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RosterWatch Week 6 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. Have a trade offer of my Jimmy Graham for T Pryor and McKinnon. I have Evan Engram also I have K Allen, Mike Evans, Davante Adams at WR and Ajayi, D Martin, Mixon, Henry, Foreman and Lat Murray. What do you think? Thank you!

    1. You don’t need Pryor or McKinnon- keep Graham as he is heating up, or wait for a better deal. You have a very solid team.

      1. What if I could do Graham for DeMarco Murray?

    2. Post By Watrlogd@aol.com

      Hell yes! I’m a Seahawk fan and Jimmy is garbage. He can’t get open and he can’t stay healthy. Pick-up Evan Engram now that the 2 top WR’s are out for the Giants. Or, go a little deeper and pick-up Austin Sefarian Jenkins. You’ve got to take this deal!

  2. wayne gallman or aaron jones? PPR

    1. ROS or this week?

      Prob AJONES

  3. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    4-1 record standard scoring
    QB- Russell wilson
    RB: Doug Martin, Kamara, Buck Allen, Elijah McGuire, Gallman
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Allen Hurns
    TE: Travis Kelce

    I offered someone in my league who is 1-4 his choice of Buck allen or Kamara and his choice of stefon diggs and keenan allen. Basically what I wanna know is which RB out of those 2 and which Wr out of those 2 would I prefer to trade for ezekiel elliot who is on bye this week.
    Also, can zeke still get suspended?

    1. If you could send Buck Allen and Diggs for Zeke right now we’d do it- otherwise stay put- see what happens with Zeke during bye week.

      1. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

        Thanks Byron will do

  4. Post By paul.thompson8811@gmail.com

    Need a Tier 1 WR. Is Sammy Watkins and Marshawn Lynch worth trading to go get Chris Hogan? I already have Cooks, DeVAnte Parker, Crabtree, Le’Veon, and Jordan Howard.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Wouldn’t hate it if you were in a WR pinch- but already owning Cooks – don’t see this as necessary. Think you’d be better served bolstering your RBs.

  5. Would you offer D Thomas and Matt Breida to Hyde owner for Chris Hogan? .5 PPR deep league

  6. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    Would you trade doug martin, keenan Allen, and gallman for watson, corey davis and bell? i have russell so im just looking for a fill in this week. standard scoring league

  7. Easy Pickins 2-3
    12 team PPR
    I lost Beckham this week. We start 3 WR 2 RB and a flex. I was thinking about moving Elliott for for a stronger WR. Was thinking about maybe going the owner that has Evans and getting him and McKinnon.

    Hoyer, Carr
    Garçon, D. Adams, Tyrell Williams, Kearse
    Elliott, Lynch, Ingram, A. Jones, Kamara, McGwire

    Do you make this trade and am I targeting the right caliber of WR.

    1. Or should I move Ingram for someone like Crabtree

  8. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Your preference for a TE streamer:

    Brate vs. an Arizona defense that just yielded two TDs to TEs


    ASJ vs. a NE defense that’s given up TDs to TEs in four of the five games and at least 55 yards per game

    I’m leaning Brate, but don’t want to ignore the numbers against NE. I also don’t like playing anyone from the Jets 😐

  9. I have Russell on bye this week . . . better to pick up Carr (yeah, someone dropped) or Brissett as a fill-in this week? With my WW priority, I’m unlikely to get Carr, but I’m still inclined to prioritize him over Brissett despite Brissett’s apparently favorable matchup.

  10. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    Can we get the cheat sheet updated post the AP trade to the Cardinals (they also just released CJ2K)? Thank you!

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      My mistake, didn’t see him on their initially. Now I do! Please disregard previous comment!

  11. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    4-1 record standard scoring
    QB- Russell wilson
    RB: Doug Martin, Kamara, Buck Allen, Elijah McGuire, Gallman
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Allen Hurns
    TE: Travis Kelce
    Which of these 2 trades should be the first that I offer?
    Doug martin and keenan allen for le’veon
    Alvin Kamara and micheal thomas for Le’veon

  12. I have the following RBs:

    D Freeman
    T Coleman
    J Stew

    McGuire, A Collins, Mack, Breida available on wire.

    Any thoughts on drops and pick ups?

    Thanks for your help

    1. i’d rather have collins than gallman right now

    2. That is a LOT of RBs on your roster – worked that waiver wire hard. Perhaps there is someone interested in Rawls that you could trade with? I would imagine you have other needs like WR or TE and could make a deal.

