RosterWatch Week 5 Matchup Tool Now Available

alex bylineWelcome back.

This is a proprietary weekly tool provided by RosterWatch for our PRO community. You can download it as always, or use the new, sortable and user-friendly online version.

It is designed to be a decision-making tool for gauging the defensive opponents your fantasy players face. If you are new to this, our time-tested and most popular flagship tool, the instructions for use couldn’t be simpler, and can be found below.

RW PRO users can download the matchup tool (or access the online tool for use) in the downloads section of their profile by clicking HERE.

DO NOT RELY ON “FANTASY POINTS AGAINST” as your primary indicator for player matchups ever again. It is a flawed metric, as you’ll see, which will cause you heartache and struggle.

The rankings represented here are derived via a proprietary algorithm which takes into account not only standard “fantasy points against” metrics, but also (and most importantly) weighted averages and medians of separate individual player and defensive-unit scouting grades for members of the 2017 unit that will be run-stopping, pass-rushing, or covering against the position in question, along with other analytic trends including projected game-script, game-flow, Vegas indicators, volume of total snaps and much, much, more.



To use the tool, think about your fantasy player.

Let’s say you own Bucs QB Jameis Winston, and would like to see how he matches up against the defense he faces this week.

First, look down the list and find the Bucs (Winston’s team). You will see that the Bucs’ opponent (OPP) is the Patriots in Week 5, and there are four color-coded cells in the horizontal columns marked “OPP vs. QBs,” “OPP vs. RBs,” “OPP vs. WRs” and “OPP vs. TEs.”


They are not the rankings for the Bucs, but rather, for the OPPONENT THEY FACE IN THIS GIVEN WEEK (the Patriots). In the “OPP vs. QBs” cell for the Bucs, you’ll notice a big, blue ‘No. 1’. This means Winston faces the best possible matchup for opposing QBs in Week 5 in the Patriots. This is a great indicator for owners of Winston or those thinking of rostering him in DFS contests.

Repeat the same process for other players on your roster as you are trying to decide which players to start and which to sit in season-long leagues. Also use it to identify which upside-plays to roster in DFS contests based on matchup.

With the launch of the online tool, you can now sort by any column: vegas line, over/under, and matchup ranks vs. each position for easy reference.

“1″ is the best (easiest) matchup, “32″ is the worst (toughest).

(you like blue matchups best)

BLUE: Best Matchups
LIGHT BLUE: Borderline Top Matchups
WHITE: Neutral Matchups
LIGHT RED: Borderline Bottom Matchups
RED: Worst Matchups

++RW Proprietary Algorithm


  1. I have a QB situation that makes the Trashman look and smell like a bouquet of fresh cut roses.

    Who would you roll with, Dalton, Kizer, Hoyer, Brissett, Keenum or McCown?

    Of these Dalton stands out, but has the worst matchup of them all by a lot.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      all interesting trash QB plays – I prob like Dalton or McCown. Our QB rankings will continue to be updated daily, keep an eye out.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        agree- it could be a trap for Dalton. But, he’s not the worst option in a pinch.

    2. Byron,I don’t think anyone wants to deal with GB backfield ,any word on Montgomery,or should I just go with Demarco M?

      1. How do u feel about R Matthew vs Texans,if Mario ta doesn’t play I may be in trouble

  2. Howard owner, standard league.

    Would you trade Cohen for E Sanders? His other WRS are D Baldwin and Fitz.

    My RBs: Gurley, Howard, Coleman, Henry, Kamara, Gallman

    WRs: Keenan, Cooks, Jeffery, Martavis

    1. I could try and see if he would bite on a cohen and martavis for Baldwin deal… what would you think about that? If he would do it for Jeffery instead of martavis would you pull the trigger?

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      If I need a WR – yeah probably. I’d rather have Baldwin, and with Fitz it’s close.

      Sick team, man.

  3. Post By apkelley47@gmail.com

    Have Smallwood and Gallman on the roster as backups to Hunt/Gurley (with Doug Martin), is Rawls worth a pickup to get rid of either of those two?

    Also, Garcon a better option in the flex (ppr) this week than any of the 3 backup RB’s listed above?

