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RosterWatch Snap Counts, Targets and Touches Database Updated for Week 14

Here you can find snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format through Week 13. PRO MEMBERS – Simply CLICK HERE to be taken to our new and improved week-by-week database detailing snap counts, touches and targets. We hope you enjoy the new format of the Big Tool.



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    Finished in 1st place in one league and made the playoffs in the second. “I’ll be Bach” next year.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Awesome news, we are delighted to hear of your success. Finish the job!

  2. Play offs! Seated 2 of 8
    1st year subscriber – very happy

    Me: PPR Play 1QB 3WR 2RB 1Flex
    Rivers and Goff
    RB: CMcCaffrey, KDrake Tev Coleman, DFreeman, SPerine, EElliott
    WR: THill, GTate, SDiggs, JuJuSmith-Schuster, CColeman
    TE: ASefArian Jenkins

    TE: ply ASefJenkins? Available on Waiver tonight are: GregOlsen, Kroft, jThomas, Seals-Jones, OHoward.
    Any of these better for me than my ASef-Jenk?
    Drop who? ASF. A QB?

    RB: available are: AMorris, RSmith, Ekeler, MDavis, AJones. Any of these for me? Drop who?

    WR: Golladay available. Do I nibble?

    I own Jax defense. Do I play or pick up Cinci, NE, Houston, GBay or Buffalo to play?

    Thanks for the great season this year!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      ASJ is solid vs DEN. Olsen should be owned.

      Consider Davis or Morris
      Golladay slightly interesting.

      Prob just roll w/ JAX

      You really don’t have anyone we want to drop. Great roster, and thanks for your support. Best wishes throughout the playoffs.

  3. First year subscriber, and now an every year subscriber. I’m now the #1 seed and get a bye next week!

    I really am just focused primarily on getting to the championship game. As such, I primarily care about week 15, to the point where I’d sell out if needed to win that one. Few questions for ya.

    I have the Titans DST, who match up against SF in week 15. Should I try to grab the Chicago DST vs Detroit?

    I currently have Breez, who goes against NYJ in week 15. Are there any below that you would go for to start over Breez in week 15?

    Flacco vs Cleveland
    Keenum vs Cincinnati
    Bortles vs Houston (minor bonus, Bortles gets SF in week 16)
    Garoppolo vs Ten (if you choose this one, please choose a second, as I may not get him!)

    Final question. I need to drop a player potentially to take another QB if you say someone other than Breez. I think I’d be dropping Parker I think? Is he done for this season more or less?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would likely stick w./ Titans

      Think we’d stick with Brees

      Parker can be dropped.

      Great to hear of your success. We appreciate your loyal support. Best wishes, and FINISH THE JOB!!!!!

  4. Team Name: FSociety
    Record: 8-4

    I missed the bye week because two creeps in my league tied last night thanks to AJ Green’s perfect 19 pointer (which is exactly what the other guy needed to tie)… So I have a win or go home situation this upcoming week. I’m down Gronk because he went WWE on the Buffalo defender last Sundayt, but I have Doyle to hopefully fill in for him.
    Anyway, I need some start/sit advice BADLY… Here’s the situation:

    Running back and Flex:
    McCaffrey, Alex Collins, Burkhead, Hunt, Alf Morris

    I’m leaning Burkhead (Flex), McCaffrey (RB1), Collins (RB2)… but it feels like the Hunt bounce back monster is on the way home to roost… I’m I trashy for thinking Hunt may be in play this week vs the deplorable Oakland def?HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chargers or Bengals? (Leaning Chargers, but Bengals have a nice soft matchup with Chicago) Thoughts?

    Last but not least, Alex, Byron, & Trashman… you guys have helped keep me afloat in 3 out of 4 leagues this year and every year. Many thanks friends! I appreciate you all. #WE_ARE_A_NATION!!!!

    1. I’m sorry, I meant to indicate that this is a standard scoring league. Also, Seals-Jones & Stephen Anderson are currently available on waivers…any interest in playing them over Jack Doyle as a Gronk replacement?

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would pro roll Hunt over CMC. Gonna have to wait for rankings!

      Tough call- I’m inclined to stick with Chargers and roll your stud DEF at home in a must-win, but Vegas likes Cincy as a fantasy DEF more. Two good options. Cincy feels safe vs John Fox, and Charges let down a bit last week.

      Although, WAS has two OTs who are hurt, and Bosa and Ingram could feast. I’d prob stick with Chargers, that team is hot.

      Thanks so much for your loyal support. Wish you the best during this holiday season and the fantasy playoffs!

      1. Hey Byron,

        Your advice is much appreciated my friend! Thanks for the well wishes as my team (defending champs) enter the snake pit this weekend lol. This team is the elder of 3 teams I have in the playoffs this weekend. This is also my sentimental favorite because this is a home league with 30 year + friends, that I get great pleasure out of destroying every season.

        Have an awesome & safe holiday as well! Can’t wait for the epic radio performance this and every Saturday as usual. I may try my hand at getting through on the phone line Saturday. You guys are the best in the business and I really look forward to hearing you all! RW Nation4Life!!!!

        Rich (lakeshow717) in Bmore

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    First year subscriber. I made the playoffs in 1 out of 2 leagues but I am a believer in you guys.
    A few questions….

    – Am I good to roll with Goff or do I add Dak or McCown?

    – Does McCaff’s matchup with Minn make him ride the bench? (other options on my roster are T Coleman, Perine, or Eklere.)

    -J Gordon over M Thomas in my flex?

    – I’ve got RSJ and Clay at TE. Do I go fishing for ASJ or Njoku or roll with them?

    Thanks for everything you guys do.

    1. Post By

      (full point ppr)

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would stick with Goff- McCown would be nice on the bench just in case

      Prob rolling w/ Perine right now

      Wait for rankings! Prob the Black Anaconda, he’s too sick!

      Grab ASJ

      Thanks for being such a great member of RWNation! Best wishes this holiday season, and during your playoffs!

  6. Thanks for all the awesome advice this year!!
    1/2 pt PPR Hyde or Burkhead this week?

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