Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 10

Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 10

Things are looking up for dedicated dumpster divers, as this week’s grab is stocked with upside plays. Pick ’em up and play ’em before it’s too late…



Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buccaneers: RW nation can always appreciate a good revenge game scenario, and we certainly have it with Fitzpatrick going up against his former team. It helps his cause that the Jets have allowed more TDs than any team in the league.


Running Back

Devontae Booker, Broncos: The game script makes for a Booker heavy scenario in which the Broncos fall behind early and have to throw to stay in it. Brock Osweiler isn’t the most accurate or strong armed QB, so that means dump-offs and backfield passes, which Booker excels at.

Elijah McGuire, Jets: McGuire has flourished in games where he only has to deal with Bilal Powell splitting snaps, and he gets that in Week 10 against a powderpuff Tampa defense.

Rex Burkhead, Patriots: Burkhead is finally healthy in a matchup against Denver that puts the onus on slot-receivers and pass-catching backs. The fact that the Pats are minus Chris Hogan sends more targets his way too.


Wide Receivers

Marquise Goodwin, 49ers: Goodwin has the speed to break a big play at any moment, and he’s in line to see double-digit targets against the reeling Giants this week as San Fran’s “no.1” receiver.

Curtis Samuel, Panthers: Samuel has surpassed Russell Shepard as the 3rd option behind Devin Funchess and Christian McCaffrey in Carolina, and he might just be the best big play threat of all of them. He gets a stout but beatable Miami secondary on Monday night.

Philip Dorsett, Patriots:  Dorsett has been talked up recently by the Patriots staff, and he finally has a chance to get some run with Chris Hogan on the sideline. He’ll get his shots on Sunday.

Cole Beasley, Cowboys: I feel an upswing for Beasley on the horizon as the Cowboys try to use the short pass like the run in an attempt to mitigate the loss of Ezekiel Elliott. Atlanta defends the outside well, so Beasley should see plenty of targets Sunday.

Tight End

Charles Clay, Bills: Clay is back to action, and though Kelvin Benjamin is sure to take some targets, he’ll retain TE1 status.

C.J. Fiedorocwiz, Texans:  Fiedo is healthy after a long absence and just in time. Ryan Griffin has been sent to I.R., making Fiedo the go-to TE in Houston these days. He’ll make for a nice safety blanket for Tom Savage.


  1. Post By Nebraskan Assassin


    How do you feel about dropping Jordy foe the likes of McGuire just to block an opponent from maybe picking him up. Jordy has literally 0 trade value in my league (I would hope most) just got a trade rejected him for doctson. Or hold him, hope he has a game this week and try to move him. 14 team standard with 5 bench spots. Jordy is just taking up space at this point.

    1. Drop him for whoever you need.

  2. Good Morning #RWNation. Get your cheap cup of coffee, and join me here w/ your fantasy questions! Let’s go!

    1. Would you keep MBryant? I have Kearse on my waiver wire in 12ppr

      1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        Martivis is a crapshoot and has been supplanted by JuJu

  3. Post By

    Standard Scoring. Start goodwin or beasley over keenan Allen this week?

    1. I’d roll w/ Goodwin.

  4. Trade tyrod for Freeman?

    1. Yep

  5. 14 team 1/2ppr Record 6-3 I am a Zeke owner trade on the table. My roster has Brady as qb RBs lynch,darkwa,rod smith, Parker,Maclin,Lockett,c.davis, Kroft,Bennett. Somebody offered me Kamara,Evan Engram, Tyrod for rod smith, m.bennett, brady. So basically giving brady for Kamara and Evan Engram Tyrod

  6. We’d do it. Engram is huge upgrade at your TE.

  7. Post By John Hunsberger

    Dion Lewis or C.J. Anderson standard , woof I know but my my roster is at wr Anderson, Micheal Thomas , Julio , and Evan Engram

    1. Prob Dion. NE likes to try to match RBs on LBs vs DEN

  8. Post By

    Hi Byron, thanks for the advice! Mixon vs TEN or Kelvin Benjamin vs NO at Flex? Safe starting Clay vs NO or drop kelvin to add ASJ or V Davis? Last, drop Kelvin to add Corey Davis? Insane Clowent Posse, 5-4 starters: Big Ben, Gordon, Darkwa, Shepard, Parker, Mixon or Benjamin, Clay, Lutz, DET (Hunt, Jeffery, Allen, Cousins on bench)