  4. 10 Team PPR (2 Keeper)

    [1] QB: Wilson
    [2] RB: Lynch, D. Martin (Cohen, CJA, D. Henry, Rawls)
    [3] WR: Evans, OBJ, K. Allen (M. Bryant, Funchess)
    [1] TE: Bennett
    [1] W/R/T: Mixon
    Bench total: (5)

    RB: Crowell, McGuire, Gallman, Collins, Foreman
    WR: Wallace, Richardson, Kupp
    TE: Brate, J. Cook, H. Henry

    1) Alright so I dropped Carson for Rawls instead of McGuire and dropped my kicker for Funchess which means by Sunday I’ll be needing to drop someone for a kicker so who is the odd man out? Also I’d love to upgrade my RB situation by consolidating some of my depth so who are my two most marketable backs to try packaging in a 2 for 1?

    2) So Crowell was dropped. Is he worth my 5th waiver priority and if so who do I drop him for? Any add/drops you’d make?

    3) Also what do I do with Bennett? Brate, Henry and Cook are available and another team is trying to trade Graham too? Thoughts?

  5. Post By Trashmans Fonzanoons

    Would you recommend starting any Bucs or Pats in DFS this week?

    1. Post By Trashmans Fonzanoons

      Please ignore. I’m an idiot and missed that you already answered this on the wavier wire page. Keep up the awesome work fellas!

  6. Is Crowder droppable or should I have some patience? PPR league with Duke Johnson, Funchess, Fuller, McGuire, Blount, etc. on the waiver wire.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Can drop if need be

  7. Post By gr8one_22@hotmail.com

    Looking at Abdullah, Martin, or Mixon for RB 2. And those or Thielen in my flex. I just don’t know if I can trust Martin coming back first game, has me a little worried.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      In ppr – prob Abdullah. In standard this is crazy close, it might still be Abdullah. Keep an eye out for our RB rankings updated before 2mrw night’s game.

  8. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    I’m leaning Doug Martin for my RB2 over Joe Mixon, but I’m a little worried about volume and game progression for the Bucs against New England. Tampa could easily be abandoning the run as the game wears on. Mixon has gotten the volume, but the matchup is less favorable.

    I also have Buck Allen and Derrick Henry. I’m a little sour on Buck Allen, but I’m pretty sure the choice is between Mixon and Martin.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah- this is a close tough call for the reasons you outlined. I own both in separate leagues. Feel like where I have to it’s fine to start either. Please wait on our RB rankings update before tomorrow’s nights game.

  9. Tarik cohen + Thielen for Ajayi OR melvin gordon?

    1. Full point per

    2. Post By Byron Lambert


  10. Got offered Kearse and Jamaal Charles for Gallman and Marvin Jones.

    I have Howard, Cohen, and Ajayi at RB and Tyreek Hill, DeSean Jackson, Thielen, and Corey Davis at WR. It’s 1pt ppr

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Are you giving Kearse and Charles? We’d prob do the deal just to stash Gallman.

      1. I’d be giving Gallman/Jones, so don’t do it?

  11. PPR Trade:

    Getting: Ajayi
    Giving: Fuller

    RBs: Mixon, A. Jones, Gallman, Mcquire, Forman. Lost DJ and D. Cook
    Wrs: Allen, M. Bryant, Lee, Fuller, Snead, Kupp, Doctson and Golladay

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Great trade.

  12. Wentz or Watson this week??
    Dougy Martin or Quizz a RB2? (PPR)

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Think you have to keep rolling Watson. Keep an eye on our QB rankings.

  13. Sorry – Posted in Waiver Column too — hard to know where you guys are at – Love when you tweet out when you’re going in… just FYI.

    RBs: Murray, Henry, Buck, Foreman, McGuire
    WRs: Green, Allen, D. Parker, M. Bryant, D. Funchess

    In PPR we play 2 RB, 2 WR, 2FL – Is it crazy to start both Henry and Murray with Mariota out and go WR for the other 4 spots. If not – which WR do you sit?

    How which 6 guys you playing? or which 4 do you sit?


    1. none of these guys are going on Thurs so let us get more time to input everything into the rankings before giving a final decision.

  14. Guys, your help would be most appreciated. Who do you recommend to play in my flex (1/2 pt ppr – RBs get .2 for each carry)
    D. Martin, K. Allen, H. Henry, T. Cohen

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Keenan. followed by a close call on Martin / Cohen. Prob Martin on the second call.

