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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 40: Welcome To Miami

In Episode 40 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap is joined by Byron Lambert who is en route to Jaguars practice after spending a few days in Miami with the Dolphins. The two discuss the fantasy fallout of Byron’s observations, including Devante Parker’s meteoric ADP rise through August. They go in-depth about key issues with Jay Ajayi with commentary from Dolphins HC Adam Gase regarding the offensive line and give insight on the possibility of a Jarvis Landry trade among numerous other topics. Unlock all of their content with a PRO membership at RosterWatch.com and support the podcast by giving a killer 5-star review in iTunes.

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  1. Post By Capt. Kirk's Balls

    This is how you draft when you know how to manipulate a cheat sheet. Admitting that I bastardized it knowing my league…. 8 man PPR, 1 QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE….yadda yadda…..out of the 1 hole….gimme my $$$$$$

    R Wilson
    D Johnson
    D Cook
    M Crabtree
    M Bryant
    R MUTHAFUKIN Gronkowski
    M Lynch
    D Parker
    with E. Elliot, T Coleman, T Eifert, D Henry, J Winston, and Zay for all respect to RW Nation!!!!

    Redonkulous doesn’t even describe it. By knowing the sheet and the draft, I have already dominated this league…..thanks guys.

    p.s. 100 best ball drafts done using the sheet….money in the bank

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      What a RW Team! Love it! Best wishes, sir.

  2. Okay guys. Used the cheat sheet in today’s draft. Super solid group at RB. Feeling a bit thin at WR. I know M. Bryant is getting tons of hype, but a bit hesitant having him as WR2.

    10 team, PPR league (Pick #)
    QB – A. Rodgers (42), C. Wentz (159)
    RB – L. Bell (2), J. Ajayi (19), K. Hunt (39), J. Mixon (59), CJ Anderson (82), D. Henry (142)
    WR – K. Allen (22), M. Bryant (62), W. Snead (79), Tyrell Williams (99), Zay Jones (119)
    TE – K. Rudolph (102)

    Whadda ya think? Too heavy on RB? Worth riding on a few of these young, up-and-coming WRs like Tyrell and Zay?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      First off- great draft! Love this squad. Once you see how sick Keenan, Martavis, Snead, and Zay are you will have no questions.

      If you could trade Ajayi and/or Anderson and /or maybe one of your WR as part of a deal for a big upgrade at WR- we’d be ok with that, too. That actually may be the smartest move.

      1. Thanks man. I listened to the podcast, and honestly it was hard to hear Gase’s commentary on Ajayi and why he might be on the trade block. When I heard you say he had beat mode ability, i felt like i had a steal! Now not so sure. Still at that point of the draft it was either Gurley or Baldwin.

        As a Bears fan, I’m hesitant to cheer for any offense Smokin’ Jay is leading. Still, gotta trust the process!

        1. You made the right decision, now we just see how it begins to shake out!

          1. Post By ted.emerson

            Noticed Snead took a big tumble (10 spots) in updated cs. What’s the story there?

          2. Post By ted.emerson

            Shiiit. Just saw Snead got suspended.

  3. Ok so today’s Cheat sheet has Samaje Perine ahead of Kelley but FatRob is starting. And I think he had a good week 3. Was that a mistake?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Perine has moved down the standard sheet below Kelly. The same move is under consideration for the PPR sheet, stay tuned. Thank you.

  4. Always love the grouper.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      LOVE that grouper. Will be doing fish rankings soon.

  5. Post By corj38@gmail.com

    alright boys, i did the unthinkable……. i traded keenan allen for deAndre Hopkins……. i had to bc after the draft was over i noticed my RB1 was Melvin Gordon and my Wr 1 was keenan allen, let me know if i messed up big time. Allens knee injury scared me i was willing to take a dive on hopkins Help if i messed up big time

    ps i snatched up Martavis Bryant

  6. Post By Byron Lambert

    Ha- no way – this move is totally fine, and makes sense. A Hopkins – Martavis combo has a chance to be beastly!

  7. Post By paul.vasilko@gmail.com

    You guys got me getting a little maniacal about Parker! Dynasty-wise, Martavis is still above Parker, right?! (PPR)

    1. Yes Martavis is an alien.

  8. Post By Brandon@norsteel.build

    Did my first draft last night using the RW Cheat Sheet. I think I got a deep squad…….but wondering what you feel about following the rules which caused me to be pretty weak at QB and TE……..going into next draft do I stay the course…..or would you suggest jumping up earlier to grab these positions if they start going fast?