  13. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    2-3 standard in a16 team league.
    I’m not in panic mode yet all my losses are a combined 12 points. Are we liking Matt forte if he is available on WW? Or should I try to target Breida as he got more downs than Hyde last week. RBs are pretty dried up and I’m rolling out McGuire and CJ Anderson this week. Other RBs are clement, henry, Foreman and jamaal (hopin Forman and or Henry takes over soon). Also do we like Corey Davis as a stash over P. Richardson? My other WRs are Alshon, Julio, A. Brown and Keenan Allen (first week I get to roll out the 3 headed beast of brown Julio and Keenan). Thank guys

  14. Hi, RW! Thx for all you do for the nation.
    3-2 in a 10 team 0.5 point PPR
    QB Cam Newton
    RB D Freeman, CJ Anderson, Doug Martin, A Abdullah, and M Lynch
    WR AJ Green, K Allen, M Bryant, D Funchess, and W Fuller
    TE Engram
    2 Questions, please
    1. Trade Abdullah or Lynch for Amari Cooper at his nadir?
    2. A. Luck is on WW- stash in case of Cam returning to first of season form?

    Trashman and the garbage grab have been on fire the last 2 weeks!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      1- HUH? Nadir? Yes- trade Abdullah for Cooper

      2- Wouldn’t sweat Luck too much- not a bad idea- but not hell bent on it

  15. You guys are helping me kill it this year. Sitting at 4-1 and survived last week without Carr by using Brissett as my streamer.

    Waiver Wire Questions:

    I have Charles and Foreman on my bench, thanks to previous waiver wire sheets. Is it time to recycle them for higher selections on this weeks sheet? Gallman, McGuire, McKinnon, Peterson or Mack?

    Same question with WRs.

    Is it time to cut bait with Cooper Kupp for Louis, Agholor (I still have Jeffries-cant trade him yet). Should I recycle Hurns for some of these higher guys you have listed?

    Also have to drop someone to get a streaming TE for Graham this week. Most likely Hurns…

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Can you guys help me out on this one. I have to do Waivers tonight?

  16. Post By Kwochaski@gmail.com

    Should I trade Doug Martin and Will Fuller for Julio?
    RBs – Bell, Martin, Kamara, Duke Johnson
    WRs- D. Thomas, Fuller, Moncrief, Cooper

  17. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    How about Duke Johnson Jr. for Jay Ajai. I own Duke Johnson and he is my RB2 behind Devonte Foreman. Currently at 3-2 and already picked up Elijah, Aaron Jones, and Gallman from last week WW cheat sheet.

    Will look to move the best performer in week 6 of those three for a WR2.

    Johnson for Ajai?

    Full Point PPR


  18. Where do you see Demetrius Harris performing this week in a .5 PPR if Kelce can’t go?

  19. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    standard scoring-
    Trade my doug martin and micheal thomas for his fournette and doug baldwin?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      weird trade – we don’t understand those. Yeah, we’d prob rather have Fournette + Baldwin, but it’s not clear

  20. The guy with Rodgers is 0-5. His team is abysmal. I’m so sick of winning in spite of Fat Benjamin trying to screw me. My RBs are Anderson, Martin, Miller, Coleman, and Rawls. WRs are Brown, Allen, Hill, Hilton, Watkins, and Fuller. What’s enough to tempt him and not hurt me? I know we are always trying to optimize our lineups and consolidate our assets. His team seems like the wounded gazelle and I want to strike and put him down. Thanks guys. Tweeted yesterday about trying to deal Fuller and loved seeing the reply of possibly getting Ajayi back in a straight up deal. Got me all kinds of maniacal.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Great post, Tanner. Thx for all. This appears like a tough deal to pull off for a few reasons:

      – He won’t want Big Ben, and will likely see ARodgers going bananas as his only way out, but we love this idea on our part. Does he have another solid QB option?

      -You primary instructive will be to consolidate your assets into better starting RBs

      -Can you make an offer with multiple of your WR as the centerpiece? Maybe throw in an Anderson, Miller, or Coleman? Obviously Big Ben too if he wants him.

      1. He has Cousins as his backup. His RBs are Lynch, Abdullah, and Cohen. WRs are Cooks, Sanders, Hogan, and Cooper. Having two QBs and DEFs looks to be his problem. Are we think Ben, Miller, and Coleman for Rodgers? Or do we pick off Cousins from him for cheap and try to load off players for that stud RB I need elsewhere?

  21. Current kicker Graham Gano. Would you Burn a #3 waiver priority to get Matt Bryant, to be able to lock in a solid kicker ROS ?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  22. Trade away b. Cooks and Ellington for ajayi and brate ?

  23. Aaron Jones over Derrick Henry?
    Jerrick McKinnon or Chris Thompson?
    Cameron Brate or Auston Hooper?
    All for ROS. Thanks….

  24. What’s up nation!!

    You got a win for me last week, thank you, hopefully you can help me out again this week.

    Half point PPR. I need a RB, 2 WR’S, and a flex.

    Lynch, McKinnon, Alshon, Garcon, D Jax.