  15. Would you drop Carr for Luck? I have Rivers for now.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Probably- not an emergency , though

  16. Hey guys – so I’ll go back and look at your initial Fast Start/Season long/Playoff SOS rankings. I’ve noticed the numbers have changed when looking at your weekly #s compared to when those were released before the season.

    I don’t remember from years past but will you put together a revised – End of year/Playoff SOS match up tool??

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      The weekly matchup tool integrates the most up to date outputs form our. models. Use the current week to project the short term future of various matchups.

  17. 3-1 PPR play 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 Flex
    DFreeman, Elliott, McCaffrey, DMartin, Tev Coleman, DHenry
    OBeckham, SDiggs, THill, GTate, MLee, WFuller

    1. Would I rather have Kamara, Smallwood EMcGuire, or Lat Murray (all available in my league) then my DHenry (on the bench) in PPR?
    (I Drafted DHenry as a shot for a RB1 if DMurray got injured)

    2. Ebron is …. Should I drop and pick up Brate PPR (may not get Ebron back and Brate would be my TE) BWatson also available

    Thank you

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      1- hate to say it, but prob so

      2- those are all streamers- grab the TE you think will help you most this week- Brate is a good option- Watson is also solid

  18. Post By sally_espejo@sbcglobal.net

    Hey guys have two start/sit questions. First is D. Watson or Russell W. at QB. Second is need two flex and two WR out of:
    K.Benjamin K.Allen
    D.Hopkins M.Crabtree
    T.Hill B.Powell

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


      Allen + Powell

      Hopkins + Hill

  19. Post By Uncle_Maynard

    Is Moncrief a stash guy with news Luck is practicing again? Or stick with bums like BMarsh, Marvin Jones

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d roll with Moncrief

  20. 16 team standard I need to start 2 of Doug Martin, Lynch, and joe mixon

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      please wait for our rankings- this is very close- all potentially good plays- but all with questions- people are really low on Lynch right now- I actually think these next 3 weeks at home are the time to play him every week

      with backup EJ Manuel at QB and a season in the balance, they will likely rely on the strength of their team which is the OL. And, their opponent Baltimore is coming cross country and will be without their best run stopping defensive lineman Brandon Williams.

  21. Post By kdhrris1@memphis.edu

    Cutler, Tyrod, Dalton or Brissett???

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tyrod the safe option. Dalton a bit riskier but more upside. Can’t trust Cutler. Brissett is sneaky this week, but not with my season on the line- and SF defense gave Palmer fits on Sunday.

  22. 10 tm ppr. I have d Hopkins k Allen Mike Evans Garcon Crabtree, RB s lynch ajayi powell abdullah foreman. Should I offer up K Allen and powell for Gurley or stay put? Or what do you suggest for gurley? I’m 1 st in the league thanks to you guys. Thanks for the help Bruce

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hate giving up Allen- but if you can get Gurley- you should.

  23. 12 team full point ppr league. Also, 1 point per carry. I received a trade proposal. I would give up Tevin Coleman and receive Demaryius Thomas.

    My current RBs: LeSean McCoy, Joe Mixon, Marshawn Lynch, Christian McCaffrey, Tevin Coleman, Derrick Henry, Matt Breida

    My Current WRs: AJ Green, Martavis Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Allen Hurns

    What do you think?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Don’t love DT, but it’s a fair deal and you need a WR.

  24. Team Name: West Coast Bias (3-1)

    Need to fix my D. Carr situation.

    All I could get on Waivers was J. Flacco – disgusting…

    Someone dropped T. Taylor and I am gonna try to grab him but I have low priority.

    Also looking at a trade with the D. Watson owner. Would giving him Fuller or D. Foreman (he has L. Miller) be too much? Other options would be Kamara, Charles, Cupp or Hurns. Thx.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Give him Foreman.

  25. I have Jameis, Watson, Evans, OBJ, K Allen, Garcon, Hunt, CJ Anderson, Mixon, T Coleman, B Allen, McQuire, Rudolph, and Brate.

    I have an offer to get Duke Johnson for Garcon and $10 of my remaining $44 FAB. Would you take that deal, or stand pat?

    Also, I’m thinking about taking a flyer on potential Zeke suspension replacement. Are yall leaning Morris over McFadden now?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close call- wouldn’t throw in the $10 – tell em you’ll do it straight up or no deal.

