3/3 6:34 am @acohn1230 Oddly, there are tons of options- GB, NE, BAL, SEA, IND, CAR

3/3 6:15 am @RCorySmith very true lots of contenders, so he may get both or at least as much of both as possible

3/3 6:11 am Will be interesting to see if Andre Johnson joins a contender or chases the money

3/3 4:14 am RT @VickBallard: I jus want to ball one more time.

3/2 10:15 pm @AROD75 We'd move in on Suh and Knighton or Fairley before we did that

3/2 9:26 pm Cobb and Maclin are going to get over-paid, which in theory- oddly means they won't be