5/25 4:32 pm Trashman sees a 50/50 time-split as early as 2015 for Matt Jones and Alfred Morris!!!! http://t.co/4nghDJpI8E

5/25 1:50 pm @eaglesfan3535 Love it! Happy Memorial Day!

5/22 7:09 pm RT @coachclaymack: 2015 Quicktwitch Athletes draft class: * Jacorey Shepherd, DB (Philadelphia Eagles) *Dez Lewis, WR (Buffalo Bills) htt…

5/20 2:07 pm The disgusting Trashman says he'd take TJ Yeldon before ANY rookie RB in redraft #FantasyFootball leagues!!! http://t.co/EnIBn7rL5D

5/19 3:06 pm Early Look at #FantasyFootball starting Strength of Schedule for Top 40 ADP WRs: http://t.co/mJM0QPGVMU http://t.co/qUb0REqFAR

5/17 2:51 am @eaglesfan3535 Not currently, but we could consider something like that as part of the show this yr