    Cook?? – Could Drop for Brate, Whitten of CJF
    T Coleman
    Doug Martin
    Kicker and D

    What are your thoughts?? Thanks Brandon

    1. team is dirty and Rivers has not posted a season below overall QB6 over the last four seasons. Between Cook and those options on the wire, you are set at TE.

  9. Post By AllabouttheTD

    Question. Joined a friends league and they have 1 pt per completion for QBs. Also a PPR league set up. Should I take one of the top qbs right away if available at my pick or just stick to normal ppr cheat sheet. Or try to grab a qb later with good completion percentage?

    1. in that league you can deviate from the rules and get a QB early on. Then, just use the sheet otherwise outside of QB. A point per completion should mean you take one basically right away.

      1. Post By AllabouttheTD

        Thanks man!

  10. Post By AllabouttheTD

    12 team PPR set up. Dalton, Evans (keeper) B cooks, T hill, Sammy Watkins, kevin white, J Hill, Mccaffrey, K Hunt, woodhead, Perkins, and Doyle as my TE. what you guys think of my draft? Anything I should try to move or improve. Thanks

    1. good well-rounded team, nice work.

  11. Post By frankymarcell12@gmail.com

    My Draft using the cheat cheat in this order:

    Chose to give up an Elite WR for the RB and i think it seriously paid off well:

    1: Lesean Mccoy
    2: Melvin Gordon
    3: Tyreek Hill
    4: Kareem Hunt
    5: Joe Mixon
    6: Michael Crabtree
    7: Stefon Diggs
    8: Jimmy Graham
    9: Willie Snead
    10: Derek Carr
    11: Phillip Rivers
    12: Justin Tucker
    13: Jonathan Williams
    14: LA Chargers Def

  12. Post By frankymarcell12@gmail.com

    My Draft (10 Team PPR) using the cheat cheat in this order:

    Chose to give up an Elite WR for the RB and i think it seriously paid off well:

    1: Lesean Mccoy
    2: Melvin Gordon
    3: Tyreek Hill
    4: Kareem Hunt
    5: Joe Mixon
    6: Michael Crabtree
    7: Stefon Diggs
    8: Jimmy Graham
    9: Willie Snead
    10: Derek Carr
    11: Phillip Rivers
    12: Justin Tucker
    13: Jonathan Williams
    14: LA Chargers Def

      1. Post By frankymarcell12@gmail.com

        ty Alex

  13. Post By andrewb408@yahoo.com

    This is my team using the Superflex cheat sheet. 12 team standard league.

    QBs Rodgers,Brady,Cutler
    RBs Crowell,Cook,Coleman,Perkins,perine,Foreman
    WRs Keenan Allen,Martavis Bryant,Devante Parker, Theilen,Kupp
    TE Doyle

    1. You’re going to murder idiots who let you get Rodgers and Brady LMAO!!!

  14. I had the 12th pick in a 12 team half ppr league, and I kinda love my team. But the draft analyzer predicts a 6th place finish! What the what?

    QB Jameis Winston
    RB Jay Ajayi
    RB Dalvin Cook
    RB C.J. Anderson
    RB Derrick Henry
    RB Samaje Perine
    RB Jamaal Williams
    WR Michael Thomas
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    WR Martavis Bryant
    WR DeSean Jackson
    WR Cooper Kupp
    WR Devin Funchess
    TE Jack Doyle
    K Will Lutz
    DST Minnesota Vikings

    1. Those draft analyzers are trash. We zig while these idiots zag, that’s why we frequently get bad grades from automated deals like that.

  15. Great work on the Pod Cast from Miami. Really enjoy listening to you guys.

    My draft is Monday, do you anticipate much moving or shaking of the magical cheat sheet post v5.1 in ppr? Thanks

    1. Also, have you guys considered creating an App?

    2. It will probably have an update by then, but by now it’s fairly set. Only tweaks barring major news but always check to make sure you have the latest one.

  16. Whats up RW!! Another big season coming up. I drafted my first high stakes league yesterday using the cheat sheet and it went nothing like what i planned. Very solid team but filled with players i would never draft due to injury risk. They kept falling to me in places i couldnt say no. 12 team 0.5 ppr with the 2nd pick.
    Dav. Johnson
    Freeman (somehow fell to me)
    Keenan allen
    Alshon Jef. (somehow fell)
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Tyler Eifert
    Davante Parker
    Andy dalton
    Jeremy hill
    jamall williams
    j charles
    chris thompson
    kendal wright

    Now i have two beasts at RB but after them nothing special. I also havent drafted a kicker yet and i wonder who you would drop on game day to pick one up. Which of my wr would you package to pick up a descent 3rd rb? Thanks

    1. great job, we’re not worried about an upgrade at WR3 right now, you’ll be flexing a wideout. Let’s get off to a good start then start talking trades later. We actually really like your WR corps and depth. Sit tight with that team, I think you’ll find it’s gonna be a really good one.

