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RosterWatch Week 4 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


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    What about trevor siemien over this qbs

    1. Sounds just Siemien is just a guy. The real beneficiaries on that offense are Anderson, Sanders, and Thomas. I would personally try and find someone else on the WW If you can.

  2. This sheet represents QB and D streamers right?

    Cutler is currently on my squad. This shows Taylor as the Stream play.

    I can pick from: Smith, Sieman, Goff, Taylor, Bortles, Palmer, Kizer, WAtson, Eli, McCown, Brissett, Rivers, Keenum, Hoyer, Glennon.

    Is the Play T-Rod? I kinda like the Goff or Dalton call too.

  3. 12 Team .5ppr

    Start QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, flex (RB, WR or TE), K, DST

    My team:
    QB – Cousins, Bradford
    RB – Ajayi, Fournette, CJ Anderson, Buck Allen
    WR – M Thomas, Crabtree, Diggs, D Adams, Kupp
    TE – Ertz
    DST – Rams
    K – Boswell

    Thoughts on trading Allen and a WR to upgrade either RB and WR

  4. Captain Kirk was dropped in one of my leagues, would you drop Big Ben or Rivers for him?

    1. I’d look at the matchups

  5. Is Buck Allen a drop candidate now that the Ravens have a tree headed backfield? Other RBs are Hyde, Howard, Lynch, T Coleman, Duke Johnson

    1. Yes, for one of the guys at the very top of the sheet- or for one of our favorite value pickups at the top of the bottom tier.

  6. Currently own Evan Engram and Tyler Eifert. Is there any reason to roster Eifert in a standard 10 team going forward?

    1. yeah, you can’t play Eifert right now. Although in 10 tm- there might be an even better TE option on your wire.

  7. In a vacuum Are we moving on from Marty Bennett in .5ppr?

    1. not particularly. for what?

  8. Would you drop Kupp or Doyle for Charles Clay? Don’t really like Doyle’s match up with Seattle after his weak performance this past Sunday.

    1. if that’s the case- yeah

  9. Who would you target in a trade of Lynch? He has not gotten off to the hot start that Rosterwatch nation expected and I am not sure what I can get for him

    1. the home games are coming – sit tight 3/4 next games at home. He will be in the end zone.

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    Should Will Fuller be on my radar to pick up yet. Probably look to get Woods but not much on the waiver wire for WR right now

    1. not a horrible idea

  11. I saw an article talking about selling high on Gurley based off of upcoming schedule concerns. Any thoughts on that from RW nation. I currently own him in 3 leagues.

    1. I asked them this and they said to only sell super super high. I followed up with a question about Freeman being high enough and they said no way. Only sell for a stud or two just really good guys.

      1. Thanks

    2. Yeah, if you can sell super high- we are interested. He’s not a flat out sell, though.

  12. I’m sure this gets answered on the podcast but I’m sending this in before the pod hits. I see that Clay, Tyrod, and the Jags are all even. Funny cause I pinpointed those guys before the sheet hit. Glad we are on the same page. Clay is ahead Cook. I own Cook. Is that where we swap or stick with Cook? Have Ben and was looking to stream Tyrod. Was told to hang tight with Ben even though he’s on the road again. And obviously the Jags are the defense to stream this week. Thanks gentlemen! Not so patiently waiting for the podcast!

    1. think you can stick with Cook.

  13. I have Cam Newton unfortunately and pretty much cost me my week. I picked up Jay Cutler last week based on Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet top QB available. It’s a 6point passing TD league. 12 team full point PPR

    I have 2 offers on the table

    McCaffrey for Mariota
    Joe Mixon for Wentz

    I’m pretty stacked at RB have Hunt, Gillislie, Crowell, Henry, Buck Allen

    Should I hang on one more week since Cutler has Saints? Even tho Cam made them look like top tier defense.

    1. Cutler is obviously very scary right now- I think you can roll him this week if you need too. DO NOT TRADE MIXON.

      We do like McCaffrey for Mariota. However, I’m not sure we think your RBs are quite as stacked as you do, as much as we like all those guys in principle. Trade Henry or Buck, or maybe even Crow.

  14. lookin to grab watson for stash and stream and recommended bid is 5% ish. on the waiver wire cheatsheet,how much do recommended bids for a qb change in a 2qb/superflex format?

