8/2 7:11 pm @michnels00 rookie QB, lots of mouths to feed- we like Delanie and are planning on monitoring throughout camp

8/2 6:26 pm @reid_copeland where you're coming from-and consider Charles and Antonio equally solid picks-we'd even consider CJ Anderson or DeMarco there

8/2 6:25 pm @reid_copeland lots of mid rd RB talent we really like - even in 16tm leagues- also make sure to get DeAngelo late- but totally understand

8/2 6:12 pm @michnels00 projections aren't practically very useful

8/2 6:12 pm @michnels00 rankings

8/2 6:11 pm @reid_copeland if you just want to set it and forget it- we'd go either JCharles or Antonio Brown