      1. thanks guys!!

  17. Other than picks one and two, what do you think the best draft position is in a 12 team league? Not sure I trust Brown at 3 with Big Ben getting old.

  18. Ohh Snap. Look who it is. BADWOLF is in the house. Yes, Alex and Bryon…the Same BADWOLF thats been hitting you on twitter for advice since before my Dynasty draft like 4 months ago. Which I absolutely hammered home thanks to the Mystical, Magical, Mythical Cheat Sheet. Actually in 8 leagues. 2 Dyn, 1Dyn IDP, 4 regular Redrafts and 1 Redraft IDP with No kickers. 1st time I’ve ever been in this many leagues and I Plan on bringing home the dough. Gave up my Commissioner-ship in the 2 leagues I ran for 5 years, done with babysitting whiners and the aggravation of collecting money from idiots. So now with my extra small amount of time, I decided to explore greener pastures by joining some dynasty leagues/ IDP leagues on various different sites to get away from the 4 letter network site. Very fun stuff. Very excited, I have orchestrated ball busting teams thanks to the Sheet and the info on the XM and the Pod (pod attic). Listen and Rate 5 stars all the time!

    Now…I do have a question if I may? 1 league that I’m in is the one i gave up the role of commissioner and handed off to my Bro-in law to deal with the idiots. It’s a 10 team, 1 point ppr with 1 IDP player. Using the cheat sheet I ended up with 4 rookies on my bench. Should I be a tad concerned about that? My roster is as follows out of the 9 hole. Starting lineup
    QB Mariota
    RB Lynch
    RB CJ Anderson
    WR/RB AJ Green
    WR/ Keenan Allen
    TE/ Eifert
    Flex/ Ty Hill
    My bench consist of Dalvin Cook, DO’nte Foreman, Samaje Perine, Corey Davis, Martavis Alien Bryant, Derrick Henry and Tyrell Williams.

    BurkHead / Jamaal Charles/ Chris Hogan/ Vance McDonald are available. Should I consider dropping anyone for these guys? If it was a 12 teamer or 14, I wouldn’t care..but the thought that it’s a 10 teamer is slightly bothersome. and it’s a 1 point ppr, I need PPR production. And I want to win this leagueto shove it up their asses. LOVE the shows.. keep up the good work, There’s only 2 shows I primarily listen to. RosterWatch and Jon Hansens’ morning show. I find him entertaining and doesn’t sound like a complete idiot or has an annoying voice like some of the shows that are out there. Rosterwatch is the only one I actually subscribe to..I’m damn sure not giving anyone $50 dollars a month for their opinions when I’ve won 3 titles recently all on my own. lol. Good Job…keep it up. Tell that lazy… disgusting Trashman to get off his ass and do something constructive. Like a Top 20 trashiest players to avoid. Sounds like a good job for him. 😉

    1. Awesome squad Big Bad! Yes, we’d prob drop Tyrell for Charles or such

  19. Great podcast gentlemen!

    On the Miami visit I was surprised Julius Thomas got no love. Sure he’s been rotting away in Jax with that scrub Bortkes but thought he might have some upside now that he’s got a decent QB with Smoking Jay. Also he’s back with Gase who turned him into a beast with 12 TDs both years in Denver. Plus Cutty likes those tall targets especially in the red zone and dude is 6’5″

    He’s always an injury concern but I think he has a bounce back year and could be had for $1 in my auction league. What say you?

    1. Look, I could be wrong- but I just don see it being anything you can rely on from week 2 week. For $1, yeah there is some upside if does pan out- go for it if you’ve got a hunch. Don’t hate him, just not on my radar.

  20. Hey guys!! Loving the Podcast. I have a quick question on rb depth. The league is 12 team full PPR. My team is

    QB: Russel Wilson
    WR: Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, Zay Jones, Josh Doctson, Cooper Kupp, John Ross
    RB: Marshawn Lynch, Mark Ingram, Paul Perkins, Derrick Henry, D’Onta Foreman, Jonathon Williams
    TE: Kelce

    I tried to trade with the Murray owner but the problem is each trade is $5 each side of the trade and many people in this league are stingy! What do you guys think?

    1. Yes, you should trade for Murray. Or You should trade Henry to the Murray owner- but you’re only objective here is to upgrade the top of your RB group if you even attempt that. Not a “must” though.

