PRO Trashman’s Week 3 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

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Often times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions.

PLEASE Keep in mind, these are not our official RosterWatch Week 3 rankings, but we’ve learned over time to pay extra-special attention to what the Trashman might have up his filthy sleeve – and where he stacks up players against one another for the coming weekend’s slate cross-positionally.

Our OFFICIAL rankings page here on the site will continue to be updated through the day Saturday and Sunday morning as more information comes in and we become more comfortable with player slotting. In the meantime, have a look at how the Trashman sees Week 3’s Sunday and Monday slate shaking out – as his inputs to our formula are a key (albeit smelly and gross) component. (Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. Need a QB…. Alex Smith, Phil Rivers, or Jay Cutler?

    1. I’d prob roll Cutler, don’t think you can go totally wrong with Rivers either.

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    Will you help me pick 3:
    Davante Adams
    Martavis Bryant
    Alshon Jeffery
    Devante Parker
    Adam Thielen
    Jj Nelson
    Buck Allen

    Thank you!

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      1 pt ppr

      1. If you’re a Pro member you can click the link in this column and see how Trashman has them ranked.

        1. If you’re not a Pro Member – You should become one.

          1. Post By Byron Lambert

            Thanks CWink!

    2. Parker, Allen, Alshon if no Janoris Jenkins. If Cobb sits- think long and hard about Adams. He’ll be a good play also.

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        Thank you and I just became a pro member!

        1. Welcome to the nation!

  3. Would it be worth grabbing McFadden off the wire, just in case something crazy happens with the Appeals court this weekend? I would have to drop Kearse to get him. Or I could drop H Henry, but I plan on using him over Rudolph without Bradford. Other receivers are Evans, OBJ, K Allen, and Garcon.

    1. Well nevermind they moved the hearing to October 2. He’s good until then for sure.

  4. You may have missed this Q – I’d love to hear your views on Cooks — I’m getting the feeling that I wasted a third round pick. —- Are we going to see Brandin Cooks break out or continue to go unnoticed by Brady? Two weeks — only 5 catches (11 targets) and 125 yards. He is still a top 10 in your PPR rankings. I’m inclined to give him another week even though I have Parker & Bryant itching to start a game. what do you think? thanks

    1. I’d start Parker over Cooks every day of the week right now. Cooks will be decent on a weekly basis with upside for some occasional big games.

  5. Rishard Matthews, tyrell Williams, amendola or Higgins in ppr? Need 2

    1. Id’ go RM

    2. and our director of analytics says the models like Twill, this week- so I’d go with him or Higgins at #2 if you’re feeling it.

  6. Guys who does roster watch think steps up and tales the job if ajayi goes down. Everyone is on d will but I’ve been waiting for drake to get his chance since he got drafted

    1. We hate Drake- but think it will be a time share if Ajayi goes down. Before heading to Dolphins training camp we would have said Williams for sure, but when we arrived they were trying to force Drake reps as the #2.
      It will be muddled. Drake prob better for PPR. Williams prob a better bet for a TD.

  7. would you trade alshon jeffery and shane vereen for tarik cohen and rashard mathews? 12 team standard

    1. Prescott, Dak DAL QB
      Wilson, Russell SEA QB
      Ajayi, Jay MIA RB (Q)
      Mixon, Joe CIN RB
      Peterson, Adrian NOS RB
      Thompson, Chris WAS RB
      Vereen, Shane NYG RB
      Golladay, Kenny DET WR
      Higgins, Rashard CLE WR
      Jackson, DeSean TBB WR
      Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR
      Nelson, Jordy GBP WR (Q)
      Engram, Evan NYG TE
      Graham, Jimmy SEA TE (Q)

      Santos, Cairo KCC PK

    2. Maybe, it depends on how much I need Cohen. Otherwise, keep Alshon

  8. Have Eifert as my TE with minimal bench spots…

    Which one to drop?
    Zay Jones
    Tevin Coleman
    Donta Foreman
    Jordan Howard

    Which TE to pickup?
    Zach Miller
    Julius Thomas
    Charles Clay
    Ed Dickson
    David Njoku
    Oj Howard
    Antonio Gates


    1. none of these guys are slam dunks right now, so i’d see what dickson can do in olsen’s stead. njoku has been a pretty decent play too. hard to trust clay against denver.

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    Team name: Hanging With Hernandez

    Choose two:
    Derrick Henry

    Thank you!

