10/25 12:02 am Philbin has ALWAYS been committed to a committee w/ RBs. Maybe recent success feeding ONE good back in Lamar Miller might change his views.

10/24 8:18 pm @Hindery oh well fuck you're the enemy! ; )

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10/24 7:55 pm @Hindery on Victiv?

10/24 6:38 pm @THEdamnPEPSIguy @NEPD_Loyko not sure yet, but probably. It's the No.1 TE matchup on the matchup tool and we love him. Small leap of faith.

10/24 6:38 pm RT @playvictiv: Play fantasy football? Any good? Our #VICTRON is better. Challenge it for free and earn up to $30 in free cash. https://t.…