  21. One more question….I’m in a league that does +1 for completions and -1 for incompletions. Also they give 6 points for passing tds. My QBs are Jameis Winston and Andy Luck. Do you think I will be good with this QB duo? Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning, and Carson Palmer are available if you think they’re completion percentage will help me out at all……

    1. IMO- it’s put up or shut up for Dalton this year. All the weapons they have..The Steelers is the only Competition in that div, Judging from the RW Difficulty tool they have the 6th easiest (or favorable) schedule.. Manning and Palmer and Stafford are Streamers, maybe pick one up if you have room to later use as trade bait. ( Probably Dalton/Stafford). Winston/ Luck should be fine. though. Just keep your ears on the Luck injury. Winstons BYE is week 11, even before then you should know if Luck is worth keeping. (in a re-draft)

  22. Post By Shanz4x4@gmail.com

    Hey guys! Used the cheat sheet to draft my 12 man ppr league. Seems I’m lacking in the wr category. Any tips?

    QB – Jameis Winston
    RB – Devonta Freeman
    RB – Melvin Gordon
    WR – Alshon Jeffrey
    WR – Martavius Bryant
    FLEX – Dalvin Cook
    K – D Hopkins
    D/ST – Patriots

    Tyreek Hill
    Pierre Garcon
    Doug Martin
    Adam Theilen
    Theo Riddick
    Darren McFadden

    Thanks for the input!

    1. Lacking at WR?!? This team is filthy!

      Alshon + Martinis + TyFreak + Garcon + Theilen? Those are awesome wr!

      1. Post By Shanz4x4@gmail.com

        Thanks for making me feel better about it!

  23. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    will you guys be updating the cheat sheets today? drafting tomorrow. would love to know what you guys think with all this news about zeke

    1. Zeke is getting a bump, stay tuned.

      1. Post By dima1130@aol.com

        Thank you

      2. Other than picks one and two, what do you think the best draft position is in a 12 team league? Not sure I trust Brown at 3 with Big Ben getting old.

  24. Post By dmcclimo@gmail.com

    Hi. Used the auction sheet twice so far and so Far im in great shape to start the season. QQ for my last auction draft

    im in a 4 point QB TD PPR auction draft this weekend and I am wondering how u would approach this draft.
    Its 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB n 10 bench
    I am thinking allocate 60 towards defense to get top tier guys like bosa n Kwon cause in my previous leagues people tend to put more towards Offense and forget that Def is a big part.
    Then I think I go up to 35 maybe 40 for Russ Wilson as my qb but if I don’t get him I wait for either Stafford or someone similar at a minimal dollar amount
    Then I allocate most of my monies to a Top Tier RB and Wr and follow them up with mid tier #2’s with a TE like Hunter Henry or Hooper I could prolly get fairly cheap

    What do you think? Attack my 4 WR RB slots with the best players and stack my DEF players? Then Fill my bench with the remaining money

    I always find it hard with only 2 RB and 2 WR’s because there are so many of them you are prolly gonna get at minimal above average ones..????

    Thank You!

  25. Post By frankymarcell12@gmail.com

    Need some advice here Kareem hunt or Melvin Gordon week 1

    1. let us get through this final week of drafts before Week 1 questions, please. We don’t have the matchup tool up yet and I’d like to see what it says.

  26. Post By frankymarcell12@gmail.com

    Need some advice here Kareem hunt or Melvin Gordon week 1 (1 point PPR)

  27. 12 team standard 1 keeper (Jordan Howard last round)

    Qb:Big Ben/Philip Rivers
    Rb: Gurley, Howard, T Coleman, Henry, Kamara, Foreman
    WR:Cooks, Allen, Jeffery, Martavis, Zay Jones,
    TE: Eifert
    D: Jags
    K: Santos

    What do you guys think? I didn’t realize until it was too late but I have on overload of byes in week 9, I’m hoping that’ll sort itself out by that time.

  28. Post By adamkuntz3@gmail.com

    2qb. 2 rb. 2wr. TE. flex. Pt per rec.
    Drafted in this order. I had 11th pick of 12 teams. Draft was last Saturday.
    1 Evans 2 McCoy 3 m. Thomas 4 Stafford 5Dalvin cook 6 Hyde 7 D Parker 8. K Hunt. 9Ertz 10 Kizer 11 Alex Smith 12 Marvin Jones 13 D Forman 14 Ty Williams 15 Kicker 16 Dec.
    Thought I did well.
    2nd Qb is shaky.
    Any thoughts

  29. Post By dima1130@aol.com

    I see the PPR cheat sheet was updated is the Standard also gonna be updated? Thanks

  30. Sorry for the repost below but I originally posted in the comments of the most recent PRO link but it seems it got buried.

