PRO VEGAS TOOL: Week 10 DFS Flex Values Based on Vegas Player Props

alex bylineHere is a tool you can use in your Week 9 DFS research. It’s quickly become one of our most popular. We’ve aggregated all the open NFL player props available to us to identify how Vegas sees the fantasy production occurring in this second round of the playoffs.

By gathering the Las Vegas over/unders on receptions, rushing and receiving yards, we can compare the projected output to the DraftKings and FanDuel pricing as a tool in gauging the value of players while setting our DFS lineups.

We can, of course, also use it as a tool in making decisions for our weekly leagues — and we suggest always checking the props even if you don’t have any DFS action this week.


– This is not a comprehensive list of all players, but we do our best to find as many props as we can across dozens of different sports books. Players will be added into the spreadsheet as the bookmakers get them to us through Saturday evenings in-season and later in the week during the playoffs. Please check back leading into lineup lock if you don’t see a player you’re interested in listed on the sheet.

Due to the fact that we pull props from numerous sources both online and private, sometimes props between books and line-makers can differ, especially when getting them early. If we notice a major difference between two reputable books, we’ll update the sheet to use the average of the two props given while accounting for juice.

– These are not RW official projections, but rather, an additional tool to aid our members in decision making.

– This is not the RosterWatch DFS Cheat Sheet. Cheat Sheets can be downloaded here once available.

– Players with no over/under receptions props available have been supplemented with implied associated stats based on season averages and/or recent trends.

– The “Bonus” column FOR DRAFTKINGS is indicative of the three-point bonus received on DraftKings for rushing or receiving for 100 yards. Players with organic production projected by the bookmakers at 89.5 yards (rushing or receiving – not combined) or over receive three points, 79.5-89.5 receive two points, 69.5-79.5 receive one point.

Click here to go the shared spreadsheet (PRO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO ACCESS)


  1. Hi RosterWatch Nation,

    Hope all of you are well! I’ll be in here for the next two hours answering your questions, while Alex and Trashman are broadcasting the SXM Radio Show.

    Shoot your shot, RWN

  2. Love you guys. We have a 2pt ppr need 2 out of three kearse, jordy,and Curtis Samuel. Thanks guys

    1. Totally Cockamamie!

      Kearse + Samuel

    2. Post By

      Standard, should I drop Allen Jones to pick up B.Powell for week 10?

  3. Yo B! You think Drake is worth a damn for a flex play or should I roll with a wounded old D Murray?

    1. I think Drake is just fine as a flex play. But, to be fair- all 3 of us have Murray ranked higher. It’s close, though. So, if you are feeling Drake, go for it- we are fine with it.

      Our recommendation will be to play Demarco, though. Best wishes.

  4. Standard League btw

  5. Post By

    0.5pp pick 2 Devonta Freeman vs DeMarco Murray vs Derrick Henry vs Orleans Darkwa vs Marlon Mack? Thanks again.

    1. Freeman, and prob Demarco – could live with it if you have a hunch on Darkwa- his matchup is awesome.

      1. Post By

        I’ve got Freeman and Darkwa in currently. For some reason I feel like I’ll be less upset if he bites Mr than if DeMarco does again lol. Thanks

  6. S‪tart/Sit… Corey Davis or Sammy Watkins? Vegas tool has better prob but flex rankings has Watkins higher!‬ and would u start either over Doug Martin for flex?

    1. Haha! Leave to the Trashman to muck things up!

      Great question, tough call. Arguments for both. I think we are going to buy some stock in Jared Goff at home w/ Watkins.

      I’d go with the Trashman’s flex rankings on Davis v Martin. Best wishes and thanks so much for your support.

  7. Post By theperfectpour

    Tevin Coleman or Alfred Morris in the flex in a .5 pt PPR? Thanks

    1. Take ur chances with Morris.

  8. ^^ it is A PPR

  9. Post By

    Hi Byron,

    Listening to the show as well as on the site. Quick question – What is the link for vegas props for Fanduel?

    1. Found it… Thanks

    2. same link look at the second tab on the spreadsheet

  10. WR/FLEX question. Full ppr. Need 2 receivers and 2 flex. Diggs, Hilton, Juju, k. Benjamin, k. Allen, and a morris. Thanks guys! Listening now!!!

  11. Kelvin + Hilton

    Morris + JuJu

    1. Should I plug in morris over mixon and start s. Shepherd?

      1. Yeah, those are solid plays.

  12. Post By

    Evil Little Goat 5-4
    .5 PPr FLEX Kupp, Watkins, Or Rod Smith. TE if Reed is out Vern Davis or Ebron (#1 on your sick matchup tool)???

    1. Love Davis when Reed is out. Hard to trust Ebron, a 2 TD Darren Fells monster would cause you irrepairable harm. But, if he’s your only option- it’s the best you could ever feel about starting him. I’d roll VD if Reed sits, though.

