4/26 3:15 pm Just looking at our WR rankings spreadsheet, we'll break out of pre-draft RB and WR rankings this week. MUCH different from the groupthink.

4/25 5:21 pm Trashman says Da'Ron Brown is a Reggie Wayne, but he'll only survive if he gets drafted to an AFC South team. Where does he come up w/ this?

4/25 5:19 pm The Trashman's take on Da'Ron Brown is COCKAMAMIE GARBAGE! http://t.co/fP5TCPvCgf

4/25 4:55 pm The Trashman compares Da'Ron Brown to Reggie Wayne! #dynasty http://t.co/fP5TCPvCgf http://t.co/5GHBbbkZhe

4/25 3:04 pm For us, in terms of pure physical ability, Karlos Williams is a Top 5 RB talent in this class- maybe Top 3

4/24 2:33 pm @MattWaldman Farmer is a NEWB