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PRO 2017 Dynasty Rookie Spotlight: Alvin Kamara, RB Tennessee

Alvin Kamara, RB Tennessee

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 214 Pounds
Hand Size: 9 1/4″
Bench Press: 15 reps
Vertical Jump: 39’5″
Broad Jump: 10’11”
40 Yard Dash: 4.56

NFL Comp: Ryan Mathews, Joseph Addai

Scouting Report:

– splits out wide sometimes

– decent forward lean

– willing blocker

– can catch it

– good hands to frame screen passes out in front and get moving up the field

– snaps out of shotgun and pistol formations

– nice read and cutback upfield on outside zone stretch

– good burst up field on cuts

– shows patience and keeps feet moving to move laterally down the OL when original hole no there

– demonstrates solid base to shed contact and maintain balance

– strikes me as intelligent player who can handle various responsibilities

– played with knee wrapped vs Kentucky

– Alabama transfer to Tennessee

– runs behind man and zone blocking schemes

– solid speed to edge

– 15 reps on bench

– College was listed at 195, the combine weigh-in was huge but you wonder if he’s a bit on the slight side of things


Probably a day 2 pick, but I wouldn’t be shocked if snuck into later Round 1 for teams looking for more of a traditional NFL back than Christian McCaffrey. He posted the highest SPARQ score of all running backs at the combine. We are waiting for his times in the agility drills from Tennessee Pro Day, where we also expect him to improve his 40 time.

Kamara Could very well warrant a round 1 Dynasty Rookie Draft Selection once we know his landing spot. As of now, we’d be comfortable taking Kamara at the 1/2 turn of 12-team leagues.

Quotable from the Combine

(Are you confident you’re a first round pick?)

Am I confident I’m a first-round pick? I feel like after my combine performance you know, it’s up to the teams to decide. I wouldn’t really comment on it.

(your journey, three colleges)

It was just a long road, you know? From transferring from Alabama, going to junior college, that’s the lowest levels, being true to myself and staying grounded in what I believe in really helped me in the process. Then going to Tennessee and obviously standing right here in front of you guys is definitely a blessing.

(lack of tread on your tires)

I talked about that a little bit with teams and it’s honestly a good thing, the limited amount of carries. Of course they wanted to see more production, but the limited amount of carries, I mean, save it for the league.


Yeah, they asked about that a little bit. Just sometimes you try to make things happen. Instead of just taking what teams give me. Easily corrected.

(personal style, piercing in nose, braids)

Yeah. Just do me. Not something I’m trying to be too loud with. I guess you could say I have a unique look.

(describe own personality)

My own? Easy-going, fun, laid back. That’s about it, yeah.

(teams most want to know about your time at Alabama)

Really just what happened at Alabama and why I made that transfer. Nothing too deep. Just wanting to clear the air about that. I think I answered them. Think it’s more the unknown, a lot of teams didn’t know what was going on. Once I start talking about it it makes sense.

(what did you tell them?)

I just answer it in the meetings. Just made the best business decision for me. I just felt like it was the right business decision for me and it worked out in the end.

(playing time based?)


(question about coaches leaving without penalty versus players transferring)

A little bit. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal , transferring. Everybody transfers for a different reason, different reasons. (specifically coaches) oh, yeah. Players talk about that a lot. Obviously it’s a business, that’s how we interpret it.

(what’s next for you)

What’s next? Probably go back down to Miami, keep training and just try to stay out of the way and get ready for the draft.

(agent choice)

Just detailed, organized. I’m a real organized person so that’s important to me.

(biggest surprise so far)

All the medical stuff, yeah. It’s long. Going to the hospital, doing the same thing over and over again. Running around with every doctor. But it’s worth it I guess. It’s necessary.

(where has your game grown the most the past year)

I think it’s grown from pass protection standpoint and I think that’s still where I need to grow. I’m not where I want to be but I’ve gotten better. Willingness and more experience with doing it.

(good RB group, how can you separate yourself)

Just my versatility. That’s a major thing. I think when you come on the field, you can see I’m different than a lot of those backs, but still I have the same qualities. Like you said, it’s a great class. I guess we’ll just see it out through the combine and leading up to the draft.

(guys notice how well Ezekiel Elliott did?)

We all watch Zeke. I know Zeke. He did great. You can’t deny it.

(texas A&M game)

That was just the first game I got to start a game, so I had that in my head that I was going to take it and run with it. If I get an opportunity I’m going to show everybody why, why I should be number one.

(did you think about not playing in the bowl game?)

No, I didn’t. I was going to play the bowl game regardless of anything. I think (it helped me). Just being there my last game with my teammates and my
coaches and my fan base I think that was the most important thing.


Catching out of the backfield. My special teams, the special teams component I bring to the game. Things like that. (come up with teams?) Yes, definitely. A lot of teams have been bringing up special teams and me being able to catch out of the backfield and being comfortable lining up in the slot. Just things like that. I didn’t submit my name to the advisory committee. Made up my mind the last week of the season.

(45-inch vertical, accurate?)

You’ve heard that? You’ll see it tomorrow.

(test excited for)

I’m excited about all of them really. Vert and broad obviously but hte 40, it speaks for itself, everybody’s waiting to see it.

(what to teams want to see)

40 of course. Yeah, 40.

(what’s it like to have hype coming into the combine and possibly being a first round pick)

It’s good. It’s gratifying. You know, being that kind of shadow player for a while, coming and breaking out in the last half of the season and now coming here, a lot of buzz, a lot of talks about me.

(prepare for combine)

Just training down in Miami. Just working, working, working. Can’t say that enough.

(Titans, Vikings, who else have you met with?)

I’ve met with a couple other teams. Yeah, the Broncos. Lions, coach Walker, the running back coach. It went well, a good dude. Just talking some football. Giants? Yeah, talked to the Giants earlier today, more football, Xs and Os. Jets? Not yet.

(nicest compliment)

Just my overall game. I walked into a meeting and they turned on film and just starting talking about football, reviewing that Texas A&M game and reviewing other great plays from the season. That was really gratifying getting some feedback on my game. That was the 49ers.

(game translates more to NFL?)

I think it does. I think the league is moving more towards having running backs that can do more catching out of the backfield and do more things in the offense and that’s what my game displays.

(met with eagles?)

Yes. I did meet with the Eagles. I think it was a productive meeting. I enjoyed sitting down with them and talking a little bit.

(turning point for last season)

The turning point? For me? I think just coming back off of my knee injury. I just got like a second wind and took off.

(craziest question)

A guy asked what my drink of choice was. (your answer?) Water.


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    Solid. Love the water answer. This guy seems like he will be a good pro. 5th Round to the Steelers or 4th round to the Colts i’m guessing unless his 40 is sub 4.5

    1. Those would be great landing spots!

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