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PRO RosterWatch Week 5 Big Tool: Snap Counts, Targets and Touches – Every Player in Fantasy

alex byline Here you can find snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format through Week 4. Simply click on the link below (PRO membership required). The Big Tool is updated through the start of the week in-season as information becomes available from the league office.

We’ve updated the spreadsheet to a new format which will hopefully make it easier to compare snap percentage, target and touch numbers from week-to-week. The rows are ordered by week of the NFL season. Once inside the shared document, find the team you are interested in, then click the link within the week you are interested in.

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  1. Post By Trashmans Fonzanoons

    After Ajayi’s awful showing vs the Saints is he still a buy low?

    1. the way that rbs are going down, there really isn’t a buy low right now.

      1. Post By Trashmans Fonzanoons

        I cant believe I am about to say this but that is a good point Mr. Trashman

  2. If I have Hyde as my RB1, is Breida a must-have handcuff?

    1. Seeing how these injuries happen to anyone – would be worth it if you have a spot. I’d like to find a spot for James Conner. If Bell goes down – Line him up.

      On the other hand with Cook going down in MN – Neither Laxative Murray or McKinnon really excite a guy. I’m a Vikings homer and CJ Ham may be the best running on our roster now.

    2. i don’t know if he’s a must have. he’s a higher value cuff than many.

  3. Would you consider trading K. Allen for Ajayi and Fitz?

    RBs: TN RBs, Ingram, Buck, Foreman, Clement
    WRs: AJ, Allen, M. Bryant, D. Parker

    Not sure dude will go for it, but does the offer seem legit?

    My team sucks right now – RB is the biggest reason. Ingram, Murray/Henry, Buck, Foreman — it’s a dumpster fire.

    1. there’s a lot of rb value on the waiver wire this week. stay tuned for the cheat sheet. if you can get that trade, i’d make it. not sure he’d go for it though.

  4. Looking at waivers there are a few people out there I think would help me. Watson, I have Rivers; Fuller & several of the breakout RBs.
    The key is im unsure whom to drop. I’ve seen B. Allen getting dropped. I also have Lynch, Charles, Henry and Garçon. My thoughts are Charles is expendable especially with bye week coming. But whom else would be a drop candidate?

  5. Riddick has been the low man on my totem pole when it comes to my RBs. Is it time we dump he and try to get something else? I’m guessing we can’t really trade him cause he’s not worth anything unless if he’s like a throw in to try and bait someone.

    1. i would try to trade him, but he’s expendable outside of deep ppr leagues

  6. Carr was my starting QB and have Siemian as back-up, but he’s on bye this week. Do I target Eli, Goff, or Watson? Do I drop Siemian for one of them and keep Carr on the bench?

    I had depth on this team before losing Coleman, Woodhead, and now Carson…. :'(

    1. i like watson and his dual threat ability. yeah, you have to keep carr. could only be 2 weeks.

      1. Thanks!

  7. Post By

    Thank you to the mystical, magical soothsayer of a cheatsheet. I lost D Cook but still have Zeke, Ajay, Perine, T Coleman and Kamara! #WeRANation. BTW, what do you think about getting TJ Logan to stash?

    1. thx sir- not interested in Logan at this time.

  8. Post By

    Thoughts on Ty Mont? Worth putting a high waiver bid for his backup?

    1. Please refer to the Waiver Cheat Sheet when it comes out later

  9. Post By

    Dal Cook owner here. Damnit!

    But OK moving forward. How would you prioritize the following backs available on my waiver wire. 16 league team but we only have 3 bench spots to keep acquisitions lively throughout season.

    Andre Ellington
    Latavius Murray
    Alex Collins
    Aaron Jones
    Forrest Whittaker

    Am I missing anyone of better stature?


    1. please refer to the WW cheat sheet later today.

