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PRO Trashman’s Week 1 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

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Often times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions.

PLEASE Keep in mind, these are not our official RosterWatch Week 1 rankings, but we’ve learned over time to pay extra-special attention to what the Trashman might have up his filthy sleeve – and where he stacks up players against one another for the coming weekend’s slate cross-positionally.

Our OFFICIAL rankings page here on the site will continue to be updated through the day Saturday and Sunday morning as more information comes in and we become more comfortable with player slotting. In the meantime, have a look at how the Trashman sees Week 1’s Sunday and Monday slate shaking out – as his inputs to our formula are a key (albeit smelly and gross) component. (Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. 10 team standard scoring league
    Rbs- D Cook M Gordon Donta Foreman Conner
    WRs- Baldwin T Hill B Cooks Hilton Randal Cobb P Richardson

    I feel a little thin at rb, should I drop Richardson and or one of my backup rbs for the following guys? Or stay put
    Fa rbs available- riddick procise Smallwood Jamaal Williams Perine Carson Darkwa

    1. you could drop PRich for some RB depth, I think it’s a fine move. Riddick has the most immediate standalone value but Perine, Jamaal Williams and Carson all reasonable stashes with hopes they emerge through the first month.

    2. Hey guys love the site. Long time listener first time poster. We have Bradford or Dalton to start. 6 pt per td. I’m leaning Bradford… am I crazy ? I like his matchup against the aints on Monday night a lot.
      Thanks for all you guys do.

  2. Odell owner.

    Currently have him in my flex, if he is a true game time decision should i wait and if he’s out then switch him for Paul Perkins?

    My only other option is to start tevin coleman in the early game.

    1. I’ve thought all along he’ll be a drama queen and act like he’s not going to play and then he’ll play. If he’s active, you have to start him so you have to wait. Thankfully, Perkins is just fine as a backup plan.

  3. Thanks TM as usual. Have 2 questions: I have both C. Davis and Z Jones – both Corey Coleman and J Matthews are available – either worth picking up for long-term, as you have them ranked higher? Also, have both Vereen and Perkins – drop one to pick up D. Foreman or J. Williams as a stash? Thanks in advance.

    1. Not trashman, but don’t drop either of those guys for either of the players mentioned. We’d definitely drop Vereen for Foreman.

  4. Post By

    You guys are awesome. Love all the content! Quick question. .5 ppr. Joe Mixon or Tyrell Williams?

    1. Ehhh, I’d prob roll Mixon – don’t really love ether option. Somebody like Paul Richardson, Cooper Kupp, or Marquise Goodwin is def worth considering if on your waiver wire.

  5. 12 team PPR. Started Hill and Hunt last night.

    no question, just bragging.

    1. Wow, somebody’s Week 1 is already over. Sucks to be them. Way to crush!

  6. Do you guys break down the games? It would be interesting to read a review of TNF on Friday and the weekend games on Monday. Thoughts on Hunt and how out of sync NE offense looked?

    1. Well from what I can see this is just a really good sign that he will be a 3 down back. He looked elusive and explosive while also show casing his catching ability. Obviously the patriots defense looked like crap but you still don’t just beat the patriots easily. The chiefs looked the most effective when they had Hunt out there along with Hill. I see people considering selling high and I say Why? Where will you find a talented back in such an ideal situation these days? This game is a small sample size but it solidifies even more so that he is a solid RB2 with high end RB1 upside. I would not be surprised if he just became a RB1 by the end of the season and finished top 10. On a side note I can not under state how important it was that he showed the ability to adjust to catches and be clutch about it. That was the only area that West could of spelled trouble for him so the more he proves it won’t be any sort of issue the better.

    2. You will love the Trashmans weekly fantasy fallout, look for it beginning of next week. Also, the snap counts targets touches tool, a good supplement.