      We think the Cowboys backfield will be a timeshare. Get the one who is least impact to acquire

      1. I can get either for free today

  26. Need one flex for this week – PPR. Amandola, J. Graham, T Williams or rishard Matthews

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      RM if Mariota plays. If not- prob Graham, maybe Amendola

  27. My dudes where is the pod? I thought a trade pod was coming out today

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      It’s up! Check iTunes.

  28. Post By kdhrris1@memphis.edu

    Drop Doyle for Sefarian-Jenkins or role with him?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you are desperate for a win this week, yeah.

  29. Demarco Murray or James White this week in PPR?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Murray, please wait for updated rankings tomorrow.

  30. Post By Rockycrbtr5@gmail.com

    I can only play 2. Jordan Howard, Landry, or Desean Jackson! Please help!

    1. Post By Rockycrbtr5@gmail.com


      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Howard and Jackson

  31. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    As Commissioner of a league I am perplexed over a trade in my league. I am hoping you can help me see through my confusion. A 0-4 team is trading Martavias Bryant to a 4-0 team in exchange for Dashawn Watson. Is this a trade I should consider vetoing?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No, you should listen to this evening’s Trade Podcast to understand why this is a fair deal. Do not veto it. Veto is only used for the most extreme swindles.

  32. Standard league wr and TE are the same must start 3 of brandin cooks, Charles clay, Davonte Parker, and Adam thielen.

  33. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    Just listened to podcast. I am 2-2 and wonder if I should trade LeSean McCoy for Mark Ingram and Keenan Allen?

    PPR Format

    Current Roster:

    LeSean McCoy
    Joe Mixon
    CJ Anderson
    Elijah McGuire

    Tyreek Hill
    Paul Richardson

    1. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

      Or would you prefer a LeSean McCoy for either Chris Hogan and/or Jay Ajai? If I can’t get them both would Jay Ajai straight up be selling McCoy too cheaply?

    2. Post By Byron Lambert


  34. Would you drop B Allen for Gallman? 10 team half point ppr.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob yeah

  35. Engram was high on the waiver wire sheet and is above Cook in rankings. Time to move on from Cook to Engram? Thanks guys

  36. What about this trade offer?
    Receive : Jay Ajayi, Deandre Hopkins
    Trade: Melvin Gordon and either (Desean Jackson, Crabtree or Pryror)

  37. Should I drop Mike Tolbert and pick up Elijah Mcguire?

  38. Post By rhettro23@yahoo.com

    I have a pretty good team but I am nervous about Marshawn Lynch…if I want to move him how should I do it and who would be a likely target. Here’s what I got…thanks

    Can Newton
    Day Prescott

    Todd Gurley
    Theo Riddick
    Aaron Jones

    Mike Evans
    Martavius Bryant
    Devonta Parker
    Rishard Matthews
    Tyler Lockett
    Brandon Marshall

    Jordan Reed
    Jack Doyle


    1. Post By rhettro23@yahoo.com

      Would Marshall/Lynch for Ajayi be something smart to try or stick with Lynch?

  39. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    Do you feel OK with dropping Crowder to pick up Zay Jones?

    1. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

      in another league OK to drop Doctson for Zay Jones?

    2. Post By Byron Lambert


  40. Post By hjhieme@gmail.com

    .5 ppr deciding between 2 rbs and 2 wrs.

    I have 1 rb spot open, 1 wr spot open and the flex.

    Doug Martin
    L Blount
    TY Hilton

    So basically I need 3 of the 4

    I am leaning
    Martin, Hilton, and Alshon


    1. i think you have it right.

  41. Post By thetzel3@aol.com

    Trade proposal 1pt ppr giving up K Allen & L Murray for Ertz & D Martin. I lost D Cook last week. My remaining roster would be WR A Brown,M Thomas,Crabtree, Fitz, Garçon, RB Gurley and Hunt. TE Clay. Can only start 2rbs 2wrs and flex TE WR RB.

    1. Post By hjhieme@gmail.com

      I think Murray will have no value as soon as they see how trashy he is. Will Ertz regularly start for you over Clay? I think Martin will give you solid RB depth. You just have to be ok getting rid of the the best player (right now) in this deal.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Fair deal- looks like it helps your squad. Would obviously much rather send Fitz or Crab or maybe even both instead of Allen who we absolutely love esp in PPR.