    1. Don’t drop Kelvin. Think Clay is safe to roll with. I’d prob go Mixon. Best wishes.

  9. Post By

    Good morning Byron. I need 2 out of these rbs

    Aaron Jones
    Joe Mixon
    Tevin Coleman
    Rod Smith
    Isaiah Crowell

    1. Id’ roll Mixon and Coleman. Excited to see Smith. but need to see it first. Best wishes.

  10. Post By

    I need 2 flexes and Trashman’s rankings would have me roll out the muscle hamster and Teven over Keenan, Corey Davis and Doctson. Would you do anything differently?

    1. No, I think he’s got it right. I own all 3 of those WR, and am not overly hopeful today.

      1. Post By

        Thanks Byron.
        I feel the same way, just needed a little affirmation. That Jags secondary is nasty so I don’t see much for Keenan. I can’t wait to roll the new Ferrari out of the garage in Tennesee though. Having trouble keeping him out.

  11. Easy Picking 4-5

    In 2 different leagues. I was going with Carr as my QB. I picked up Goff and Stafford a few weeks ago because of the matchups. For the rest of the year can you rank these 3. Thanks

    1. Completely matchup reliant between those 3. I’d split the hairs based on the matchups.

  12. Hey Byron – Do I start Darkwa, Shepard, Jordy, Alf Morris or Funchess in PPR flex?

    1. Jeeeeez

      I hate Jordy. This is incredibly close between the other 3. Trashman starts all those guys! Make sure and see his flex rankings to see what he thinks between those 3.

      These matchups are all really good. I think the answer is Shepard. Best wishes.

  13. Post By

    Brady or Stafford, and Parker or Bryant for flex in a full ppr? Thanks guys!

    1. Stafford + Parker

  14. Byron would you start Kupp or CJ Andersen for flex 1pt ppr thanks

    1. Prob Kupp. CJA hard to trust.

  15. Shepard or R woods today.

    1. I’d roll Shep.

  16. Sorry in advance ….
    Boswell, Lambo, Nugent….in Cash?

    1. I’d roll Boswell

  17. Would you play any of following over kennan Allen: hurns, deonte Thompson, kearse, fuller, humohries, Matthews, stills, Terrance Williams, Samuel?

    1. thinking long and hard (robot genius did not hear that) about Kearse and Matthews.

  18. Hello! Whatcha think? Need 1WR & 1RB NONPPR : Drake, Cj Anderson, Dukey, Mack, Watkins, D. Adams, C. Davis & Doctson. Thanks!

  19. Rivers @ Jax or Cutler @ Car?

    1. Yikes. I’m a long time Rivers owner, and he can go big in the worst matchups. But. obviously concerned this week too. Cutler can also fuck you horribly at any minute. Both with bad matchups. Industry wide, these guys are ranked back 2 back as low end QB2s.

      For some reason, if it was my lineup- even though I should know better. I think I’m rolling Cutler. That Jags defense is scary.

  20. Need a FLEX. Keenan Allen or Derrick Henry. Standard League.

    1. Jeez, this Keenan Allen matchup fucking everyone this week. I’d prob go with Allen.

  21. Answered on Twitter-

    Drake or Duke + Watkins or Davis

    prob Drake and Davis in worse matchups with bigger workloads. Make sure and check the Trashman’s flex rankings to help sift through that garbage.

  22. Post By

    Who’s the best bet out of:
    Elijah McGuire
    Rex Burkhead
    Curtis Samuel

    1. McGuire or Samuel. Prob McGuire based on expected touches.

  23. Need to start 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s and 1 flex. 12 team PPR I started Rus Wilson and Gronk is my TE


    Ju Ju
    Corey Davis

    Aaron Jones
    Dion Lewis

    1. JuJu + Davis

      Cohen + Ameer


  24. Post By

    Booker or Abdullah?

    1. prob Abdullah

  25. Would you trade DeVante Adams for Bial Powell? 10 team standard . Have Aaron Jones in RB spot this week and would replace him with Powell. Would leave me with Evans, Marvin Jones, Corey Davis, Cooks and Hogan at WR. Start three.