  7. Appreciate all you guys do, and especially always getting to these questions. The nation is strong!

    .5 PPR my receivers are OBJ, M.bryant,M.thomas,D.Parker,C.hogan.
    RB’S are Lynch, Ty-Mont,Mixon,T.Coleman, Paul Perkins.

    Was offered Crabtree & Hunt for Obj & Coleman.

    Thoughts? Don’t like giving up the best player, wondering if my RB situation is solid enough to ride out

    1. I personally would consider it but I would try countering with a offer with a slightly more high end WR. Bring up the case that this was a incredibly small sample size and you know Odell will be a top 3-5 WR. The fact that you have Thomas helps a ton with that though. Ty Montgomery you never know how long he will hold on to that job, Lynch should be solid but again we really don’t know down the stretch (also talks of controlling his load), and mixon is in a three headed monster where he has to ride to the top. Hunt would help ease some of those worries for sure.

      1. Also I wouldn’t accept any trade till after the games this week in case of injuries!

    2. Thanks for hopping in Glorious! Dumpboy- that’s a pretty solid offer.

      Your WR are sick, and your RBs very solid with upside. I’d like to know your starting roster limits, how many of these bad ass players you are already having to bench every week.

      When in doubt keep your best player. But, we like Crab- and Hunt is a sick add. Your WR would still be very strong. I think it improves your team, but I’m not sure if it improves your starting lineup.

  8. Have you guys ever thought about posting REST OF SEASON rankings, in addition to your weekly rankings? I value the weekly rankings (and the garbage grab), but ROS rankings would help greatly with figuring out who to drop for the latest hot waiver wire darling (or Trashman’s garbage!). Thanks for all you do!

    1. Definitely something under consideration for future seasons as we continue to grow. Thanks for the input, and best wishes this week!!!

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    Ty Montgomery or Adrian Peterson?

    1. I’d roll Montgomery. This is a big game, he should get the touches.

  10. 12 team PPR. Got Jamaal Williams, C.J. Anderson, Golladay, Theilan, Jamaal Charles on my bench. I also have Ty Montgomery in my starting lineup. D’onta foreman and C.J. Prosise are available. Should I drop Charles or Golladay for either one of those 2?

  11. I need 2 for a 1 PPR. Zay Jones, Paul Perkins, Derrick Henry, Josh Doctson, Cooper Kupp, or Paul Richardson? Thanks guys!!

    1. I’d roll Perkins and either Kupp or Richardson. Check the matchup tool for all. Best wishes!

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    Would you start Carlos Hyde or Christian mcafferee as a flex in .5 point ppr league?

    1. Tough, tough call- 2 good options. I’d personally get sick, and roll McCaffrey. Very very hard to leave the new Ferrari in the garage. When in doubt, enjoy your fantasy team.

      1. Post By

        Haha good point. Thanks!

  13. Do I dump McFadden for Someone like Smallwood or Kamara?

    1. Close call, if you need to / want to – we have no problem with it. Like both of those guys.

  14. Who do you think has the best chance to take over RB job — Prosise, Kamara, d foreman or Smallwood. — or someone I have not mentioned and is likely still a free agent. Thanks

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    Two questions

    Dak or Tyrod?

    Flex, full point PPR…garçon, Brandon Marshall, or Danny woodhead


  16. Pick 3 WR – Keenan Allen, Brandon Marshall, DeAndre Hopkins, Zay Jones, or Corey Davis?

    Pick 2 Flex – Keenan Allen, Brandon Marshall, Perkins, Tevin Coleman, Corey Coleman?


  17. PPR

    RB1 – LeSean McCoy

    RB2 – C.J. Anderson, Marshawn Lynch, or Eddie Lacy (if Rawls sits) ?


  18. Need 1 wr and 1 flex. TY Hilton, ARob, Martavis, TY Montgomery, and Abdullah. What do you guys think?

  19. Need 3 1/2 point ppr zay, blount, perriman, Doctson , Funchess I’m trash picking. I have a semi for Doctson I think he’s destined to be the number 1. Lmk thanks again

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