2/7 12:31 am @lifesyourcup @TakeAShowers admittedly not watched any tape on the kid- that GIF Fusue Vue just posted very filthy tho- obv small sample

2/7 12:22 am @lifesyourcup what does this mean, because we've always loved Karlos!? Kid must be nasty if ur talking like this

2/6 5:49 am @FFDynasty101 @MontelNFL always possible to develop- but nothing to suggest that's what will happen

2/6 5:48 am @FFDynasty101 @MontelNFL no there's no reason to project more or anything different-live at practice vs NFL competition last wk same as tape

2/6 5:40 am @FFDynasty101 @MontelNFL no, it's def an issue if u project him as more than a backup