10/31 8:17 pm It's @ChrisTrapasso's Finest #FantasyFootball Matchups and he's predicting an Andre Ellington Week 9 MONSTER. --> http://t.co/IfyvmcALdh

10/31 1:48 pm RT @GottliebShow: Boone for the win RT @OkieStotts: @GottliebShow and there's this... http://t.co/48eBhjCNqp

10/31 1:29 am RT @darrenrovell: Cavs waterboy caught by TV cameras pouring Gatorade into a Powerade bottle http://t.co/IGQHCXuZpD (via @EJrobbe23, @APowe

10/30 10:23 pm New! From @LukeShabroNFL - What you can expect if you're starting Martavis Bryant this week in #FantasyFootball ----> http://t.co/zqzike9dZc

10/30 3:32 pm @lasophis Oliver and Taliaferro

10/30 3:32 pm @lasophis on gosh, things are getting trashy!