11/26 2:57 am #RosterWatchNation #Unite ---> Make sure and use the WK 13 Waiver Cheat Sheet when setting claims tonight- http://t.co/2r1RcgEwyH #Playoffs

11/26 2:04 am Face it, this just isn’t going to be Michael Floyd’s year. He’s like a Ferrari being driven by your grandmother given these #Cardinals QBs.

11/26 12:15 am @caljaguar not yet, but the Trashman is a fashion maven, we'll have to consider him designing his own line in the offseason

11/26 12:14 am @yeagermeister36 Saturday, have a great ThxGiving

11/25 11:03 pm @mrsingleton Selfieberger, Trashman and the Robot Genius like him- it's a like a solar eclipse

11/25 11:01 pm @caljaguar that was clutch, good luck the rest of the way