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PRO VEGAS TOOL – Week 5 DraftKings Values Based on Vegas Player Props

alex bylineHere is a tool you can use in your Week 5 DFS research. We’ve aggregated all the open NFL player props available to us to identify how Vegas sees the fantasy production occurring in this second round of the playoffs.

By gathering the Las Vegas over/unders on receptions, rushing and receiving yards, we can compare the projected output to the DraftKings pricing as a tool in gauging the value of players while setting our DraftKings lineups.

We can, of course, also use it as a tool in making decisions for our playoff-only leagues or for DFS use on other sites than DK.


– This is not a comprehensive list of all players, but we do our best to find as many props as we can across dozens of different sports books. Players will be added into the spreadsheet as the bookmakers get them to us through Saturday evenings in-season and later in the week during the playoffs. Please check back leading into lineup lock if you don’t see a player you’re interested in listed on the sheet.

Due to the fact that we pull props from numerous sources both online and private, sometimes props between books and line-makers can differ, especially when getting them early. If we notice a major difference between two reputable books, we’ll update the sheet to use the average of the two props given while accounting for juice.

– These are not RW official projections, but rather, an additional tool to aid our members in decision making.

– This is not the RosterWatch DFS Cheat Sheet. Cheat Sheets can be downloaded here once available.

– Players with no over/under receptions props available have been supplemented with implied associated stats based on season averages and/or recent trends.

– The “Bonus” column is indicative of the three-point bonus received on DraftKings for rushing or receiving for 100 yards. Players with organic production projected by the bookmakers at 89.5 yards (rushing or receiving – not combined) or over receive three points, 79.5-89.5 receive two points, 69.5-79.5 receive one point.

Click here to go the shared spreadsheet (PRO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO ACCESS)


  1. Interesting takes on the TE’s like Engram, Clay, and Kroft for Td chances. Also interesting Henry has such a low score for going against the Giants. Also Jaron Brown and Larry Fitzgerald look lower then what I had them at slightly which suggests lower scoring in that game then i thought from the vegas eyes.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We like your eye for detail! I bet you’re a fantasy winner!

  2. With the help of the Waiver Wire cheat sheet, I loaded up on RB depth but need to drop a player to pick up a kicker. In one league I have Foreman(drafted), McGuire, and Rawls. I also have Rivers with Dak on bye next week. Which should I drop?

    In my other league, I lost Cook and Carson but was able to load up on RBs with Gallman, McGuire, A Collins, and Rawls. My other RBs are Hunt, T. Coleman, D. Henry, and Foreman. Which would you drop?

    Would you ever consider not playing a kicker and waiting to see how certain backfields shake out?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No, you need to win every week.

  3. Hey guys standard scoring would u trade Powell for Pryor

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      meh- only if I really needed a WR

  4. Thanks for the info on the tradecast podcast! So made the trade. Kelce for Ajayi and Clay, then in a weird turn of events another league mate offers me Gronk and Manny Sanders for Duke Johnson and Clay. Before the Thursday night game. No matter. Streamed ASJ. Here is my roster, it is a PPR league, and I’ve been offered another trade.

    WR: Allen, Thielen, Tate, Corey Davis, Sanders
    RB: Ajayi, Abullah, Aaron Jones, Buck Allen, Cohen and Foreman
    TE: Gronk and ASJ
    QB: Marriota, streaming Eli for this week.

    I was offered Amari Cooper and Rawls for Cohen and Sanders. Thoughts?

    I currently have no kicker. I did not want to drop any of these guys and both kickers are available for Monday night. Figured this, if I’m losing by 40 points come Monday evening why waste the spot on a kicker and just keep the skill position players. If I’m winning by 40 points, he has Rudolph and Minnesota D, then roll the dice and not waste the spot on the kicker, or by then possibly an injury has occurred to some one on my bench, then drop that player for Forbath.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close call- if you think Rawls can break out then it’s a good deal. He prob has more upside than Cohen. It’s just that you are still a bit thin at RB and you at least know you can play Cohen right now, if you have to. That said this may be a good opportunity to take crack a improving your RBs. Cooper for Sanders is a wash – we like Sanders more now – but AC has more upside.

  5. I give McCoy and I get Ajayi – yes??

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      you should be getting a little bit more back- but in a vacuum it’s close we’d prob take the gamble on Ajayi

    2. Don’t do it!

  6. I need to drop one player of the following:
    Jaron Brown

    How do you rankings these players ROS?

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. depends on your team strengths. if you’re good at wr, brown, if you’re good at rb then probably mcguire.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob drop Brown, maybe an injured Smallwood.

  7. Also, A Collins available on ww. How does he fit in with the previous group?

  8. Thanks Trashman

  9. Great show today. 3 questions…
    1. .5pr./.5 Rush 1st down. Need 1 flex from Maclin, McGuire and Crow.
    2. PPR need 4 from Buck, Alex Collins, L. Murray, Crab, Kearse, Maclin, McKissick
    3. Dynasty trade trying to consolidate and get Dak. Could offer LMurray, Buck and Kearse to start. I could sub J White for Buck as I have some RB depth. Thoughts?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert


      Crab, Kearse, Murray- then choose one between the others- prob Buck or McKissick

      Would be fine with either for Dak

  10. I could pick up John Brown to add to the choices in #1.

  11. Ppr – cook or ASJ

  12. Post By chuckcnc@icloud.com

    Tyrell Williams or Cooper Kupp at WR2?

    Full Point PPR


  13. Is there a way you can post what casinos are offering which props?

  14. Received a couple offers in a .5 ppr… either I give up engram and tevin for mixon, or mccoy for mixon and James white. Weak at RB right now with mccoy, tevin, montgomery, CJ, and ellington. Stacked at WR (dez, Keenan, parker). Sitting at 2-2 in the league

  15. 12 .5 ppr, drop KUpp for Funchess?

  16. Post By Trashmans Fonzanoons

    Why is there never any qb info on this cheat sheet?

  17. Post By yeagermeister

    tyreek hill, mixon or cmc in flex, full ppr?

  18. Post By yeagermeister

    Derrick Henry or Buck Allen, full pt ppr?

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