3/20 1:12 pm ANALYTICS!?! We don’t need no stinkin’ analytics! https://t.co/Z9Rh7D6SM6

3/20 1:09 pm This QB class deserves more credit on #DraftTwitter than it gets! https://t.co/UhJ36J5M6z

3/20 1:06 pm WTF!? https://t.co/TLHQ4QBBBo

3/20 12:58 pm RT @thecheckdown: Bill Belichick, master of the pigskin, coached up Bradley Chubb (@ASTROCHUBB) at his Pro Day and even left him with a jok…

3/20 12:56 pm Sounds like the Jets got lucky- https://t.co/bT406veFWd