8/27 6:59 pm RT @FtblSickness: @RosterWatch Shouldn't be. He's a long way off.

8/27 6:58 pm Oh Snap, is that a Charles Johnson hype train we hear getting cranked up with Gordon out? 6-2 w/ 4.38 speed and 40-inch vertical. #Browns

8/27 5:08 pm Our man @LukeShabroNFL will be SHOCKED if Zach Ertz gets less than 6 TDs in 2014. All-New "Declassified" --> http://t.co/MAfKS8cr11

8/27 4:44 pm Jordan Cameron

8/27 4:21 pm @IanKenyonNFL @AllbrightNFL Texas resident agrees! ; )

8/27 3:00 pm The Trashman demands you give him a free sandwich RT @Enad_Haddad: @RosterWatch I demand the true identity of the trash man...