  42. Post By apkelley47@gmail.com

    Have Smallwood and Gallman on the roster as backups to Hunt/Gurley (with Doug Martin), is Rawls worth a pickup to get rid of either of those two?

    Also, Garcon a better option in the flex (ppr) this week than any of the 3 backup RB’s listed above?

    1. i’d rather rawls than gallman. yes, i’d play garcon overany of them in a ppr this week.

  43. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    I am looking to trade Mel Gordon and Jamison Crowder for Jay Ajai and Micheal Thomas.

    What do you think about this trade?

    1. Post By hjhieme@gmail.com

      I doubt the other owner would take that trade. Ajayi still has name rec and his bye is already past. You’d have to beef up the offer to get serious consideration. Crowder has been a full load of trash thus far and doesn’t have the name rec to recover from that.

      1. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

        Replace Crowder with Crabtree?

        1. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

          Gordon and Crabtree for Ajai and M. Thomas seems a bit neutral. But Rosterwatch seems to like Ajai as a buy low candidate. But am I cutting bait too soon with Gordon?

          1. Post By hjhieme@gmail.com

            I think adding Crabtree will make it more likely for the trade to go through.

            The thing I keep coming back to is the phrase “cultivating talent” The guys here are always saying it. So are you adding enough talent to your roster through wavier pickups to replace the talent you pass along in order to get elite options.

            I feel Thomas is an elite option over Crabtree. If it takes a swap of Gordon and Ajayi to make that improvement then do it.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      WOULD LOVE THAT – if you get JA + MT! A monster!

    3. i don’t think they’d go for it, but it’s worth a shot.

  44. Thanks to you, I’m 4-0!! With Janoris Jenkins likely shadowing K Allen this week, should I start tyrell Williams? We start 2 WRs and flex. I have AB considering L Miller or Garçon in flex. Thoughts?

  45. Post By mgambee@gmail.com

    12 team standard scoring:

    I have a pretty filthy squad right now but I think I should sell high on one of my WRs Keenan Allen or Diggs and get an insurance for my RBs.

    1. Wold you trade Diggs for Carlos Hyde? I also got an offer for diggs and Allen for Gurley but I don’t think I should give up that much.

    2. My TE are Doyle and ASJ. I could use an allen or Diggs to pick up a Kelce or Ertz but is it really worth it giving that up to get a TE?

    3. Would you start Watson over Cam this week?

    QB: Cam, Watson
    RB: Hunt, Howard, Fournette, Gore, Henry, Mcguire
    WRs: Evans, Diggs, Hopkins, Allen, Fuller

    1. Post By hjhieme@gmail.com

      Don’t do the trade for Gurley. The guys here have continually said he will have a hat start but his schedule will cool him off.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Thanks for pitching in HJH!

        1. Post By hjhieme@gmail.com

          Thanks for all the work you guys do. I enjoyed the Trade-cast on my walk last night. I shopped Montgomery and Alshon hard before the Thursday night game. Almost turned them into Antonio Brown in one deal and Jay Ajayai in another. I agree with what you said about the short week making it hard to pull anything off. Guess we will see what happens moving forward.

          One question though. What do you think Doug Martin’s workload will be like tonight?

          1. Post By Byron Lambert

            Thinking 15 touches for Martin.

  46. Trade question: I get K Benjamin for D Martin. Half point PPR.

    My team: J Howard, M Gordon, McCaffrey, K Allen, T Hill, D Jackson, J Stewart, D Martin, M Lee


    1. i’m not doing this trade if i’m you. who knows when gordon will get healthy enough to really produce and mccaffrey hasn’t been the points factory he’s been talked up to being, yet.

  47. Post By Brandon@norsteel.build

    Standard League – TE Question going forward (Limited WW so can’t just stream). Witten has killed me last couple weeks and tough matchup this week……Stay the course or pick up: Henry, Fleener, Howard, Miller, James or ASJ….thx

  48. I’m trying to trade for mixon

    On my team 12 team league .5 ppr:
    RB: Howard, D Martin, Cohen, JC, Buck Allen
    WR: Green, Thomas, K Allen, Martavis, Kupp

    He’s got:
    RB: Mixon, Murray, CJ Anderson, Blount,
    WR: Thielen, B Marsh, R Cobb, G Allison, John Brown, Garçon

    Would you suggest something like Keenan Allen for Mixon straight up?

