Try To Trade for A.J. Green

Try To Trade for A.J. Green
Alex Dunlap,

If you are into fantasy football and really follow things, the secret is out. Bengals rookie WR A.J. Green is special. He’s a star.

But I don’t think everyone knows yet.

Take advantage of this situation. The situation being: the casual football fan (your likely fantasy league-mate) thinks the Bengals suck. All the mainstream headlines talk about lack of consistency with a rookie QB in Andy Dalton. They hear about Cedric Benson’s suspension that never happens. It is very easy for the casual fan to write off a rookie WR in that “mess” as a “sell-high” candidate because they are so smart, knowing to sell high and buy low.

If you have a real smart guy in your league that owns A.J Green, I would toss some feelers out. I sure am.

I’m generally offering big-name players like Dwayne Bowe or even Vincent Jackson in package deals for A.J. Green and flex options like Deangelo Williams or Mark Ingram. At, we almost always advise that the owner who gets the best player in the trade is generally the winner of the trade whenever it involves a “package deal”.  In short, usually the guy who gets the “package” end of the deal gets a bunch of mediocre players in exchange for one true difference-maker on their roster. I feel this is a case that is different due to a number of different variables.

Be ahead of the curve and follow the RW Doctrine of understanding a situation for what it is. I think the tipping point for the sheep realizing this guy is special is one more big game, so make your offers now. The flex “throw in” that you can get now will not exist if this keeps up, and we feel it will.




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