  13. Post By

    Need help for my wr3 since mike Evans suspended….Watkins, humphries, Amendola or McBride? One of these….full point ppr

    1. I’d prob roll Watkins and hope he rips off a monster play at home.

  14. PPR WR 3 TJ Jones or C Samuel?

    1. Samuel is on the uptick, I’d give him a spin at home! Too many other options to know what will happen in DET. Jones targets were pathetic last week. Snap counts are very similar on these guys.

  15. 10 man full pt ppr need rb and wr: mixon, coleman, d henry, doug martin. Have mixon in now but martin ranked one or so higher.

    wr: have corey davis in now, but could pick up woods, kupp, or sanu

    1. I’d roll Mixon

      Prob roll Woods or Sanu over Davis.

  16. What is a good average for TD odds?

    1. Alex would best be able to answer that question- but this week among all the guys with props- it’s like +150 or +200

      Among the higher end players- it’s closer to even money or some of those guys are slight to moderate favorites.

      1. Appreciate it. Thanks.

  17. Post By Robert Braswell

    Need help in 2 different leagues at the flex..lost Forte a 1 pt ppr need 1 ..CJ anderson,Dan williams or Rod smith…and in the other league same format Elijah Mcguire or Corey davis..Thanks

    1. Prob Davis

      LOL- Dan Wiliams.

      Prob Damien. Close, trash call- check snaps, matchups, vegas. If it’s close- I like DW. Best wishes.

  18. do you guys feel sneak, trashy, and does the robot get a tingly feeling this weekend when he thinks of what DeDe Westbrook might do?

    1. yes, but it’s anticipatory satisfaction –

      delay gratification

  19. You guys are getting SUPER-MANIACAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This is so Golden! Saturday 7pm and Sunday 7am! Nuts!

  21. should we stick with the seahawks d? Or pick up the ravens ?

  22. PPR league – Need one. Taylor Gabriel, Crowder, Adams , Kearse or Godwin for this week.

    1. Prob Kearse.

  23. BTW, you guys are too good. I am subscribed to so many sites but finding myself following you guys more and more. Keep up the good work Sir!

    1. thanks Falcon, we can’t thank you enough for your support.

  24. would you trade latavius murray for trashman’s banana hammock?

    1. Oh god, that is sickening.

  25. Need 2 of 3 in a ppr: MGoodwin, Kupp or Diggs

    1. Goodwin and Diggs

  26. Aldrich Robinson ,Curtis Samuel or j. Kearse. 2 pt ppr need 2

    1. Robinson is a very sneaky, and trashy idea. I kind of like it, but can’t recommend it- only the Trashman can do that.

      I’d roll Kearse and Samuel.

      1. Thanks. I’ve listened to you guys for a while this is my first year as a (premium) and I couldn’t be happy. Nice product

  27. start 2 0.5 ppr. Cooks, Shepard or Parker….

    1. Shep for sure. Very close on the other two- prob Cooks.

  28. Post By

    Got some real trash at rb. Need 2 ppr. CJ Anderson, Doug Martin, theo riddick and alfred morris. Also i can pick up booker, bernard or burkhead if needed. Thanks

    1. Trash!? That’s champagne and caviar for the Trashman!

      I’d roll – Morris and Martin

      1. Post By

        Thank you sir.

  29. Do you guys think Sherman inj hurts the Seahawks enough to drop the Seahawks team d?

    1. maybe not- look at the matchups -and the other options on your wire

  30. Team name: Boner Fournette, 5-4 need a RB2 and a flex in PPR league. Doug Martin, Keenan Allen, Duke Johnson, or Aaron Jones. Thanks in advance!

    1. Martin and prob Duke

  31. Post By

    Evil little goat 5-4
    .5 pPR FLEX Krupp, Watkins, rod smith

    1. Prob Kupp

  32. In a standard league – What would be a good trade for Adam Thielen. Need a RB

  33. RW,

    Need two of these please (one must be TE). Brate, Doyle, Kupp, C. Davis. PPR and thank you!


    1. Prob Kupp

      Lots of indicators for Brate, I’d roll Doyle based on all the targets, he’s getting a boatload.

  34. Powell or Anderson flex?

    1. Powell

  35. Powell or Anderson or cooks flex?

  36. Byron,

    Sanu or Drake? Half point PPR

    1. Yikes- Drake is the safe play. Like em both.

      1. Thank you Sir!

  37. Thanks to all of you for joining me tonight! Middle Fingers up RWNation!

  38. If your here, D. Jax or Damien Williams in Flex? 1pt PPR. Thx as always!

    1. Post By


  39. Post By

    Hey buddy-I have two Flex spots to fill in a 14 team PPR out of J. Kearse, Kroft, Corey Davis, Crowell, Dion Lewis, M Mack. What are your thoughts?

  40. Post By

    Kearse and I would roll the dice with Davis! Rankings be damned!

    1. Post By


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