7/7 12:26 am @DavisHsuSeattle So you think Norwood is as good as gone already?

7/6 3:39 pm #Eagles becoming the No.2 OL in the NFC East? We say 'Not so fast, Philly.' #fantasyfootball http://t.co/CKOEPNUuNt http://t.co/ztHXTlVkXo

7/4 2:38 pm @eaglesfan3535 we are too- slow time for programming right now- looking more like end of Jul / first of Aug

7/4 2:38 pm @eaglesfan3535 Not sure it's a pro bowl unit, but Trashman and Robot sure do bring some nasty to the interior

7/4 2:36 pm @eaglesfan3535 yes good for Alf, article will go up later today

7/3 8:32 pm Behind Dallas, it appears the #Redskins offensive line may be shaping up as best in the division- not the #Eagles