9/2 11:51 pm Louisville doesn't get enough credit for being a really fun town, it really is a pretty cool spot

9/2 11:51 pm Looking back- HOW DID WE not realize Welker was rolling on Molly at the Kentucky Derby sooner!?? http://t.co/bBNMB5gNzi

9/2 11:31 pm @chrisgb00 lol

9/2 11:09 pm Good thing nobody that used our Draft Cheat Sheet ever ended up with Welker, but constantly landed Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders #meth

9/2 11:08 pm @RawSports365 @biglos661 we saw something like this rolling around the subway car that stops in front of the Coliseum at a Raiders game once

9/2 10:06 pm @SeniorBowlPhil @seniorbowl Reminded us so much of the way Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins conducted themselves in Mobile. Cut from same cloth