky.

  4. Finally got to use the Cheatsheet in my keeper league draft! Ended up maniacal after it that’s for sure. Here’s the draft. Drafted 6th.

    Brown – Keeper
    Tyreke Hill
    CJ Anderson
    Tevin Coleman
    Doug Martin
    Hunter Henry
    D’Onta Foreman

    Damn this sheet is magical!!!

  5. Another Keeper Q — In an answer to a prior Q you suggested keeping Kelce (with 6 round pick) over T Coleman (with 11 round pick). I learned today that Coleman will be a free agent next year and likely move on to another team (freeman just signed a big contract). If that is the likely scenario would you consider keeping Coleman this year so I can keep him next year with a 9th round pick. Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      It’s worth a long look. I’d personally prob take my chances on the latter scenario w/ Coleman and roll the dice on getting a Kelce, Graham, Bennett type in the mid rounds

      1. Ugh, I checked Coleman’s contact status and it seems I saw bogus info. He is under contract in 2018. Maybe I will reverse the strategy if I get Freeman with the 8th pick and keep Kelce and target Coleman in the 6/7 round.

  6. First time using the sheet. Enjoyed using it with some of the tie ring I’ve done with special scoring like the tight end gets more points for receptions and qb gets 6 points
    3 rd pick.
    D Johnson (Keeper)
    Michael Thomas
    Dez Bryant
    Brandon cooks
    Dalvin cook
    Tyrek hill
    Jamias Winston
    Isiah Crowell (dynasty lost 8th pick)
    Doug Martin
    Hunter Henry (had to have tight end and they were all doubling at this point)
    Derick Henry
    Jamaal Williams
    Samonjie Perine

    Anything after round 9 you can keep as dynasty he following year so took flyer on jamaal and samonjie

    I do need to drop a rb and pick up te or wr but can wait until start of season to do it so I’ll see how cuts go. Initially thinking of dropping Martin since he isn’t playing first 3 games but don’t want to over react because he could be my dynasty keeping next year. I also grabbed DeShawn Watson in round 15

    I left Coleman maclan Corey Davis and zay on the board taking the two running backs hunt went right before I picked there

    Liked your easy to follow concept. I took jameis earlier than your sheet but I know my league they would have left me with cutler. So since I didn’t have an 8th rd pick I had to take him there.

    Thanks for the help. Let me know if you think there is a rb I should drop over Martin. I have time which is good

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