  15. Help! I’m suffering in mediocracy. I’m in a 12 player standard league. I have:
    QB: Brees,
    RBs: Zeke, Gordon, Derrick Henry, Doug Martin
    WRs: Keenan Allen, DeVante Parker, Marqis Lee, Kupp, Kearse
    TEs: Jimmy Graham, Ebron

    I’ve had a lot of misfires, which I can wait for, but I’d rather be peaking at the end of the season. I’m thinking drop Ebron for Jamaal Charles or D’Onta Foreman (which also scratches my desire for a Longhorn). Is that the right call? Anyone else you’d drop for someone else as well?

    1. BTW, I’m thinking Kupp and Ebron are my “dropables”. Pretty soon I’ll need one spot so I can stream QB/K (and possibly D if I snag a great season long one).

    2. Yeah, we are on board with that.

      You have a filthy sick team btw. You are going to see more than your fair share of sunny days. Keep grinding.

  16. RBs, Murray/Henry, Ingram, Buck, Foreman and Perine – can only carry 6. Perine droppable for a guy like smallwood, Breida or Williams?

  17. What do you guys think about smallwood in a .5 ppr league.There is a $1000 free agent budget. How much would you risk to bid for him?

  18. if Chris Thompson is available in my league .. does he go above any of these waiver wire pickups?

    1. yeah- he’d be up in the top tier of RB close to Charles. Tied or so with Foreman.

  19. Any thoughts on injured guys coming back soon: Booker and Fuller

    Devonte Booker- yes will be #3 in a Den committee, but what are the chances Charles and Anderson both make it thru the season. I’m surprised Charles has made it 3 games.

    Wil Fuller- hot & cold last year before injury, but Hou is short of legit pass catchers and Watson’s rookie year >>>The Lost Year of Brock

    1. Fuller- a reasonable flyer.

  20. I have a Question for the guys and RW nation. Andrew Luck. He is suppose to be returning by week 6. If that’s the case , Obviously we want to grab him in smaller leagues if he’s available, which he is in my 10 teamer. But what about Moncrief, Aiken, Doyle and Vinatieri? ( if available of course…they should get an obvious jolt in production. Grab them now and stash them? besides the K of course.

    1. Doyle. Moncrief truthers will say him too- we don’t care about DM personally- well at least Alex and I don’t. He and Trashman look a like, so there is that.

  21. Big shout out to Roster Watch for help in building a team that can (so far) overcome losing David Johnson and Danny Woodhead (40% of my auction budget) in week 1.

    12 team ppr H2H double header league
    Week 1 (brutal) 0-1-1
    Weeks 2 & 3 undefeated

    Currently 4-1-1, in second place and leading in points.

    Cohen (huge thanks RW)

    It’s early days but off to a solid start considering circumstances. Thanks again.

    1. That’s awesome Sam. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your loyal support. We are happy to hear of your success, and wish you the best rest of season.

      Keep working the waiver wire, brother……

      1. It’s sister, but no worries!

        By the way great podcast. Appreciate the hard work.

  22. You guys are amazing.

    I am 3-0 with the cheat sheet even with the eggs laid by Carr and Lynch this week!!!!!

    From the previous cheat sheets I now have Charles, Foreman, and Kamara sitting on my bench. I also picked up Hurns and Njoku.

    Is Kupp someone that should be dropped and cycled,same with Njoku. I think I can drop Njoku now that Graham showed up.

    Also, I am a Gordon and Lynch owner as my RB1 & 2. Should I be picking up backups for them?

    Thanks as always.

    1. I also have J. Kearse taking up a spot on my bench. He is one of my previous waiver wire grabs. Should he be dropped and cycled for a shot at one of these guys on the week 4 sheet?

      1. If there is someone higher on the sheet avail in your league- yes!

    2. You could consider Oliver to ‘cuff Gordon- even though he’s not a true cuff- if that helps you sleep at night. Don’t bother with Lynch.

      We are fine keeping Njoku. Yes, our Golden Son – Cooper Kupp can be dropped for now.

  23. So what are we doing with Samaje Perine? Keep stashing him? Drop him? He’s looking like the 2015 Melvin Gordon.

    1. Listen to the POD!!!!!!!!!

  24. Help me RW, you’re my only hope.
    10 team 0.5 pt PPR, record is 1-2

    QB Newton
    RB D Freeman, CJ Anderson, M Lynch, D Martin, T Cohen, A Abdullah
    WR AJ Green, K Allen, M Bryant, JJ Nelson, M Lee
    TE Engram

    What do I do about Cam? Siemmian, Cutler, Wentz, Taylor, and Palmer on WW.
    Also, C Clay and J Cook available for TE on WW
    Pls help salvage this season for me.