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      FYI… PPR

  10. Full Point PPR and 1 point per rushing attempt. I am already starting Shady and Beast Mode as my RB1 and RB2.

    Need to choose a flex between Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon, Derrick Henry, and Tevin Coleman. Trashman’s rankings has me going with McCaffrey over Henry but it is close. If Murray doesn’t suit up would you start Henry over McCaffrey?

    1. yeah, i might change that in the rankings if murray looks doubtful that morning

  11. Derrick Henry, Alshon Jeffrey, Buck Allen, Martavius Bryant, need 3 of these 4, PPR doesn’t matter for position ( 2 Flex spots

    1. i’d probably sit bryant if murray sits. good problem to have

      1. So if Murray plays, sit Henry ?

  12. Need 3 full point PPR
    Kareem Hunt (given)
    Derrick Henry
    Buck Allen

    Magical Cheet Sheet set me up beautifully but week to week starts are hard to decide. Had Mel Gordon too but traded him before start of season for Brandon Cooks. Probably overpaid but because so started Hunt and I felt had the depth to do so?

    1. aye, that was an overreach, but oh well. i like crowell and gillislee

  13. Is Melvin Gordon as bad as he looks on paper? I am in desperate need of a 2nd rb and was offered (rb2)Melvin Gordon and (wr3)Desean Jackson for (wr3)DeAndre Hopkins and (rb2)Ameer Abdullah in a 16 team ppr dynasty league. I am worried about Gordon’s career ypc and knee issues. It seems that once his volume is finally taken away, he will lose a ton of value. I am leaning towards rejecting this deal.

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    I am befuddled, STD league, need 1RB, 1WR & 1 Flex, I Crowell, J Allen, C Carson, M Ingram, A Jeffery, G Tate & L Fitzgerald.

  15. Trashman,

    Please tell me who to start in a PPR flex. Kupp hurt the other night so I’m willing to gamble. Higgins, Hunter Henry, or Quizz. (Jaron brown, K. Wright, rashad matthews, gore, Kearse are all avail on wire too). Thank you Sir.

  16. I have Jay Ajayi. Who should I pick up:

    Kenyon Drake or Damien Williams

  17. TE: Engram or Watson?

    Flex: Diggs, Tyrell Williams, or Golloday?

  18. Good morning! With D Murray a bit gimpy would you start Henry over Fournette? Both seem have tough match-ups . Or would you bench both in favor of Riddick? Thanks.

  19. How far do you move Cook and Rudolph down the flex rankings with Bradford out?

  20. Team Name “I Love TD’s (.)(.)”

    Record 0-2
    Hey Guys I need to start two of these guys in my flex, and need a win this week
    (Standard Scoring)

    Dimarco Murray
    Derrick Henry
    Joe Mixon
    Chris Hogan
    Marquis Lee
    Hunter Henry

  21. Two girls one Kupp PPR league I have Diggs in flex, with news Bradford is out again do I keep him in? Other options are Chris Carson, Duke Johnson or Jack Doyle.

  22. Ah perfect, a PRO page full of trash where hopefully I can get some tough questions answered before tomorrow since I’m gonna be working all night and won’t have time to reach you later! As you know I’m in 6 season long leagues so getting your help is crucial in my success as a long time member of RW PRO NATION!

    1) .5 PPR league (1-1):

    a) Need 1 one FLEX:
    Kearse vs. MIA
    Howard vs. PIT
    Perine vs. OAK?

    b) Mariota vs. SEA or Palmer vs. DAL

    c) Need 1 TE:
    Reed vs. OAK
    Cook @WAS
    Engram @PHI

    2) PPR league (2-0) :

    a) Need 1 FLEX:
    Mixon @GB
    Jeffery vs. NYG
    Kamara @CAR
    Riddick vs. ATL
    Perine vs. OAK
    Diggs vs. TB

    b) RBs are: T. Coleman, Buck Allen, Mixon, Martin, Perine, Kamara and Riddick so would you drop one for Foreman or maybe try trading two of those backs for a good buy low RB? Ideas?

    3) .5 PPR league (1-1)

    a) Need 1 RB2 and 1 FLEX:
    Buck Allen @JAX
    Howard vs. PIT
    Cohen vs. PIT
    Kearse vs. MIA

    b) Bucs @MIN (no Bradford) or Chiefs @LAC !? Panthers are also available vs. NO… Rostering both KC and TB, so could drop one for another bench player?

    4) PPR league (1-1)

    Probably toughest FLEX decision, need 1:

    Martavis Bryant @CHI
    Cohen vs. PIT
    Carson @TEN
    D. Henry vs. SEA
    Mixon @GB

    Thanks in advance guys!

