7/31 8:46 pm RT @BrennenWarner: Dalton complete to Green on dig for 20 yds. Adam Jones in coverage https://t.co/IIpcRbc899

7/31 7:48 pm Insane stat, and big part of the reason #Browns have a Top 3 OL---> https://t.co/RKzMfKAMAH

7/31 7:08 pm @eaglesfan3535 trashman in a speedo trust us.

7/31 7:08 pm @eaglesfan3535 nice work love getting Evans in 3rd.

7/31 4:27 pm RT @NEPD_Loyko: As I said yesterday. 1st week of season gives blind hope to all. 😨 https://t.co/mfpKlVYgXA

7/31 4:09 pm Must reluctantly admit we kind of like the Trashman's disgusting QB strategy to draft both Bradford AND Sanchez--> http://t.co/PGT1hDhWKM