3/31 12:06 am @FantasyDouche Over Biggie!? Love the Morgan Freeman / James Earl suggestions in your mentions

3/30 9:33 pm NOT SO FAST: Cameron Artis-Payne's gaudy numbers not indicative of his running style #dynasty http://t.co/GRp3rZxmc9 http://t.co/Sd6cSIkdlV

3/30 8:40 pm What's the all-time Rick Barnes #Longhorns starting 5: Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, TJ Ford, DJ Augustin, Tristan Thompson?

3/30 8:36 pm @cBeastwin think he gets traded? maybe San Fran?

3/30 8:24 pm Look we're not thin by any stretch of the imagination, and Danny Shelton's legs are, no joke, as big around as our waists

3/30 7:28 pm Like the vision and the enthusiasm--> “@RAIDER4LIFE06: Mack pushes QB up in pocket, and BAMMM Leonard Williams lays the smackdown”