PRO How to Use the 2017 RosterWatch Cheat Sheets in Auction Drafts

RosterWatch - Be Ready.

RosterWatch – Be Ready.

Many of you have asked about how to use the cheat sheet in auction drafts. It is actually a perfectly suitable format for using the sheet, so we’ve created this simple set of auction instructions to go with the Auction Sheets now available in your downloads section. Remember, this set of instructions is different from the three easy steps on the cheat sheet – and only to be used if you are participating in an auction as opposed to a traditional snake format. Rosterwatch PRO members can find all the “traditional” (snake draft) cheat sheets in their downloads section as well as separate sheets to be used in auctions.


1) Next to each player, in space provided, record the player’s auction price to the winning bidder.

2) With opening bid, nominate a player you are not interested in, preferably outside of the Top 10-15 range positionally as listed.

3) Take a non-aggressive approach to early bidding and allow a small market sample of winning bids to appear recorded on your cheat sheet.

4) Identify auction nominations where it appears players higher up on the sheet may be had for less budget than players below him went for.

5) Bid aggressively on players in these situations until the value no longer exists.


  1. Keeper question: You guys actually answered part of this question on the radio a few weeks ago but I’d like to run something past you.

    I’m debating between Moncrief with my 11th round pick or Demarco with my 2nd round (2.06 actually). I have a sense that a lot of the higher end RBs will be kept and if I don’t hold Demarco I’ll end up with Ameer Abdullah as my RB1 (yuck). Where Moncrief is being drafted – I see him as ‘just a guy’ and there will be plenty of options there. Plus with Luck being banged up, hard to trust Moncrief.

    My question is more like me asking for reassurance that Murray at 2.06 is the smart play. After keepers Murray is the 4th RB on the cheat sheet. Having an RB1 for the right price is better than putting a WR 3/4 on your team….

    1. Given your situation with keepers, holding Demarco is perfectly fine (and what we would suggest in this specific case) even though there is technically more value in a vacuum holding onto Moncrief.

  2. Post By Byron Lambert

    Citizens of the Universe,

    I’m heading out to 49ers training camp practice now. But, I’m also to the solo portion of this training camp tour. I’ll hop back on here later today to answer some questions, if you guys / gals have any.

    p.s. Levi’s Stadium is bad ass……


    1. Dude you in my hood. Let’s grab a brew and talk strategy haha.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Santa Clara? I’m staring at the Casino M8trix and resisting temptation!

        1. Damn son we coulda played some hold ’em or had some rib eye teaks and scotch maybe sushi and sake bombs instead ha!

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    I cannot find the ultimate cheat sheet for .5ppr league. I saw a tweet saying it was available. Can anyone help?

    1. the standard cheat sheet is designed for standard and .5 PPR.

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  5. My league at work is a full point ppr league. However, QBs get 1 point per completion and RBs get 1 point per rushing attempt. We get 6 points per passing touchdowns and 6 points per rushing and receiving touchdowns. QBs are the highest scoring position by far in our league followed by RBs then WRs and finally TEs. Would you guys recommend using the standard cheat sheet over the PPR cheat sheet when drafting in a few weeks?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, use the standard sheet! Make sure to wait and and get one of the QBs in the Mariota tier

  6. Hey guys great introduction by Alex’s kid on the new pod that was awesome! I have a couple young ones myself and I can really appreciate that. Anyway, I am in a cockamamie 12 team half point ppr league that does not require that any running backs be started. In addition to our QB, TE (TE’s are credited 1 point per reception), 2 required Wide Receivers, DST & Kicker our 3 flex positions can consist of either 3 running backs, 3 receivers, or any combination of 3 running backs and receivers. We can also add a TE into one of the 3 flex positions to go along with the 2 additional flex positions pulled from the RB/WR pool. Would this type of league setup where we are allowed to start 5 receivers if we want with zero running backs and where tight ends get a full point ppr swing the pendulum enough to where you guys would recommend using the PPR Cheat sheet over the standard cheat sheet? I love you guys and your concepts, analytics, Pods & XM shows…and the fact that at Rosterwatch there really is no off-season…We appreciate everything that you do to provide us with the best information possible to make us all Fantasy Apex Predators just like yourselves.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Jesus that’s a cockamamie set up. Honestly, either sheet will work fine. With the standard sheet we are getting tons of sick guys like Corey Coleman, Maclin, Wallace, Cobb late – so we wouldn’t be overly concerned about filling out the roster.