    12 Team (.5 PPR )

    [1] QB: Winston
    [3] WR: M. Thomas, Allen, Parker (Marshall, Coleman, Davis)
    [2] RB: Howard, Lynch (Peterson, Woodhead, Kamara)
    [1] TE: Cook
    [1] W/R/T: Ingram
    Bench total: (6)

    Ended up using the Standard cheatsheet to draft this squad with the 12th overall pick tonight! I only bastardized on the round 11/12 turn when I took Jameis and Cook instead of taking Jeremy Hill and Corey Davis per the cheatsheet but luckily Corey Davis still fell to me on the next turn and for my bench spot I decided to take Kamara over Foreman, J. Williams, and Smallwood since I already drafted Ingram and AP! Those aforementioned other three RBs didn’t even get drafted and I’ve got 1st waiver priority now so I think I made out well there? I yelled BINGO when I got the whole Saints backfield at the time but now I’m not sure if I’ve put too many eggs in one basket especially considering I have Mike Thomas as my #1 WR too?

  31. Post By Stak.zahourek10@gmail.com

    12 man ppr
    QB Luck
    RB Gordon
    RB Mixon
    WR AJ Green
    WR Keenan Allen
    WR Doug Baldwin
    TE Ebron
    FLEX savants Parker
    Sammy Watkins
    teven Coleman
    Cj anderson
    Zay jones
    Tyrell Williams
    Andy Dalton

    What do you guys think I drafted out of the 11th hole.

    1. Monster!

  32. I picked up the giants in my draft but I’ve heard y’all say the Chargers could be sneaky good. Would you recommend picking them up?

    1. Yes, or the Bucs or Falcons

  33. Post By michaelkbluhm@gmail.com

    Followed the cheat sheet and ended up with Dez Bryant and Jordan Reed in a 12-team ppr league, but the matchup sheet says they both have two of the worst schedules. Would you recommend trading or does the talent outweigh the poor matchups?

    1. The strength of schedule tools are best used to split hairs. At the end of the day, everyone gets some tough matchups- and talent and scheme ultimately are the bottom line.

      You are fine to hang tight with both of those guys. If there’s a trade that makes sense, either is fine to ship off, too- but we wouldn’t be losing sleep over it.

      Dez would prob the one I’d be more interested in dealing, if I was gong to do anything. Can you get a Keenan Allen, Devante Parker, Allen Robinson, DeAddre Hopkins, buy low high ceiling kind of guy in return?

      1. Post By michaelkbluhm@gmail.com

        Thanks yeah I wanna get my hands on Martavis Bryant or Parker; kind of weak at RB so was thinking of maybe pairing someone:
        QB Cam Newton
        RB1 Delvin Cook
        RB2 Tevin Coleman
        RB3 Riddick
        RB4 Rob Kelley
        RB5 Deandre Washington
        RB6 Samaj Perine
        RB7 James Conner

        WR1 Mike Evans
        WR2 Dez Bryant
        WR3 Kelvin Benjamin
        WR4 Tyreek Hill
        WR5 Zay Jones
        WR6 Rishard Matthews
        WR7 Torrey Smith

  34. Post By pritchardbpjp@charter.net

    Greetings Maniacs!

    First time user of the cheat sheet – stuck to it exactly with an exception of a late round handcuff. PPR league with some wrinkles – 12 team – 22 round roster. Also each team had the option of 2 keepers – which would be counted as 1st and 2nd round picks. I had no keepers, but did not have full options for the first two rounds. Here is my team:

    1:3 Evans WR TB
    2:10 Gurley RB LAR
    3:3 Cooks WR NE
    4:10 Hilton WR Ind
    5:3 Bryant WR Pitt
    6:10 Coleman RB Atl
    7:3 Robinson WR JAC
    8:10 Riddick RB Det
    9:3 Winston QB TB
    10:10 Doyle TE Ind
    11:3 Burkehad RB NE
    12:10 Perine RB Was
    13:3 Witten TE Dal
    14:10 J. Williams RB Buf (need some help here… 🙂 )
    15:3 M. Brown RB LAR (Handcuff)
    15:11 (via trade) T. Smith WR Phi
    16:10 K. Cousins QB Was
    17:3 J. Ros WR Cin
    18:10 J. Williams RB SF (Injured – now on IR)
    19:3 – 5 Defense and Kicker
    20:10 J. Gordon WR Clev

    So… two Williams changed roles after Friday evening draft… do you believe J. Williams formerly of Buffalo gets selected?

    Thanks for making it easy…

    Will have some work to do after weekend cuts and IR news… But here is the draft:

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