    1. Pick up Cook for sure!!! Wentz/Palmer/ tayor is how I would rank them for QB..but get 1 of them for sure.Keep Clay. a Hard No for Trevor and Smokin jay.

      you should be good as gold.

    2. Man, you have a great squad- you should win a lot of games over the course of the season.

      Wentz, Taylor, and Palmer are all good options. I trust Wentz and Taylor the most. Taylor is at the top of the sheet, but those guys aren’t eligible because they are greater than 50% owned.

    3. and, yes on Cook or Clay- either is good depth along with Engram who we also like. We’d prob go Cook.

  25. 12 man ppr, drop Rudolph for either clay or Griffin?

    1. don’t think so- maybe Clay if you like the matchup better for a win this week

  26. 12 Team .5 PPR (1-2)

    [1] QB: Mariota
    [2] RB: Gordon, Howard (Perine)
    [2] WR: Jeffery, Parker (C. Davis, Sanu, Kearse)
    [1] TE: Reed (Eifert, Cook)
    [1] W/R/T: Lynch
    Bench total: (6)

    Top Available:
    RB: Perkins, Kamara, Smallwood, Breida, J. Williams
    WR: B. Marshall, Woods, Shepard, Funchess, Britt, Doctson
    TE: Clay, Engram

    1) Any must add/drops you see I should be making? I’m thinking this week I might not bother making any claims and hopefully move back up from 11th priority…sucks I’ll probably be dropping Kearse and Sanu who I blew claims on last week! All I know is I have to WIN this week against 0-3 team…

    2) Also we still holding the Rams Defense (@DAL) ? Or should I be replacing them with any of the following:

    Cardinals vs. SF (probably won’t clear waivers so debating using a claim myself)
    Jags @NYJ
    Bengals @CLE
    Falcons vs. BUF

    1. I would just flat out drop Eifert for Clay. I know..but..damn. you have 2, 2 many injury prone TE’s. Qb is fine, RBs are fine, Wr’s are ok..I would go after Doctson and Woods ( personally) maybe dropping Britt and Bunchess of Funchess. Keep Sanu! Hold on to Rams maybe pick up Bucs D ( if available) vs Giants awful O-Line for a streamer. I wouldn’t mess around with the other D’s, Personally

  27. Post By

    12 team Standard scoring league:

    1. Would you trade Dalvin Cook combo’d with any one of these receivers…. Evans, M. Thomas, Diggs, K. Allen for Le’veon Bell? if so which ones
    If not Dalvin cook; Would you trade Doug Martin and any of the said receivers for Le’veon? If so which ones

    2. Would you drop Kenny Golloday for Paul Richardson?

    3. Would you drop either of the Rams or Chiefs D for the Lions?

    1. 1. No. maybe Martin and Diggs, no Cook
      2. No
      3. Hell No.

      1. thank you for offering a helping hand BadWolf. Hat tip.

    2. Not Dalvin- yes, we’d do it with Martin- would offer Martin and Diggs to start.

  28. How worried should I be about Cam? 12 team league. Taylor, Dalton, and Cutler all available on waivers. Time to panic and pick one of them up?

    1. I think I have my answer from the end of the podcast. I’ve placed a claim for Dalton, dropping Perine.

      1. Just fine.

    2. If you listened to the pod- you know this.

  29. Thinking about offering Montgomery for Mixon PPR. Your thoughts, should I ask for more. This is a keeper league of 5 players


    1. in keeper this makes sense straight up, but you should be able to get more for TyM.

  30. Looking to trade for Christian McCarffery. Trying to put together a package to offer. I currently have Buck Allen, Tarik Cohen, Rob Kelley, Alvin Kamara and Eric Decker to trade for him. What type of package do you suggest I do?

    1. Allen + Decker

      1. Owner wasn’t buying it (must be a member lol). What other players should I go after with this type of package deal? Also could include crabtree or pryor for a more elite type player…

  31. Team Name: Milton’s Red Stapler

    Taking your great podcast advice and looking at an 0-3 team to buy low on Ajayi.

    Would Tyreek Hill + Derrick Henry be reasonable?

    His WRs are terrible so Hill would instantly be his best WR but he spent pick #11 of 12 for Ajayi so thinking he’s gonna want Cooks or Dez from me instead. He’s a D Murray owner so thinking he’d like the handcuff with Henry.



