2/23 2:47 am @SullyFromHTown funny enough, that will actually be kind of a football question / story

2/23 2:25 am @SigmundBloom @Marcus_Mosher Agreed on loving Shaheen w/Nagy, just noting Goedert is def 15-20 lb lighter than Shah… https://t.co/bqKnF9qMlO

2/23 2:14 am @Marcus_Mosher @SigmundBloom By looks alone he reminded us of Shaheen in person. Really big guy

2/23 2:10 am 😂 https://t.co/ut5h1gYrX6

2/23 2:06 am It’s an unbelievable class but we could never put anyone including Michel over Barkley and Guice at the top. Both o… https://t.co/cItrCpu475