6/29 10:20 pm RT @CowboysTalkLine: Agree 100% Good Read. https://t.co/uRoUYJz31I

6/29 8:49 pm #Cowboys have the best offensive line in football and also basically the cheapest. Average age of starter is only 25.

6/29 8:44 pm Remember the slashing Joseph Randle from OSU? The #Cowboys OL will resurrect that guy in 2015 http://t.co/Bld4XIfGOH http://t.co/wwWLk0HobQ

6/29 7:34 pm Have a look RosterWatch Nation, this is what we've been hyping up the whole time #Vikings #Dynasty ----> https://t.co/VPkIVHhBDD

6/29 2:27 pm All aboard the Ameer Abdullah Hype Train in PPR! #FantasyFootball https://t.co/H2GetZHc80

6/29 2:22 pm @eaglesfan3535 We're still trying to get him through customs - he tried to grope a male TSA agent. We'll know something soon.