3/6 1:02 am Exactly. No need to paint as saint RT @ACaseOfBluez: @RosterWatch I like my DL like that- I don't care about Suh's character-DL play angry

3/6 12:57 am @SooSlow84 @RaiderTruths @RaiderVengance #TIL it's high-character to threaten workers as long as it's an air rifle.

3/6 12:56 am @RaiderTruths @SooSlow84 @RaiderVengance we LOVE the idea of Suh to OAK. HATE fans putting on blinders and crying of injustice, though.

3/6 12:49 am @RaiderTruths @RaiderVengance whoever said Suh is high-character.

3/6 12:48 am Suh ACTS (at times) like he's high-character. He's clearly very intelligent. His intelligence makes his unscrupulous actions more sleazy.

3/6 12:45 am False. RT @RaiderTruths: False. Suh is a very high character. RT @RaiderVengance: This dude is not high character and needs to stay away.