    1. That’s a bit rich for us. We love the TyFreak. We’d do it for Cooks. Go get that done. We love that you are so maniacal in your effort, and are following the program. We put a lot into this. Get ‘errrr done!

      1. Thanks, B. Proposed it…we’ll see how it goes!


  32. Listened to the POD, great stuff guys! I’ve been dangling Jeffery out there, with a back like Tevin and been getting stone walled. Michael Thomas on an 0-3 team, OBJ (last week before his breakout) on an now 0-3 team with lowest points. Got shut down on an Nuk, Mixon for my jeffery, Coleman and Kamara, for that same 0-3 team.

    I know you guys mentioned on the podcast an elite, to near elite talent, would Dez Bryant be about as low as you would go with that package? Or what should I realistically be shooting before, before I give up too much.

    Rbs: Gurley, Howard, Henry, Coleman, Cohen, kamara, Foreman

    WRs: Cooks, K Allen, M Bryant, A Jeffery
    TE Stream

    1. Don’t think we’d do it for Dez. You may be in a league with sharp and /or stubborn owners. Don’t force it. Maybe look at Tyreek or Keenan Allen – or Jordy or Mike Evans

      1. I think mostly stubborn!! Haha thanks for your help, again!

  33. Thoughts on Melvin Gordon for the rest of the season? Should I try and move him? I only have Mixon as a solid backup, whom I did start last week.

    1. He’s fine to keep

  34. Post By

    Thinking of throwing a trade offer out there as I am a little weak at rb and have good WRs. I have Evans, Thomas and Cooks and my starting rbs are Hyde and Mccaffrey or T Coleman. What do you think of offering Thomas or Cooks for Dougie Fresh Martin coming off suspension??? Full point ppr.

    1. Like it with Cooks, not Thomas. Or you could go Cooks + McCaffrey or Coleman for an even better option.

  35. I’m worried about my rb situation-
    Qb- Winston Rivers Mariota
    Rb- D Cook Gordon A Collins Foreman Perine..
    wrs- Hilton Baldwin hill cooks

    A potential team (he’s 0-3) to trade with has..
    Qb- Cam/Luck
    rb- Mixon, Stewart, Mcafferey, Ajayi, R Kelley
    Wrs- Garçon Thielen Pryor (he sucks here it seems like)

    I think he’s desperate or willing to move some of his rbs. Gordon’s scaring me with injury concerns- what kind of trades would you offer?

    1. Offer him Cooks or Hilton for Ajayi or Mixon. Or maybe Cook something up for McCaffrey.

  36. Since I only have Carr this weekend who is @ DEN, I am thinking I need to stream. Smith, Palmer, Dalton, Rivers, Manning, Siemian and Cutler are available ( many other usual suspects) Who would you suggest? And should I drop Golladay or C. Davis ( I have 5 stud WRs on team).

    1. Yes get Davis

      Rivers, Palmer prob my two fav options

      Dalton and Cutler def worth consideration.

      1. Drop Davis, right?

  37. Time to drop Rams DST?

    Lions, Jags, Skins, Ravens, Bills and Eagles available

    1. If need be you can- def like JAX this week.

      1. would you start the Jags over the Chiefs?

      2. would you go Jags over Rams for the season?

        1. I could drop Bradford and p/u Jags for the week?

  38. Listened to the pod and immediately went after Dalvin Cook. He rebuffed my offer. So I was looking into sending a different offer. Is Watkins, Lamar Miller, and Doug Martin for Cook, Corey Davis, and Foreman too much?

  39. WW claim.

    Smallwood or Duke Johnson

  40. Would you start Henry, Riddick or Kamara over Lynch this week?

  41. Was offered L.McCoy and Diggs for my Gurley, M.Bryant. What are your thoughts?

    1. Just my two cents but that seems like you’re giving too much , McCoy was relatively healthy last year so I think the typical hamstring or something and missing a few games is coming for him , Bryant hasn’t been great so far but the dudes a freak … MAYBE for just gurley but I don’t trust McCoy and rb is thin this year , like every year

  42. What’s up fellas ? First post ,Joined end of last year for some last minute advice , was in 2/3 league championships and your advice helped win one , followed up this year and loved the draft sheet and the waiver sheet and the podcast (we need more podcasts!) . You guys have been spot on more times than not which is very impressive and has helped me grab a few waiver players a week or 2 before they’re on anyone else radar , your hunt hype also lead me to draft him 14th in one league and man it payed off so far . Congrats aside , now for the question…

