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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 39: The Dress Rehearsal

In Episode 39 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap breaks down all of the fantasy implications from an eventful “dress rehearsal” weekend of 2017 NFL preseason action in a game-by-game fashion. He addresses important situations involving numerous players and teams. Unlock all of RosterWatch’s content with a PRO membership at and support the podcast with a killer 5-star review in iTunes.

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  1. Podcast rules. You guys are the best.
    Dominated my auction this weekend.
    What’s with the cockamamie announcer at the start tho? Haha.

    1. he’s the most cockamamie ever.

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    Not sure where to post this but First time using Roster Watch found it to be very useful during my Auction draft the other day.
    I just subscribed to Stitcher to listen to ur pod casts because i think u guys have good info out there.

    Also Was wondering if/when you guys would be doing IDP rankings.

    Here is my team I drafted with their costs. a mix of Bench and starters

    1st time using this. I had my auction draft over the weekend. I put the team below. I like it, think i got a good amount of players for less than expected Its a mix of starters and Bench. 1 question: Will you guys be doing IDP list next year? I am in 2 IDP leagues 🙂

    QB Russell Wilson SEA $18

    RB Todd Gurley LAR $45

    RB Ameer Abdullah DET $15

    RB Derrick Henry TEN $5

    RB Darren McFadden DAL $1

    RB DeAndre Washington OAK $1

    WR A.J. Green CIN $77

    WR Sammy Watkins LAR $8

    WR Martavis Bryant PIT $13

    WR Adam Thielen MIN $1

    WR Zay Jones BUF $1

    WR Cooper Kupp LAR $1

    TE Hunter Henry LAC $1

    K Graham Gano CAR $1

    DL Joey Bosa LAC $13

    DL Ezekiel Ansah DET $1

    DL Ndamukong Suh MIA $1

    LB Alec Ogletree LAR $9

    LB Jamie Collins CLE $4

    LB Vontaze Burfict CIN $13

    LB Jarrad Davis DET $1

    DB Barry Church JAC $1

    DB Tony Jefferson BAL $6

    1. great team – thanks for listening. IDP is hard because scoring varies so widely it’s impossible to make easy, one, two or even three-sizes-fit-all tools like we like to make to keep the user experience as simple as possible. We play in IDP leagues, understand the scoring and have loads of info on defensive players, so we can answer questions, but, at least for the foreseeable future, we’re unlikely to provide IDP tools similar to the ones we currently do with skill players. That can always change, but just the honest answer for now.

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        Thanks Alex, Much appreciated!

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    Team name: Fire & Fury

    Just wondering if anything that’s happened in the preseason would cause a change the Rookie Dynasty Draft cheat sheet. Any plans for an update?


    1. I just looked at it yesterday for use in an experts dynasty draft and I don’t think it needs much of an update. With that said, there is one player (Jeremy McNichols) who needs to be moved down, so I will get that updated here within 48 hours, but there won’t be many other changes.

  4. Keeper ?….Keep L. McCoy for this year or E. Elliott for long term and bite the suspension bullet???????

    1. Probably Elliott long-term if you only get Shady for the year.

  5. Is Vance McDonald more relevant after the 9ers-Steelers trade? Is the 9ers TE more relevant now?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Not really. And, it’ still a split time between George Kittle, Blake Bell, and Garrett Celek in SF- we aren’t interested.

      1. Thanks Alex!

  6. QB: Brees
    RBs: Howard, Martin, Burkhead, JC, T. Cohen
    WRs: AJ Green, M. Thomas, K. Allen, M. Bryant, S. Shepherd
    TEs: Doyle, Cook

    We start 2 RBs, 3 WRs, and a flex: I feel light on RB, should I try to trade Martavis straight up for Tevin Coleman or just ride with him on my flex and hope there’s something salvageable between Burkhead and Charles until Doug Martin’s suspension is up?

  7. Post By Byron Lambert

    Not sure if this is STD and PPR. On the STD sheet- Martavis and Tevin have long lived close to each other. In a vacuum we’d rather have Bryant- but if you needed to make that deal- it is fair.

    I might consider seeing what I could do to acquire CJ Anderson first, though. You could also try packaging Martavis and Doug Martin for a Todd Gurley, Demarco Murray, Jay Ajayi, Marshawn Lynch, TyMontgomery type of player.

    You could also consider shipping one of your top 3 WR in one of these deals and keeping Martavis, if you can get a sig better deal that way.

    Best wishes.

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    Love your stuff. 1st time 18 team standard. Play 1 RB 2 WR 1 FLEX 1 TE Kicker and D.
    So far Dalton
    Fournette Hyde Hunt Woodhead
    J Jones Cooks D. Parker
    4 picks left. I think I should take another WR next. Wonder if I have too many RB’s??

    A quick thought from you? Thank you.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      This is your roster in an 18 teamer!?!?!??!? HOLY!

      We’d take best player avail, if it’s close go WR or TE. Try to get Jared Cook at TE as a safety net.

  9. Post By

    12 team PPR, 6 bench spots. Would you drop Willie Snead at this point with the 3 game suspension? I know he’ll still be in a pretty good spot when he returns, so I’m tempted to keep. Suggestions?

  10. 12 team. PPR.
    My keeper David Johnson in the 9th!
    I have 2nd draft pick.
    #1 will be picking Antonio Brown.
    So Leveon Bell and Julio Jones will be available to me.

    Do I stack my RBs by picking Bell and worry about finding two WRs at 23rd and 26th pick?
    Or go with Julio and get a decent #2 RB and WR at 23 and 26?


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