    1. Dang man save some questions for the rest of us

  23. Need to start 3 of the following in a standard league D Henry, C Carson, T Cohen, J Stew, J Mixon. My WR’s are Ty Freak and D Parker. QB is Big Ben Gronk is my TE.

  24. Need two in a half point ppr, Dal Cook, D Henry or Chris Carson? Stay ballin’ my dudes…

  25. M. Bryant is ranked higher in the Flex rankings but lower in the position rankings as compared to D. Parker. Toss up? Or do you highly prefer one over the other when it comes down to just those two?

  26. I need to sit one of these in a standard league: Henry, Montgomery, Fournette, Gordon.

    Also in a .5 pt PPR, should I start Henry or Coleman in the flex?


  27. Half PPR league. Carson, Mixon, Riddick, Chris Johnson…Choose 3

  28. Post By

    start two standard crow, b. allen and henry
    start one ppr
    t. coleman or b. allen

  29. 12 team standard who has a better chance of scoring a TD this week….Latavius Murray or the Robot Genius? Thanks guys!


  30. I saw JJ Nelson on there but no Larry Fitz on the flex rankings? Is that how you wanted it? Also going with DeAndre Hopkins over Cohen nervously with Beevilcheck on Hopkins. And PPR Forte, Chris Johnson, or pick up Emmitt Smith?

    1. mistake on my part. he’s there now. i’d love if emmitt was back. i’d go with cj in ppr.

  31. 1 pt PPR, I need to pick one of the following for my flex spot:

    Mart. Bryant
    T. Cohen
    D. Henry
    T. Coleman
    Ty Williams

    Who you flexin with?

    If you could, give me a second one too.
    I may need McCaffrey in my RB slot if Jay or Gordon can’t go.

  32. Need some help from the pros. Standard league. Need flex and wr. Hopkins, t hill, Parker, Cohen,Coleman,c Carson. Thanks starting aj green as wr1

  33. 12 team PPR. Need 1 rb and a flex. C.J. Anderson, Dalvin Cook, J. Kearse?

  34. I have Mike Evans and Winston. I have the option of starting Cutler or Alex Smith over Winston. Would either be a good move this week? The matchups seem better. (10 team standard Yahoo 4pt TD for QB)
    Many Thanks.

  35. standard league

    wr need 3

    k. allen
    M Bryant

    rb need 1
    J. white

  36. Full Point PPR Need 3

    K. Hunt

    I. Crowell
    C. McCaffrey
    M. Gillislie
    Derrick Henry
    Buck Allen

    Rankings has 3 guys one after each other. So I’m perplexed.

  37. .5 ppr need 1 flex – Fournette, B Allen or D Adams?

  38. Post By

    Standard league rb2-Kelley, Perine, Cohen or Henry? I miss David Johnson.
    PPr WRPick 2: M. Bryant, A. Jeffrey, D. Adams?

  39. Post By

    Pro Member here and using the Flex Sheet for a 1 point PPR, I am down 25-6 (Hyde vs Rams D)

    The sheet says M. Bryant over Devante Parker and Theo Riddick. I am worried about Bell going off today and stealing touches and a TD from Bryant and I was wondering if you think riddick’s matchup vs ATL or Parker’s matchup vs the terrible NYJ would have higher upside than Bryant with me in such a hole

    Thanks “Who Who Julio” 1-1

    1. i don’t know that the upside is higher, but parker is a fine play if you’re worried about bryant. he should get some deep shots.

      1. Post By

        thank you for all that you do sir!

  40. Post By

    Ppr league

    Tarik cohen

    Devante Parker
    Martavis Bryant
    Dez Bryant
    Julio jones

    2rb 2 wr and 1 flex
    1 Pt ppr

    Who do you suggest?

  41. RW, thank you for all of the great materials.
    Full point PPR, 1-1 record. Struggling with my RB2 position

    QB Dak
    WR Jordy, Diggs, Dez, Hopkins, Maclin, Zay Jones, Marqise Lee, Kearse
    RB Crowell, Chris Thompson, J Stewart, Perine
    TE Doyle
    Carson Palmer on the bench

    Which two RBs should I play this week? Kamara is on the waiver wire. Should I make a drop to pick him up? Do I need to trade for another RB? Thanks!

  42. Henry has to be higher on this board. Swap him with Dez.

  43. Post By

    10 Team std league.

    My wrs are Julio, Michael Thomas, Stefon Diggs and DeVante Parker

    RBs: hunt mccafrey Theo and Abdullah.

    I was offered Le’Veon Bell for mccaffrey and either Thomas or diggs?

    Would you accept?

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