RWi Week 8 RosterWatch Waiver Wire Tool: RBs

Week 8 RosterWatch Waiver Wire Tool: RBs
Byron Lambert,

And on Tuesdays he said…..”There will be an easy to use running back waiver wire tool with all of the data you need”.



  1. Post By The_Based_Gruden

    I’ve always wondered if this is descending order based on who Roster Watch likes? Currently own Ellington and Stacy. Lost Musclehamster this week (torn between keeping him rostered or not).

    Was originally shooting to drop both [LMiller or RMendenhall] and my bye week kicker this week for Ivory and MJames.

    1. Post By The_Based_Gruden

      At 7-0 in my 12 team (I’ve gotten extremely lucky thus far Ex: Cutler going for -1 last week) I highly doubt I’ll get either.
      REALLY Trying to do damage control after losing 2 of my 1st 3 picks (Rcobb and DMartin)Also have waivers in for Reed and DHeyward-Bey

  2. Great run so far! Keep it going! Reed a must add + we like DHB moving forward.

    We used to arrange these in order of who we like – but it is so dependent on each fantasy teams needs – we decided this year to be unbiased and just sort them in descending order by average points.

    Best of Luck!

  3. Post By The_Based_Gruden

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get loads of help here from RosterWatch. Thanks for all the assistance!

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