6/24 11:18 pm @eaglesfan3535 @sullysullivan99 no sir, we'll be back on schedule for the show/podcasts next week tho. We're hoping… https://t.co/xf8VFD5ZMl

6/24 11:16 pm @BadWolf_75 it will make filling a lineup easier, but making your weekly sit/start decisions tougher. We personally… https://t.co/3EcB6eynBL

6/24 6:23 pm @sullysullivan99 make sure and listen to the last few episodes On Demand at SXM

6/23 10:06 pm RT @RosterWatch: Y'all have gone from maniacal, to purely diabolical 👹⚡️ https://t.co/1hkweJbUmI

6/23 8:36 pm @AllbrightNFL And, any other nuanced interpretation of this would have to include arm strength