RosterWatch + RotoGrinders DFS Week 4 Roundup w/ Alex Dunlap and The Seige


  1. New trade proposal: Get: Joe Mixon. Give: Michael Thomas.

    My team looks like this:
    A Rodgers
    CJ Anderson
    Jamaal Williams
    D Parker
    E Sanders
    Rishard Matthews
    Jeremy Macklin


    1. Man, that’s a little rich. You need to get that done for Parker at most – or really we would like to see Sanders + Smallwood. Hell if you had to send Sanders and Maclin and Smallwood – we would be fine with that. Best wishes.

  2. Thank you. 2 possible counters: M Thomas and Delanie Walker for Mixon and Ertz.

    D Parker for Mixon straight up but doubt he will do it. I can throw in Smallwood as well.

    1. Man, you gotta keep Thomas. Find another way.

      1. He agreed to Sanders and Macklin for Mixon.

  3. Sightly off topic. I have a season long standard league and have Kearse. I don’t see Kupp on your FA sheet, but I’m not sure if that’s because he is over 50% owned or because he’s not worth picking up. I don’t need either this week (thinking long term), but Kupp is a FA. Do I swap or stand pat?

  4. Stand pat.

    1. Will do, thank you!!

  5. A little worried about starting Big Ben this week @ Balt. Should I drop RB Charles and Stewart to pick up Rivers to start this week & Alfred Morris in case Zeke’s legal case goes against him Monday?. My other RBs are Bell, Zeke, Fournette, Martin.

    1. McFadden should be the guy, but if you want to stash Morris it’s fine, for a while. We loved Morris at Cowboys camp last year. McFadden got all the action at camp this year.

      Your RBs are sick, and luckily you may be able to survive a Zeke legal swindle. I hate JStew, and would be fine dropping if I wanted Rivers.

      1. we like Rivers this week.

        1. cool thanks. wasnt sure who would be the guy if Zeke gets suspended since mcfadden has been inactive 1st 3 weeks

  6. 12 team dynasty PPR. I get Chris Thompson for J Kearse and a 2018 4th round pick (rookie drafts are 4 rounds). Might be able to massage it a little but wanted to see what you think of the deal in a vacuum. Your rookie scouting work is so sick I have no fears of finding another free agent rookie. Thanks.

  7. That’s a fine deal.

  8. Stills for this week or Roll Robert Woods for a season long plug and play this week? I’m currently playing Stills over Crabtree… thoughts

    1. I like Stills

  9. With the news about the Raiders possibly tanking the game last week, would you sit any Raider to be safe? Or does a rumor/news not affect your roster decisions much? I kept Lynch out of my flex this week because I have enough players to safely do so. Thanks for your input.

    1. OAK is not tanking. We factor in all intelligence. Benching Lynch for options you are more comfortable with- is just fine this week. Let him get ready for the 3 home games coming up.

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    0.5ppr Alshon vs Davante Parker

    Love the tools, keep it up. Thanks again.

    1. Always check our rankings- but for me- this is Parker.

  11. Am I way overthinking this? Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins in a 12 team PPR league?

    1. no, that’s a tough call. Go with the one that is higher in our rankings.

  12. I’ve heard people talking about matching Defenses with (I think) RB or WR from the same team or something….. What’s the reasoning for doing this??

    1. Sounds like a positive correlation DFS strategy. Look- almost any combo can go off in any given week – but you are trying to put yourself in position to have the best range of outcomes possible. When an RB is going bananas, there is a good chance the DEF will also do well.

  13. I have Winston, Evans, OBJ, K Allen, Garcon, Doctson, Hunt, Cook, Mixon, CJ Anderson, T Coleman, Buck Allen, Rudolph, and H Henry. Would you trade CJ for Ertz? I may have to throw in Rudolph also, not sure yet. I have tried to get Gronk from a different owner, but he wants too much. This is a .5 PPR 10 team league.

    1. Yes.

  14. 10 team STD. trying to set up a TE trade – i get (to be determined) WR2 for D. Walker Tenn. I already have J Reed and need to drop one of the following bench players to get Vernon Davis as b/up to Reed: Corey Davis or D’Onta Foreman? (or Tevin Coleman)

  15. Yeah we’d trade Walker for a WR2.

    eh – prob Foreman. ouch.

    1. actually in 10 team- prob Davis.

      1. break the tie by your roster needs

        1. awesomeness, as usual – RWN!

  16. awesomeness, as usual – RWN!

    1. yes, worth saying it twice!

  17. I’ve got 4 REALLY TOUGH start/sits to make! Need a win on ALL these teams since I can’t afford any more losses and all these teams are 1-2 …

    a) PPR, please pick 2:

    CJA vs. OAK
    Mixon @CLE
    Carson vs. IND
    Lynch @DEN

    b) Half PPR, please pick 1 FLEX:

    Lynch @DEN
    Powell vs. JAX
    Shepard @TB
    Sanu vs. BUF

    c) PPR, please pick 2:

    Mixon @CLE
    T. Coleman vs. BUF
    B. Allen vs. PIT

    d) Half PPR, please pick 1:

    Ingram @MIA
    Lynch @DEN
    B. Allen vs. PIT

    Thank you!

