Below are some recent winning stories from our dedicated RosterWatch PRO members, telling us about their success in both Daily Fantasy and Season-Long Leagues. Have an RW PRO success story? Send an e-mail to

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RosterWatch is the only company dedicated to personally covering and analyzing fantasy football every day of the year – it’s easy to see why they are the rising stars of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. These guys do great, great work.

— Matthew Berry, ESPN Senior Fantasy Analyst

The money I spent at RW is well spent and would never want it back. In fact, after using the draft cheat sheet I changed my membership from one month to a full year.

— RW Pro User, MikeVegas


I just want to say Thank You! I been a member for over about 4 years. This year I gave up on all the other guys and just stayed with you guys. I’m in 7 leagues making the playoffs in all 7 and looking like ill be taking home at least 3 of them.

— RW Pro User, Erod626


Just wanted to send you guys a thank you. I’ve been playing fantasy football for 6 years and been a member of RosterWatch Nation for 5. I’ve made the playoffs every year, except for last year when I got hit hard by the injury bug, and even then I could have been in if I had won my last game. Finished in 1st place this year and now headed into the playoffs. Thanks for all of you guys’ hard work and commitment to the members of the Nation!

— RW Pro User, xraytakr


Paid $4 for rosterwatch at 11am
Won $1,000 by 4:30pm

All due to your draftkings advice.

-RW PRO user, Steve


Used the cheat sheet and in season downloads last year. Got me in all 5 “Super Bowls,” winning 3 of them. It works.

— RW PRO user, Kip C (@BomisHawg)

“I use your draft cheat sheet every year. The one that tells you exactly who to pick and where. I like your system because i just go down the list and scratch people off as the draft progresses. I’ve won 4 years in a row playing in my company league using it. Thanks!”

– RW PRO User, William Price

“I have used several different draft tools in the last 5 years. Yours was by far the easiest (I usually use apps or programs on PC) and, the most effective. I also think I had the best drafts due to your cheat sheet. I already recommended you to several friends. “

– RW PRO User, Scott Koeningsberg

I’ve used many other sites, and I listen to Sirius XM fantasy sports. You guys are definitely the best!

– RW PRO User, Reuben Spencer


The fact is I’ve won over $4,400 on @FanDuel thanks to 

– Travis via Twitter

“I love the RosterWatch site and articles for my fantasy football leagues and daily fantasy games. The weekly matchup tool is my favorite and I use it for everything: Single week, standard, and with the sports book. For example, I couldn’t believe their Doug Martin pick but added him to my season-long teams and guess what? Last week he totally came through. It was an amazing call!

– Dustin Daniels, $5,000 DraftKings Winner


After 2 weeks, over 100% so far on my daily line ups using the DFS cheat sheet. It works. Lets keep rolling.

– Kip C via Twitter

I signed up for pro on Saturday and u helped me double my money this weekend. Really like the cheat sheet. Very helpful.

– Dr Michael E via Twitter

You guys are radio gold on . I played Stevie Johnson and cashed tickets at @FanDuel.

– Dr Michael E via Twitter

you guys were LIGHT YEARS ahead on Stefon Diggs in the industry!

– Enad H via Twitter

made an awesome call on !! I picked him up right after week 4 and started him this week to take the win.

– Shaun via Twitter

@MikeClayNFL  was hammering Diggs before the season started

– wheels via Twitter

2.99 a month? Thanks for the deal.

– jeb via Twitter

“Great site. Have been following for a few years, has always had me a step ahead of the rest my money league.”

– Comment on the RosterWatch Ticker

“Just wanted to say the daily cheat sheet is legit! Hadn’t played many 50/50’s until this week but I love them now.”


“Love the website and show, you guys do a fantastic job.”

– Brad Buettner

Had a Great weekend on @FanDuel and @DraftKings . Check out ! This is gonna be Great . Have a good week.

– David C via Twitter


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