      TEs will be moving up the STD sheet in a new release in the next 48 hours, so that would likely alleviate most of that potential issue. We love to zig when they zag, and if you aren’t overly risk averse – there is a real chance you stack sick RBs using the STD sheet while everyone else is over drafting mediocre wr.

      In a situation like this, you know your league best and will have to exercise some discretion / common sense. We always suggest going to and inputing your roster limits into the draft wizard and practicing some simulations. You may want to test it with both sheets.

  7. I am using your Cheat Sheet and have for the last couple of years. My question is in my league (Standard 10 team league, no PPR) QB’s & TE’s go earlier than normal so if I follow the cheat sheet then I am drafting a QB or TE at the very end of the draft. When should I vary from the cheat sheet and draft for position?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We always say stick to the sheet, don’t bastardize it, don’t go off the reservation. But, we obviously we expect users to exercise some basic level of common sense. We’d say once your roster is stacked, if things are close on the sheet you can make an executive decision. If you end up at the end with some type of Jared Cook and Big Ben or Kirk Cousins we combo – we are just fine with that.

  8. 10 team PPR, and I get three keepers.
    I have LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown and Melvin Gordon. My concern is having both Bell and Brown. Should I look into trading Bell for Johnson?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah, that would be fine. This combo limits your upside to some extent in a given week, but is a big time combo on the season- and that offense is capable of both still having pretty big upside in a given week. A trade would be nice, but not a must. You should be happy to have those 3 filthy keepers!

      1. Don’t get me wrong! I’m more than happy, just trying to position myself to prevent the Steeler offense bust on any given week. Diversifying prevents the down weeks.
        Thanks for the advice!

  9. I used this last year. Worked great. Looking forward to using it again in about 2 weeks now. Thanks RW.

  10. Just signed up because I love the info you guys put out on XM. Keep up the great work.

    I have a keeper question. 12 team PPR where I’ve been lucky drafting RBs before they hit big. I’m keeping David Johnson as an 8th round pick and Jordan Howard as a 13th. With my 3rd keeper I’m deciding between Gillislee or Tyrell Williams as 10th rounders. Should I go with the higher ranked guy in Gillislee or diversify my positions and keep Williams? I also have the 5th pick so I’m taking whoever is left of Green or Evans if that matters.

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    I have a keeper question. I can keep 1 of the following 3. I get them in the round they were drafted. I am in a 10 team .5PPR and QB’s get 6 points for a TD. I draft in position #5.

    David Johnson – Round 1
    Aaron Rodgers – Round 4
    Jordan Howard – Round 15

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    Hi All,

    I have a question ??

    Is there a cheet sheet that also includes the kickers and the defense as part of the drafting.. The only ones I can find to be downloaded are with out those and my league has them ..

    Please help,

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    Auction Keeper question. 10 team , $200 budget. We can select 2 keepers and their auction cost will be deducted from the starting $200. I have Lev Bell at $55. I can keep Tyrell Williams for $0. Jack Doyle for $0. No one else I would keep. So my question is: Keep Bell for $55 and Williams for $0. Or Williams and Doyle for $0. Top RB’s go for $45 plus routinely in this draft. Thanks Walt

  14. Auction Keeper. 12 Team PPR. Add $5 per year for keeper. Cannot keep more than 2 years. I’m keeping Jordy for $11. Need to pick one more:

    Antonio Brown for $48 (can’t keep next year)
    Keenan Allen for $6 (can keep next year for $11)

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