  25. Post By Scott Mitchell

    12 Team 0.5 PPR — 2RB, 3WR, 1Flex

    I have Hyde, Demarco Murray, and Melvin Gordon. Thinking of offering Murray to another owner for Mixon. Thoughts?

    I’ve got D’Onta Foreman, Eli McGuire, Gallman, and Breida on the bench.

    1. that trade is a wash to me.

  26. Post By Scott Mitchell

    What about packaging McGuire and Gallman for a WR2 (i.e. Manny Sanders)?

    I currently have Keenan Allen, Devante Parker, Jaron Brown, Snead, and Corey Davis and Corey Coleman on IR.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s too much. Trade one of those guys straight up for a Randall Cobb or Sanders, etc is fine. Listen in for some WR buy lows on tomorrow Trade Cast on iTunes.

  27. 3-2 3rd place WildBoars OBJr owner Play 2RB 3WR 1TE 1 Flex PPR 10 Team Need your advice!
    SDiggs, THill, GTate, WillFuller, Marq Lee (OBJr on bench – will drop)
    EElliott, DevForman, DMartin, CMcCaffrey, Tev Coleman
    Ben Watson (ughh)
    Jacksonville D
    (Bills -played this week, OBJr – so at least 2 I can drop)

    Available on Waiver: Need WR replacements! And a real TE
    QB AlexSmith, Brisett Carr Sieman
    WR: Agholor, Ricardo Louis, CKupp, Roger Lewis, JJNelson, Kearse, RWoods, TorySmith, KStills, ZJones,
    RB: Smallwwod, ACollins, Gallman, JAllen, McGuire, MCkinnon, AP,, MMack, Darkwa,
    TE: Cook, OJHoward, ASef-Jenk, RGriffen, Njoku, Dickson, AGates, Kittle, Nick O’Leary

    In PPR
    How do I re-stock WR – with what?
    TE list – any better than BWatson for me?

    Who is drop-able? OBJr, Bufallo D on my bench who else? MLee?

    If I have a good kicker on bye (Walsh) just drop and stream or try to keep (10 team league)

    Thank you

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Go for ASJ at TE

      You should be interested in Agholor, Louis, Lewis, Kupp- in that order for your purposes

      Drop OBJ and Buf D- 50/50 on Lee.

  28. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    After looking at TD dependent chart as well as watching the game Sunday night I am wondering aloud if now Is not an optimal time to turn Kareem Hunt into some real value. I might be able to turn him into Jay Ajax and Chris Hogan. Currently my RB/WR roster goes like this (Thank you RW Nation!)

    Kareem Hunt
    Melvin Gordon
    Joe Mixon
    Derrick Henry

    Kennan Allen
    Michael Crabtree
    D Parker
    D Funchess
    M Bryant

    I am 5-0 and have another 5-0 Competitor who has a pretty decent squad as well. Do I need to make a move or just sit back and pick off the WW cheat sheet as the openings present themselves?

    Looking for your maniacal opinion!!

    1. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

      Full Point PPR League if it matters.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      You need to get way more than Ajayi and Hogan. But, yes good time to examine Hunt’s value. Keep cultivating gold on the WWCS.

      Think you will likely stay put for a week or two with this current roster

  29. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    Standard scoring
    chiefs or jags defense season long?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  30. Need your emergency expertise again. I am 2-3 and don’t understand why. PPR 10 team.

    My team:
    Qb: R Wilson, Alex Smith (since RW on bye this week)
    RB: Howard, Hyde, Duke Johnson, Marshawn, Buck Allen, Tevin Coleman
    WR: Evans, M Thomas, P Garçon, W Fuller
    TE: Graham, Evan Engram

    Waiver options are: Crowell, Breida, M Mack, AP, c Ivory and McGuire

    Do I make a move?? No idea who I would pick up or drop? My team just isn’t getting the job done.

    Thanks as usual!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You have one of those teams with a bunch of good players, like big engine that just hasn’t had all 12 cylinders firing at once. Keep grinding and you should win plenty of games in the long run.

      You need to take Garcon or Fuller and package them with Buck Allen, Duke, or Marshawn and upgrade your RB position. Go after Ajayi. And, listen to tomorrow’s Trade Cast for ideas.

  31. Oh, and no one seems to want to trade in my league

  32. Trade Wentz for Hyde?? PPR, other backs are Martin, Zeke (also have Morris) Coleman and Jerrick Mckinnon, I have Watson at QB, would pick up Breida as insurance for Hyde.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yep. Do it.

  33. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    standard scoring my doug martin, buck allen, keenan allen for his hopkins and ajayi?

    1. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

      Also this is my first fantasy football season I’ve been subscribes to RW and am just curious to know if gurley was a buy low this time last year for RW nation? just worried Ajayi might not get it together. Can Definitely see the potential though

      1. Ajayi is getting the Bell treatment and has no bye. It’s hard to not want that as a buy low when he won’t miss a game and get 27 touches a game.

