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Press —

RosterWatch Lands in Top 10% of Fantasy Football Rankings
New Contributor to Scores Consistently Among Most Accurate Rankings Experts

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 23, 2011 — RosterWatch, a leading independent fantasy football news and advice service has proven itself an emerging contender among the world’s leading NFL performance experts. In its first four weeks of head-to-head ranking on, RosterWatch has already established a strong record of accuracy, consistently placing in the top 10% across several key positions.

In Wide Receiver rankings, traditionally the most challenging to predict, RosterWatch outperformed nearly 90% of the 75 featured experts on, ranking in the top five for this key position in its first four weeks of comparison. RosterWatch also achieved eight top-15 finishes in individual position categories over the same period, and is consistently comparing favorably with the world’s top sports news services such as ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and CBS Sports.

“We are thrilled to be included in’s expert rankings,” remarked founding partner Alex Dunlap. “RosterWatch was established with the idea of combining entertaining content with statistical precision to help our readers win week after week, so it’s gratifying to see our hard work yield results for our fans.”

RosterWatch analysts post updates about fantasy football strategy, news, and strategic insight to daily, including rankings, player spotlights, exclusive matchup tools, instant news alerts, and much more to help fantasy players make informed choices. Staff analysts engage players regularly via social media to answer strategy questions one-on-one.

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RosterWatch is an independent provider of fantasy sports news and insight, based in Austin, Texas. Its partner-analysts are sports fanatics with academic preparation comprised of six combined degrees in various methods of statistical evaluation and game theory, and over 50 years of fantasy sports and gaming experience. RosterWatch broadcasts a weekly radio show on “The Horn,” 104.9 ESPN Austin, and contributes to both the network and the Austin Chronicle. On the web:, and