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Top 5 Fantasy Player Picks From Each Team: NFC West

trashman-editTop 5 Player Picks From Each Team: NFC West

If I was drafting today, These are the guys I prioritize, in order, from each NFC West team.

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Arizona Cardinals

  1. David Johnson – This is a no brainer. He’s going to be a lot of people’s no.1 overall, and he’s a strong contender to lead all players in fantasy points in both standard and PPR leagues
  2. Larry Fitzgerald – The most reliable option in the passing game, even if it is his last year. It’s crazy to think that even at his age, he’s the safest option at WR.
  3. John Brown – Seems to have his health under control, maybe, and he and Carson Palmer lived together this offseason. That would mean more if they hadn’t lived together the past two years as well.
  4. Carson Palmer – Healthy arsenal at hand, Palmer has at least one more top 10 year in him. He’ll get a lot more rest in between games to keep him upright. 
  5. J.J. Nelson – Nelson has had some big games, but they came on few targets. A healthy John Brown lessens his chances.

Tavon Austin Camp 750

Los Angeles Rams

  1. Todd Gurley – Second season be damned, he’s still the best player on the team. There’s a chance his pass catching goes down under McVay, but that’s not his bread and butter anyway.
  2. Robert Woods – He’ll get the opportunities, even if he doesn’t really want them. He can play all over the field, and he probably will.
  3. Cooper Kupp – A dark horse to lead the team in catches in his first year. He may be the most NFL ready of the rookie class, he’s also the oldest.
  4. Tyler Higbee – A sneaky solid alternative at the TE position. He’s someone to consider strongly if you don’t get a top 5 TE. 
  5. Tavon Austin – McVay wants to use him like DJax, but he’s never had that pedigree. I considered putting Josh Reynolds here, but he’s a little raw to depend on.


San Francisco 49ers

  1. Carlos Hyde – The outlook isn’t great in this new offense, and he’s coming along almost too slowly. That said, he’s the starting running back until further notice, and the starting running back is the most valuable player on this team.
  2. Pierre Garcon – He’s coming off of a 1,000+ season… on a different team of course, but there’s something there. He’ll lead the team in catches if nothing else.
  3. Joe Williams – Could very well take Hyde’s job, sooner than later in fact. He’s a favorite of the coaching staff. 
  4. Brian Hoyer – We’ve seen him succeed, we’ve seen him fail. He doesn’t have many tools though, so there might be more failing this season.
  5. Marquise Goodwin – He’s an olympian,  just throw him deep. I thought about Kerley here, but he doesn’t have Goodwin’s upside. They both have abysmal floors.

CJ Prosise 750

Seattle Seahawks

  1. Russell Wilson – The only fool-proof option on this team right now. He’s got the best compliment of receiving options he’s had since he’s been in the league.
  2. Eddie Lacy – He’ll get the early downs, hopefully he’ll stay healthy… and not fat. Rawls will spell him and might be the closest thing to a must handcuff we’ll see.
  3. Doug Baldwin – We keep waiting for the decline, but he keeps producing. Lockett and Richardson will take targets, but Baldwin should maintain.
  4. Jimmy Graham – Seattle finally knows what to do with him, as we saw last season. He will be as good if not better this year.
  5. C.J. Prosise – 60+ catches are well within in his reach this season as the pass catching back in Seattle. He may end up being their most consistent back. 




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