PRO Week 5 Touchdown Dependency Tool

Byron BylineAn old standby of RosterWatch Nation are Touchdown Dependency metrics. Every season, we begin tracking these in Week 4, and the numbers are in for Week 5. Overly touchdown-dependent players offer unsustainable and unpredictable long-term production. These players are good candidates to sell high on in our season long leagues. And, are players to consider fading in our DFS lineups on efficiency sites.

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  1. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Does Trubisky starting hurt or help Howard?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think it helps the CHI offense and run game in general. Howard specifically – hard to say exactly. I’m a Howard and Cohen owner, and I don’t mind the switch. As a matter of fact- if you’re a team who has to play both this week- I think it makes that situation more enticing.

  2. With your help today I was able to move Green and Buck for Fournette and Snead.

    Followed that up a little later today by moving M. Bryant and Ingram for Dez. (Hope you can sign off too late now).

    Roster is Cockamamie Business (Team Name) 1-3: PPR League

    QB – Watson
    WR1 – Dez
    WR2 – K. Allen
    RB1 – Fournette
    RB2 – Demarco
    TE – Engram
    FL1 – D. Parker
    FL2 – D. Funchess

    D. Henry
    D. Foreman
    W. Snead
    E. McGuire
    Open – for a hot WW Pick up.

    We sitting okay for a strong finish to the season? How would you classify the swindling I did today?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Solid moves- you got the best player on the season in that trade in LF, and we like Dez for a win this week- so at 1-3 that is important. Also, like LF a lot this week too.

      Think you at least have to consider McGuire maybe over funchess or maybe over Murray this week. Close call in PPR. Right now you probably have the most solid lineup set, based on sound logic and snap counts.

  3. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    If Davante Adams is cleared to play, start him over John Brown?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        just hope he’s not active and then rides the bench- hard to trust Brown.

  4. Post By

    need help with a flex, .5 ppr. Aaron Jones, Gallman, Kupp or Fuller?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      yikes- all pretty solid options- prob Fuller or Jones- excited to see Gallman but still a lot unknown there- if you like him we can def understand playing him this week- we might rather see it first. kupp is our boy but we can bench n this matchup

  5. Team name BUCKNASTY, Record 3-1 (started 0-1)

    Having trouble deciding in my RB2 spot: Johnathan Stewart, Buck Allen, Alex Collins, Gallman, or Derick Henry. Thanks!

    1. 1 pt. PPR

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob JStew, if you want to get a little bit nasty – we’d sign off on Gallman.

  6. Really need your help guys!!!

    Just got the following trade offer:

    Give up M. Gordon, M. Lynch, A. Jeffrey, A. Kamara

    Receive: J. Ajayi, L. Miller, I. Crowell, D. Watson

    I am a Carr owner with no backup. I also have D. Foreman.

    Rest of team: WRs Michael Thomas, DeSean Jackson, W Fuller, C. Kupp, A. Hurns. RBs: D Foreman, J. Charles. TE: Jimmy Graham.

    I feel like this trade could make or break my season.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you are truly desperate at QB, this trade is fine. It’s a fair deal and close call, but if it helps you this week because you have no QB, then it make sense.

      1. I picked up Brissett. The guy offering the trade for cold feet and pulled it.

        Any other counters you might suggest? Should I keep trying to get Ajayi?

      2. I picked up Brissett. The guy offering the trade got cold feet and pulled it.

        Any other counters you might suggest? Should I keep trying to get Ajayi?

  7. Post By

    Kinda stuck on this one. Team Name: I AM LEGEND. Record 2-2

    I need help constructing my line up this week.

    Tarik Cohen
    Duke Johnson
    Aaron Jones
    Elijah McGuire

    Marvin Jones Jr.
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Cooper Kupp
    Tyrell Williams

    Need 2 RB, 2WR and one Flex

    My picks are Cohen and Johnson, Kupp and Benjamin and Williams as Flex.

    But am not sure if I am thinking straight.

    Can you advise?


    1.2 point PPR

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Duke and Cohen – crazy close call- but that’s who we have the most data on and feel most comfortable with. We like all those RBs If you think it’s close and want to break the tie with the significantly better matchup – the the play is bench Cohen for Jones or EM- refer to matchup tool.

      Kelvin + prob Marvin Jones

  8. Post By Silent Riders

    Need 3 of these 4, Ajayi, Lynch, Cohen, and Gallman. Also, Watson or Rivers. Thanking you in advance. 1 pt. ppr

    1. i’d sit gallman and play watson

  9. Post By

    Team name
    Succop on my nut juice
    Have Breese on bye. Need to get backup. My options
    Standard scoring.

  10. Post By

    Aaron Jones, Elijah McGuire, Cooper Kupp or Tyrell Williams.

    Need one for flex in Full point PPR. Down 20 in projections after Thursday night.


  11. In both my leagues I have D Watson. Should I play him this week over R Wilson and Mariota.

  12. Post By

    Need to pick two of these rbs for a std scoring league:

    Melvin Gordon
    Alex Collins
    E. McGuire

    Thank you!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Please just check our rankings! Likely Gordon and McCaffrey.

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