4/17 10:30 pm An Adrian Peterson #dynasty owner's dream. http://t.co/DzJ0shbQYq

4/17 4:00 pm New From @LukeShabroNFL - Anttonio Brown, DB VUL: Video Interview and Scouting Report. http://t.co/1rDxNWJufF http://t.co/kio3UDYKIw

4/17 2:32 pm The Trashman Is Disgusting! He calls Antwan Goodley a POOR MAN'S DEZ?!!? #Dynasty http://t.co/zLUOVVG5Cm http://t.co/ZkOwngpFlG

4/16 10:51 pm RT @mikefinger: Vance Bedford with high praise for DT Poona Ford. Says he has a lot of Malcom Brown in him.

4/15 7:40 pm @TheCFX @jacobarichmond @lifesyourcup we worry he's got some Limas Sweed to him

4/15 7:40 pm @TheCFX @jacobarichmond @lifesyourcup really like that comp- good work