      2. Post By Byron Lambert

        Gotta take some risks. As long as they are calculated, you can live with the results. Nobody bats 1000.

  34. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    guy said no to buck allen, keenan allen and doug martin for ajayi and hopkins.
    He said he would do micheal thomas and doug martin for Hopkins and ajayi do I do it?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No stay put. Ajayi is only a buy low, not a “must buy”

  35. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    How do you choose which questions you decide to passover without comment?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Not a lot. of method to the madness. Try to help everyone. Short concise questions get answered first.

  36. 12 Team .5 PPR (1-4)

    [1] QB: Tyrod Taylor
    [2] RB: Gordon, Howard (Kamara, Powell, McGuire)
    [2] WR: Jeffery, Parker (Shepard, Fuller)
    [1] TE: Reed (Cook)
    [1] W/R/T: Lynch
    Bench total: (6)

    1) Should I trade away Melvin Gordon, Jeffery + Fuller for AB and Mixon!? The other team also has guys like Hunt, Garcon, Cooper, and Davante Adams …

    2) Also with Tyrod on bye and the best QBs available being McCown, Siemian, Goff and an injured Mariota, should I trade Powell straight up for Palmer? The other team already has Brees and picked up Palmer just for last week’s bye week.

    1. Actually for the second question, he wants Kamara for Palmer… I might hold there and hope he ends up dropping Palmer …

    2. Answered in Trashman’s thread.

      1. Yes you did! Thanks again! Btw, how else can I give you guys awesome reviews on your podcasts if I don’t own any Apple products!?

  37. Sorry for repost – but I think original got lost and gotta make some calls in the next few hours.

    You guys are helping me kill it this year. Sitting at 4-1 and survived last week without Carr by using Brissett as my streamer.

    Waiver Wire Questions:

    I have Charles and Foreman on my bench, thanks to previous waiver wire sheets. Is it time to recycle them for higher selections on this weeks sheet? Gallman, McGuire, McKinnon, Peterson or Mack?

    Same question with WRs.

    Is it time to cut bait with Cooper Kupp for Louis, Agholor (I still have Jeffries-cant trade him yet). Should I recycle Hurns for some of these higher guys you have listed?

    Also have to drop someone to get a streaming TE for Graham this week. Most likely Hurns…

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Super close call. We’d prob do it for Gallman, McGuire, Peterson

    2. Close, but yeah- I’d roll w/ Agholor

      Yes, recycle Hurns.

      1. Thx

  38. 12 team .5 ppr

    Drop Buck Allen for McKinnon or Tevin Coleman?

    someone dropped Coleman last week.

    Also drop Kupp for Fuchess?

    1. they’re all on par with each other right now. i’d try to find a way to get coleman though. you can drop kupp for funchess.

  39. Post By smithsonje@gmail.com

    Good Morning

    “Great Corn Julio”
    1-4 here (most points against while scoring the third most in my 10 man league) ! pt PPR

    I have at TE Charles Clay and Hunter Henry. Do i drop a Martavius Bryant for a George Kittle, Darren Fells or AJ Derby? I can’t believe that I am asking this question but HH has been inconsistent scoring with Rivers’ off and on play, Bryant is not getting enough targets to start for me, and with increased targets with Kittle, Fells moving up the depth chart over Ebron or Derby playing the let’s allow the TE to look like an All Pro Giants.

    Thanks for you help and sorry for the seemingly dumb question, i am just struggling to find a win.

  40. Brutally bad luck this year after never finishing below 2nd with RosterWatch’s help. At 1-4 but in a horrible division of an suction league so I could get this turned around. Looking at some trade options. What do y’all think about trading C.J. for Dak (might be able to get Brady). The other trade I’m working on is trading Fitzgerald for Mixon. Thoughts?

    QB Rivers, Roethlisberger
    RB C.J., Martin, Abdullah, Crowell, AP, David Johnson (keeper league)
    WR Thomas, Diggs, Alshon, Fitz
    TE Sefarian-Jenkins, Rudolph

  41. Trade D Thomas and Kupp for Diggs?

    1. .5 deep PPR league

  42. Post By bullsonparade

    Is WR Mike Willams (Chargers) worth stashing or grab amendola, Golladay, Roger Lewis (NYG), or RB Andre Ellington? Replacing OBJ. Stacked at RB w/ Gurley, Hunt, and Lamar Miller. Kind of thin WRs: Benjamin, Rishard Matthews, Martavious Bryant, Devante Parker

  43. Trade Ajayi and Diggs for fournette and sanu or Louis 12ppr

  44. Oh what to do with Zeke. I’m done with the drama. Who would you target to try to move Zeke in a keeper league. I also have Morris and DMC so I need to get out from under this.

    1. well if it’s a keeper, i’d just hold now. he’ll come in handy come playoffs

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