    1. cja, carson, powell, mixon, allen, ingram

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    Need 1 M Thomas, K Allen, or Fitzgerald 1pt ppr

  19. Post By

    Need to bench 1 of these guys, CJ Anderson, D. Parker, Mel Gordon, Im thinking Gordon.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      jeez- thinking Anderson or Parker goes to bench for us.

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    Trashman, I need your smelly trashy advice.

    I have Big Ben am concerned for the game against Baltimore. Should I play Big Ben or pick up T Siemian, B Bortles, D Watson or C Keenum?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Eh- this is trashy.

      You can consider it for Siemian- or if you’re really trashy Watson. Go with your disgusting gut! Also- always check our rankings!

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    Need 1RB, 2 WR and a Flex week 4:

    Baldwin, Hilton, Bryant, Watkins, McCaf, Buck, Powell, Bryant, Lee, Breida

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Powell or CMC


      Dez Bryant ? (not martavis)
      Watkins or Baldwin

      + Powell, CMC, Baldwin, or Watkins.

  22. Paralysis by overanalysis (and by having so damn many great options thanks to y’all!). I’m starting Wilson at QC, and I ordinarily like to avoid a QB/RB stack in my weekly. Plus, I don’t trust Peter to really stick with Carson the entire game if it’s a runaway. Given that DHop will get his usual wheelbarrow full of targets (and no one knows whether Murray or Henry will be “the guy” this week), I”m leaning towards DHop in flex over Carson/Murray/Henry. but I love hearing your thoughts outside of rankings. Thanks, as always, for helping me dominate–looking for 4-0 with the middle finger flying!

  23. Post By Byron Lambert

    Wow, great options-

    Man – I’d roll Hopkins or Carson. If you’re goosey on Carson – Hopkins is a solid play. Tough, though, if there was ever a week to start Carson this feels like it- but maybe we can wait and see his usage for one more week before we put our onions all the way out on the table for him.

    1. Thanks, Byron! – I’m playing another 3-0 owner and I want to obliterate his peanuts. I had a rough start with TyMo, so I need to make up some ground. Keep rolling out the great advice – love my pro subscription. #RWNation

  24. Bone Daddy 2-1 PPR

    Already starting Hunt, Cook, Jeffery, D. Thomas, need 2 flex J. Allen/Miller/Mixon/Murray/M Jones/Lee/Shepard/Woods


  25. Do we have a positive status on Jay Ajayi? I have CJ Anderson on my bench I can pivot to.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s a fine pivot- hard to say which two of those has a better day even if Ajayi goes. Tough call, brother – great options.

  26. Post By Byron Lambert

    Mixon, and likely Murray.

    Argument for Miller or Lee in the flex.

  27. One ?: 1pt PPR: Rishard Matthews or Alshon Jeffrey

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


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    I point PPR, wondering if I take a risk with Baldwin tonight or go with a healthier Rishard Matthews instead? If I decide to go Baldwin and he ended up inactive, Tyrell Pryor would be my replacement at that point.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      both are good plans. I’d prob roll RM.

      1. Thank you! I hate missing out on Baldwin’s matchup vs the Colts, but fearing he could be more decoy than full-go. Appreciate your help. I joined this season and love the site and tools!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Thanks Ryan, we appreciate your support a ton! Best wishes.

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    With Hyde not 100% would you still start him over A Cooper, C Kupp, A Gates, Ty Williams or J Charles. I’m already playing CJ Andersen in RB spot. 1pt ppr

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Probably- Charles is a sneaky replacement here to tie up the whole Den run game.

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    Hyde, Carson, Mixon, or Charles
    Baldwin, Tate, Demarius Thomas, or devontae parker
    Need 2 wr, 2 rb, and 1 flex

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Mixon + Carson

      Parker + DT

      Prob Tate, esp in PPR.

      If not – decide how comfortable you are with Hyde- if you get in a bind- JC is a reasonable and potentially sneaky low. end flex this week.

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    Thanks Byron, love all the help & content here plus the satellite show.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Anytime homie!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Thank all of your for joining me this morning, best wishes this week!

        1. Do you think Trufant will shadow Matthews’s today?

  32. I’m stuck! Half point PPR need 1. Martavious Bryant, Garcon, Desean Jackson?

    Thanks for all the help guys.

  33. Do you guys think trufant will shadow Jordan Matthews? Need a cheap flex and want the stack with Taylor

  34. Picking from the Bottom of the barrel. RB 2 in PPR. C. Johnson/ Breida/ Foreman. Thanks guys. Love the podcast.

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    New to the site.

    I just had a question regarding the RW Trend score on the cheat sheet.

    Is the higher the number the better? or lower is better?

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