    1. Yep

  26. Trade DeVante Adams for Bial Powell? 10 team standard .

    1. Yes, start Powell today.

  27. Thank you all for joining me this morning. We hope that all of RWNation lights fire today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Byron,
    Are you guys all in on Bell for Cash games today

    1. Not expecting to be, will know more closer to game time as I personally finalize my DFS lineups.

  29. Tevin Coleman or Dixon lewis

    1. Post By


  30. Breese or Goff. 1/2 pt PPR

    1. Post By


  31. Post By

    1 pt ppr Coleman or Abdullah then which ever is left for my flex between Kupp or Terrance William

    1. Post By

      Coleman, Kupp

      1. Post By

        Coleman Abdullah is a coin flip. I don’t like Abdullah or his matchup and Colemans touches are on the rise as Freeman keeps getting nicked up. You can go Abdullah in the flex as I would normally go rb over wr but I got me a feeling about Kupp this week. Then again that may just be the fact I have not taken my morning squeeze yet!

  32. Ppr flex powell or morris?

    Standard keenan allen or aaron jones?


    1. Post By


    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Jones for standard. Allen has hardly seen the end zone this season, and he’s in an awful matchup.

  33. Post By

    Charles clay or seferian-Jenkins? 0.5 ppr

    1. Post By


  34. Standard keenan allen or aaron jones

    1. Post By

      I am having a hard time keeping my breakfast down looking at this one. Something tells me Keenan might be the garbage time hay maker this week. You sure there isn’t anything better on your ww???

  35. .5 pt ppr. Need 2 rb’s: Mixon, Jones, Morris. 1 wr: Kupp, Doctson, Fuller? Thanks!

    1. Post By

      Mixon and Jones. Nobody knows what the cowboys backfield will look like so it is your call if you want to gamble. I like Kupp this week.

  36. PPR – Need 1 WR and 1 Flex – Ginn, Hilton, Tevin Coleman, and Cohen

    Thanks guys!

    1. Post By

      Ginn, Coleman

  37. Standard scoring, between DMartin and TColeman. Coleman has the better match-up and at home. Doug rated slightly higher but I’m torn. Which one?

    And sitting Keenan w/ nasty match-up for Shephard and DParker. Agree? Bad time for Evans to be suspended. Thanks!

    1. Post By

      Yep I agree with all of it.

  38. Hey guys, need a little help this week- Rishard Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin, Jamison Crowder, or Rex Burkhead for flex this week?

    1. Post By

      This is a real trashy one! Maybe the Trashman will chime in before gametime. Benjamin is highest in the rankings.

      1. I wouldn’t hold me nose, waiting for him to pipe in

        1. Cool. Thanks for chiming in!

  39. also, 1 pt PPR ^^^

  40. Cam vs phins or Mccown vs Buccs .. 6pt tds

    1. Post By

      Rankings have Cam a handful of slots higher than Josh this week. But understand why you are feeling froggy this week.

  41. Tyrod or Ben today?

    1. Post By

      Coin flip. If Ben can’t do it against this mash unit it will be sad. Only thing is Bell might feast. Maybe a long screen pass for tds would be nice!

      1. Thx for helping KW

  42. Hello Rosterwatch,
    Need some help. .5ppr
    Who should i start: D. Lewis, M. Mack or D. Williams?
    And then C. Kupp, K. Allen or J. Dotson? Thanks in advance for your help this season.

    1. id roll DW

      prob CK

  43. Flex Q — Can you pic two of these — JuJu, T Coleman & K Allen thanks

    also any info on whether TE Clay is playing today? thanks

    1. JuJu + Tevin

      Clay is in

    2. .5 PPR

  44. Post By

    Lewis and while Allen is higher in the rankings I personally am going with Kupp today.

  45. another flex Q — Need tp pick one — Brandon Cooks, D Parker or S Shepard? thanks
    also which kicker would you go with — Forbath, Lutz or Nugent. Thanks

    1. Post By

      Shepard….. check the kicker rankings and weather!!!

      1. Post By

        Oops I meant to type Cooks! But Shepard is tempting!!!