  10. Team will be 0-4 after Monday night here is my squad:

    RB- D Freeman
    RB- M Gordon
    RB- L Fournette
    RB- J Allen
    RB- J Stewart
    RB- D Foreman
    WR- D Thomas
    WR-M Bryant
    WR- J Crowder
    WR- S Shepard
    WR- C Kupp
    WR- M Lee
    WR- P Richardson
    TE- T Eifert
    TE- J Cook

    Should I trade away backs for WR upgrades.. Getting desperate at this point any advice appreciated… Thanks

    1. yes, you need to consolidate. pair players for one in return. seek out high floor players with td upside.

  11. Would you trade Fournette plus Mike Williams for Odell? Currently have Lynch, Zeke and Henry at RB. Plus Watkins, Hill, M Thomas, C Davis, C Coleman at WR. Also have No.1 waiver this week to get a new RB from ww. Cheers

    1. No, you’re about to lose Zeke – don’t trade Fournette.

  12. Hi All,

    So I had Dalvin Cook. I had dumped Abdullah last week. I am number one in my waiver wire. Should I pick abdullah back up or ellington? It is a PPR league.


    1. we’d probably rather have Abdullah over Ellington.

  13. Post By Garrison92088

    Trade T Coleman for Mixon. .5ppr. Have Ajayi, D Martin, D Henry, D Foreman. Thank you!! Lost Cook and Carson

  14. In response to Trashman’s response on a trade question above. Allen for Fitz/Ajayi …. you think Allen for Fitz/Abdullah is more reasonable.

    His RBs: McCaffrey, Ajayi, Smallwood, Abdullah, Martin, Carson
    His WRs: Cooks, Fitz, Landry, Fuller and Marshall.

    He wants either Green or Allen.

    I’m sitting with:
    WR: Green, Allen, D. Parker, M. Bryant
    RB: Murray/Henry, Buck, Ingram, Foreman, Clement

    Also tweeted a question: Would you trade Foreman to Miller owner for Crowell? He also has Rawls and T. Coleman but doubt that’s reasonable.

    Thanks. RW Nation. 1-3 start and not confident over here…

    1. it’s more reasonable. you need to consolidate imo. i don’t want crowell. i would see what you can get on waivers, then make your decision after you see what you can get.

      1. Grabbed McGuire and Funtchess from the wire:

        RBs; Murray/Henry, Ingram, Buck, Foreman, McGuire
        WRs: Green, Allen, D. Parker, M. Bryant, D. Funchess.

        Fitz/Abdullah and upgrade from Green/Buck?

        1. eh, it boosts your rbs a bit. i would rather you pair a couple of those guys for a marquee rb.

  15. 12 man ppr, I have Carr who’s out 2-6 wks, Alex Smith and Andy Dalton on waiver wire. 1 pt 25 yrs passing, 6 pts passing/rushing tds. Who do I go after?


  16. Post By

    my running backs right now are
    I am thinking of dropping Riddick and Bernard and picking up smallwood and ellington thoughts?

    1. i’m fine with that move. you’d be getting higher floors

  17. Post By

    my wideouts are
    Amari Cooper
    Brandon Marshall
    Jordan Mathews
    should I drop Mathews for Fuller or Funches also is Marshall worth keeping on my bench?

    1. i would do that for either and yes

      1. Post By Electricwessel

        Is Amari cooper worth keeping on my roster? Funches is available and just seems like he might have a higher floor. I picked up fuller and have Tate.

  18. Post By Electricwessel

    I have Jordan Reed and Zach Ertz. I am 4-0 in my league no one will trade with me for Reed all I am after is a decent WR. should I just drop him or hold on to him?

    1. he’s always worth holding. a couple hot weeks, and he’s trade bait again.

  19. Post By

    Would you trade dalvin cook and Aaron jones for jay ajayi, Demarco Murray and Big Ben? Dynasty league

  20. Post By

    Is Clement worth a start in PPR if Smallwood is out?
    pick one in PPR for this week–Kupp, M. Bryant, McKinnon

  21. Post By

    .5 ppr league. I’m stuck on who to start in my flexed. Crowell, gallman or buck Allen?

    1. ugh, gallman if you have to

      1. My only other option kendall wright…

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