10/22 7:36 pm @cgifford300 @DavisHsuSeattle think FO is front office- think RE was a typo for RW (russell wilson)

10/22 7:36 pm @AndyBenoit @LukeShabroNFL YES!!!!!

10/22 7:35 pm @GaryDerk can u send a pic of the trade partners roster? u dont really need cam

10/22 3:36 pm Alright tweeps, the Week 8 Matchup Tool is up. It's a party in a spreadsheet. Kinda. #FantasyFootball --> http://t.co/9XhllboyUZ

10/22 3:09 pm @AllbrightNFL too short :)

10/22 3:08 pm RT @DavisHsuSeattle: Freeman says rift w Harvin & part of SEA locker-room against RE was (1) too close to FO (2) RW didnt own his mistakes …