2/28 3:05 am Finally we will not come back from Indy w/ frostbite. https://t.co/5IyVmAWBxS

2/28 1:51 am Haven't heard much from us on Hunt?! 2017 All-Senior Bowl Roster. A Top 5 RB in a stacked class at least. We don't… https://t.co/zM47IQVgd3

2/28 1:27 am @BadWolf_75 wld also have a plan in mind to move into top 5 or trade your 2s for nxt yr 1s- if we acquired THAT much draft capital

2/28 1:26 am @BadWolf_75 Don't mind it - seems a bit light for shady - wld like 2.11 even if we had to give back 3.09

2/27 8:53 pm @BadWolf_75 cannot include the 2nd rounders