  46. An opponent dropped ACooper last minute due to bye-week needs. He scares me BUT with their week 10 bye maybe they can “fix” some of his issues. I view him as a potential starter w/ good ROS match-ups. I can’t play everyone on my bench and thinking of dropping DHenry to grab him. My RB/WR roster:
    RB MGordon/AKamara/DMartin/TColeman/DHenry
    WR MEvans/KAllen/THill/DParker/SShepard


  47. Gotta start a second RB and a flex. Choices are Doug Martin, Dion Lewis, Marlon Mack, and Keenan Allen.

    1. Post By

      Dion and then plug your nose and then you decide between Martin and Allen. I usually go rb over wr in a flex all things being equal.

      1. Yeah I have Doug in there currently and I’m already starting Kearse over Allen in my last receiver spot, I just hate the Jacksonville match up.

  48. I have goodwin and curtis samuel or terrence williams on ww, Who do I drop though Aaron Jones, alshon jeffrey, alex collins, mcfadden? This is in reply to the flex position standard i asked keenan allen or jones

    1. Just me… I think I would pick up Goodwin and drop McFadden for him. Always a fan of Goodwin since his UT days…

      1. I like goodwin but his qb sucks ass.

        1. Booker was out there should i start him over allen/jones?

  49. Pick 1: Mixon, Corey Davis, OR JuJu? Thinking Mixon

    Who to Sit? Shepherd, Martavis, Goodwin, Doctson? Thinking I should sit Doctson but torn btwn him or Martavis…


    1. Post By

      Mixon! As for your other decision check the rankings! And if that does not do it for you look to the matchup tool to put a nail in it!

  50. Post By

    Dion and then plug your nose and then you decide between Martin and Allen.

  51. Morning rw nation!
    Football Sunday is here. I need your help, I need 3 of these in a 2pt ppr. Dez,Terrance Williams,kearse, Curtis Samuel, and Jordy.
    Thanks guys,great show,pod cast and site.

    1. Post By

      Dez, Kearse and then you can decide if you want 2 cowboys or gamble on one of the other two.

  52. m. mack or alfred morris?

      1. Post By

        Yuck…. I can’t remember who isnhighernin the rankings. Take a look flip some coins and then start drinking heavily.

  53. Post By

    Standard Scoring. Choose 1. Keenan Allen. Goodwin, Davis, Doctson.

    1. Post By

      Same as my previous answer above you!

      1. Love the RW nation benches… near identical to mine

  54. Start 3 ppr.

    Hilton, Drake, doctson, Godwin, M. Bryant,

    1. Post By

      Some tough matchups and some rolls of the dice…. you can check the rankings but I might get trashy and roll some dice!

  55. Start two. Darkwa/A Morris/Engram

    1. Post By

      Personally I go Darkwa and Engram

  56. Post By

    Who should I start at my last WR spot. Dez, devante Parker, Corey Davis, Benjamin or go pick up Goodwin?

  57. Post By

    You are overthinking things…. Dez

  58. Vernon or ASJ?

  59. Post By


  60. Thanks! Would you drop Fuller for Kupp? Or Need 1 WR between Corey Davis, Sanders, Fuller, and kupp

  61. Post By

    I do like Kupp this week but If you feel like hanging onto Fuller for whatever reason Davis has some good upside this week!

  62. Post By

    Good luck this week everyone!!!

  63. Post By

    idk if you guys will look at this thread anymore since its Monday but I saw Marquis Goodwin was on Trashmans garbage grab. I asked Byron if I should start Goodwin over Keenan Allen he told me yeah and i plugged him in…… I won by .2 points this week hahahahaha you guys are the best!!!

    1. Was the top option on the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet, too! Congrats!

  64. Someone offered me to give up Hunt and I would get Freeman and Kelvin Benjamin. Need to respond to the trade soon

    1. Would look at the schedules. Also depends on how badly you need Kelvin. Does this move improve your starting lineup or just your depth?

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Early reports this morning say Freeman could miss Week 11, just FYI. So if you’re in a crunch to make the playoffs, I’d be wary.

    3. Agreed with woo. This is his second concussion too and it looked like a bad one. He was frozen after the hit. He is most likely out this coming week. It might take a few weeks before he is back.

      1. Also Hunt’s schedule is looking good moving forward.

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