8/21 3:40 pm Massive RB runs early on #FantasyPros - it's getting silly. We are taking Percy Harvin over Chris Johnson every day of the wk, bench or not

8/20 8:43 pm Jim Kelly said get that cancer the hell outta here. We love it.

8/20 8:34 pm You guys need to follow @LukeShabroNFL - KILLED his "Declassified" Column this week on Andre Ellington. Check it. http://t.co/UXaji9VxIE

8/20 8:25 pm @jfresher thanks for posting- already posted an answer in reply- you will feel nasty when you read what we have to say

8/20 8:07 pm @jfresher This year we are answering all ?s in the comments section of any article on our website- post there and we will answer promptly

8/20 7:39 pm @jfresher ask in the comments section of any article at RW and we'll answer.