    Or something like Martavis and Kupp and JC (since he’s an Anderson owner) for like B Marsh and Mixon. I just want to give a fair trade offer. But I also don’t want to trade too much away.

  49. Post By Shanz4x4@gmail.com

    Trade help please!

    I give:
    D Martin
    J Graham
    K Allen

    I get:
    L Blount
    C Clay
    JULIO Jones


  50. Post By christopherdavidhui@gmail.com

    Trashman, I need your help! PPR League, and I need to pick two:

    Martavis Bryant
    Doug Martin
    Wendell Smallwood


  51. Post By michaelc20042000@yahoo.com

    making a trade what do you think ? I’m getting C J Anderson & D Thomas… I would be giving up C hogan & A. Abdullah ?

    my team now i have
    WR A.brown
    WR cooks
    WR. d hopkins
    WR w fuller
    WR W sead
    RB J Ajayi RB T Rawls RB E Mcguire RB M Lynch

    thanks guys btw my record is 3W 1L

    1. Post By michaelc20042000@yahoo.com

      its a PPR league too!!!

    2. Post By michaelc20042000@yahoo.com

      C”MON NOW NO HELP!! 24HR LATER?!!!

  52. Post By chase.smith@utexas.edu

    Trade tyreek for d Martin and Fuller? Or tyreek and Collins for Martin and mixon?

  53. Standard league; need to start 2 of these RBs: Gordon, Montgomery, Lynch, Cohen, Aaron Jones

    I think I have to start Gordon as one of the two RBs as he has the safest floor. Also I picked up Jones off waivers this week as insurance in case Montgomery was out multiple weeks. Now it looks like Montgomery may play so I’m not sure whether that waiver move will pay off.

    I listened to Byron’s first ever Tradecast episode last night and he mentioned getting Lynch in lineups this week vs Baltimore. But looking at the matchup tool, Green Bay RBs have a much better matchup this week than Oakland does.

    So who do I start… Lynch, Montgomery, or Jones?

  54. Post By kdhrris1@memphis.edu

    Ppr Flex Question:
    Mixon or Rishard Matthews

  55. I have Witten in a PPR league, but would you take a flier on ASJ or Hunter Henry?

  56. Really need your help guys!!!

    Just got the following trade offer:

    Give up M. Gordon, M. Lynch, A. Jeffrey, A. Kamara

    Receive: J. Ajayi, L. Miller, I. Crowell, D. Watson

    I am a Carr owner with no backup. I also have D. Foreman.

    Rest of team: WRs Michael Thomas, DeSean Jackson, W Fuller, C. Kupp, A. Hurns. RBs: D Foreman, J. Charles. TE: Jimmy Graham.

    I feel like this trade could make or break my season.

  57. Standard trade question Jeffrey and mixon for Julio? I have bell hunt forman kamara and lynch at rb and dez m thomas and garcion at wr

    1. Im looking to get julio

  58. Standard who to drop got luck kamara forman for drop options. Looking to get engram cause jimmy is on by next week and dont want engram going off and i have to fight for him.

  59. Post By ctflogin@gmail.com

    need a bit of help…a s jenkins or delanie walker at te 1 pt ppr…thx

  60. I picked up Watson. Threw Big Ben in the trash. Antonio Brown is my WR1 obviously, even though tough match up. Who should I start as my second receiver? Crabtree, Tyrek, Benjamin, Fuller, Garcon? Leaning toward Fuller. 0-4. need a win Nation! Thanks guys!

  61. Need a RB2. Cohen, McCaffrey, L. Murray?

  62. Took your advice and bought low on Ajayi from an 0-4 team in my standard 12-team.

    I gave them B Cooks/Tevin Coleman, then picked up Brate with my extra roster spot (listed 2nd on the w5 waiver wire sheet) and played him last night. That worked out well!

    I was loaded at WR due to the maniacal draft sheet (J.J., Dez, Cooks, Tyreek, Parker) so I think this move made sense to balance my roster. Now I’m motivated to move Montgomery and/or Cohen or Henry for another top RB. Gotta figure that out.

    Thanks, guys!

  63. jimmy graham or jared cook?

    thank you for the pop and sizzle.

  64. Post By bjmarsh0617@gmail.com

    To: Byron Lambert
    Does the robot genius not like James Stewart anymore-? He’s-on the cheat sheet, but not coming through the model after MULTIPLE Runs????

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