    Still in 3 leagues (most I can manage before rooting against myself) and in this one I’m 1-2 , it’s against my hometown boys and there’s a lot of shit talk I need to right this ship now
    TEAM NAME : jet-lagged
    Full point PPR
    STARTING. – 1 qb , 2 rbs , 2 wrs, 1flex , 1te, 1k, 1 def , 6 bench
    Roster – qbs – Ryan
    Rbs – gurley , mixon , Carson , Coleman , Charles … d johnson (afraid to cut and he comes back early )
    WRs – K Allen, Jeffrey , Marshall , p Richardson , M Lee
    TE- ASJ , just dropped hunter Henry ( I know you guys hate my jets and rightly so but I’m telling you ASJ is going to move into top 10 te territory , grab him now!)

    Still looking at the team I think it’s solid but my point are near bottom , just was offered deSean jackson for tevin Coleman , seems like a no brained for me with the amount of rbs I have , what you guys think or do you have any ideas on what other trade proposals I may be able to make , thanks you guys been great

    1. Thanks for being a great member of the community! We greatly appreciate your support.

      Good friggin’ roster. Keep DJ if you can. Your points should should up with the emergence of JMix and those other RW style RBs.

      Yes, my initial impression – you could do some work to upgrade your WRs / make your flex decision a little easier every week. I personally liked DeSean quite a bit coming into the season, although he gets at least a minor downgrade in PPR- and I’m not sure he makes your weekly flex decision any simpler. If you’re just looking to balance your roster, I think it’s a fair trade and makes some sense on that front. Question is- is he a real or significant upgrade over Lee or Richardson in any given week.

      First thing I’d do- if I’m looking to move Coleman. Go find the Freeman owner, and look at his roster. Also, if you listened to POD – you know we want to ship Alshon right now. And, this was the exact type of deal we were talking about- a Coleman + Alshon type deal for an upper echelon player.

      You should obviously explore whether you can get a King’s ransom for Gurley right now, as well.

      1. Just heard the podcast now and gave the 5* rating couple weeks back … thanks for the reply going to explore what I could get for Jeffrey/Coleman or gurley for sure .. appreciate it

  43. Trade Question PPR:

    Getting – Dal Cook
    Giving – B. Cooks and D. Henry

    RBs: Mixon, Foreman, D. Johnson and Perine
    WRs: Allen, Cooks, M. Bryant, Lee, Snead, Kupp, Doctson, Agholor, Golladay

    1. We want Dalvin

  44. Is offering cooks and lynch for Ajayi too much?

      1. in PPR.- no

  45. What about gillislee for Crabtree 1PPR?

    1. We’ll take Crab

      1. Thanks guys. If you had an opportunity for a blockbuster trade for hunt, shady or Montgomery, who would you offer with Evans, MThomas, cooks, cj, watkins, Crabtree

  46. Trying to snag Mixon. Trading buck allen + another player for him. Who else should i offer? (Decker, Cohen, Kelley, Kamara, Lee)

    1. Standard

  47. Post By

    I’ve been waivering TE the last 3 weeks, I have Cook now should I use him in week 4 or grab Clay

  48. Trade Julio and J-Stew for Doug Martin & Jeffrey? 1/2 point PPR. Worried that Julio scores less than 5 TDs this year

  49. How much would you pay for Mixon? I am 2-1 and have a guy that is 0-3 with no depth (he’s rostering multiple QBs and still has David Johnson for some reason). I have an abundance of wealth at RB (Bell, Hyde, Cohen, Coleman, Martin, Riddick, Foreman). Was going to consider trying to make a little package promising depth for him in exchange for the upside of Mixon for me on this roster.

  50. Post By

    Would you do a trade of Joe mixon and Carson Wentz for Hopkins or Allen? I have Cam so i’m trying to get a reliable QB backup.
    WRs: Evans, Diggs, Allen, Hopkins, Zay jones
    RBs: Fournette, Hunt, Howard, Gore, Henry

    Should I shoot for someone better than Wentz or is getting him with Mixon a good enough deal?

  51. who is the rb to have in dallas is e. elliot has to serve his suspension. i have mcfadden but he hasn’t even suited up yet. is it alfred morris, who only has 4 carries for 1 yard. Rod Smith 2 for 8 yards?


  52. Good morning guys. Standard format, should I start Jarvis Landry or Chris Carson in flex position? Thank you

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