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Post-Senior Bowl: In-Depth Practice Notes and Inside Scoop
Byron Lambert, RosterWatch
senior bowlDay 1 – South
- Is OG Gabe Jackson a Larry Warford? (turns out not quite – but still like him)
- DB Aaron Colvin sick hips
- Caraun Reid violent w/ hands in bag drill
- QB Derek Carr w/ zip on the ball
- QB David Fales uncomfortable in drop – not used to under center
- QB Jimmy Garrapolo – fumbles snap from center -empty hand ball drops out on throw
- TE- #85 can’t move (Marcel Jensen)
- Carr has some snap
- #37 good coverage on #35 out of backfield (Jordie Tripp on Jay Prosch)
- OLB BYU Kyle Van Noy is sick in coverage vs Jensen #85 – gets jam drops and stays in hip pocket almost steps in front for pick
- Carr looks good
- #85 drop – Jensen struggling
- #7 Christian Jones gets smoked over the middle by RB WKU Antonio Andrews – Andrews catches well
- #21 Lorenzo Taliaferro nice pass reception
- QB Garropolo nice short out w/ anticipation – good velocity – gets it out quickly
- WR Vanderbilt Jordan Matthews does the Jerry Rice endzone practice habit and runs every rep to the end zone
- CB Colvin great position on WR Jordan Mathews – good out of press
- OLB Nick Perry, GB Packers can’t “make the club” because he’s always “in the tub”

Day 1 – North
- Stephen Morris accuracy issues
- Logan Thomas decent so far
- Tajh Boyd strip careless w/ball -same as ball security issues on film in pre sr bowl evaluation
- Morris too much inaccuracy
- Mike Smith runs a much lower-energy practice than Gus Bradley

Day 2- North (windy day)
- #88 WR Robert Herron x 3 horrible drops
- Stephen Morris is the worst QB in Mobile – arm not even as live as it looks on film
- Logan Thomas- has to take something off his ball otherwise it sails high in the wind – makes the adjustment – ball still cuts the wind the best of all QBs – not as much arc on the throws
- Tajh Boyd gets in rhythm and starts dealing
- #84 WR Abbrederis makes terrible cut on 10 yd hitch
- #87 TE Fiedorowicz has some trouble breaking down in his cut
- Chris Borland LB Wisconsin is a “Pitbull” – athletic tenacious dominates 1 on 1 vs RB. At minimum, he’s going to be sick on special teams.
- Tajh Boyd finally misses deep sideline – receiver was well covered – could have been exercising caution throwing out of bounds
- Stephen Morris – 1st good throw of the day – beautiful deep sideline (reminiscent of tape)
- Christian Kirksey LB Iowa- annihilates 1 on 1 vs RB with a huge athletic burst
- #20 blocks Borland much better in 1:1 – turns out to be Wisconsin on Wisconsin crime – RB James White vs Borland
- Logan Thomas – awful
- #55 Michael Sam gets blocked easily
- RB Charles Sims- shows the 3rd step burst we saw on film + a nifty move in the hole- elusive around defender at line of scrimmage to get outside – shows balance, power, quickness, makes a nice 2nd level adjustment
- Wisconsin RB James White reminiscent of Boom Herron- an effective sr bowl player
- Chris Borland sniffs outs fake field goal
- WR Robert Herron redeems himself with a hands catch on a quick curl – nice throw from Boyd
- Zack Martin gets beat around the edge twice by James Gayle DE VTech
- Tajh Boyd misses high on a quick slant in 11 on 11 – he’s on target to Abbrederis on the next throw – coverage was soft
- Boyd shows escapability for a positive gain on the ground
- Eagles GM- Howie Roseman is in the stands yapping about teams looking for tall 6’0” + DBs w/ long arms and good feet – says they are hard to find and not many exist around the league – but also says they are looking for all good players – came across that Philly is most focused on a safety
- Tajh Boyd reminds me of David Garrard

Day 2 – South (limited practice prior to SiriusXM drivetime broadcast live from players hotel)

- Roster changes – #70 Ja’Waun James out w/ knee sprain, #85 Marcel Jensen out w/abdominal strain (we think this was prob more because he sucked Day1), Ed Stinson AL DE out – TE Crockett Gilmore Colorado St added to roster (turns out to be a sick add – Jags coaching staff says they told Savage this was the guy they wanted)
- We think Brent Urban DL looks like a He-Man doll (turns out that’s about all he offered)
- Mike Davis drops a punt
- WR AL Kevin Norwood not sudden in/out of cuts

Day 3 – North
- Tajh Boyd inaccurate to TE – throws behind
- Logan Thomas makes a nice, quick throw to Herron- Herron drops
- #80 WR Shaq Evans- like his body in the endzone (checked our weigh-in notes- they also say long body- thick through butt and quads
- Stephen Morris under throws corner fade to Evans
- RB Toledo David Fluellen #34 – looks pretty decent in ½ speed 11 on 11
- Each QB throws the out – Morris less accurate than Thomas- Boyd is only so-so
- 20 yard post-corner Logan Thomas looks good – he has the ball down today
- Robert Herron makes a great catch high from Boyd
- Boyd throws crazy high twice in a row
- #87 Fiedorowicz shows nice hands and looks like an athletic route runner
- Logan Thomas another nice throw intermediate to the hash
- Chris Borland the pitbull with a nifty spin in 1 on 1 vs Charles Simms
- Christian Kirksey so athletic in 1 on 1
- OL Michael Schofield Michigan- pulls athletically on run play
- Charles Simms stones the pitbull Chris Borland this time
-Jordan Zumwalt LB UCLA – looks good in 1 on 1’s (our weigh-in notes say he looks like a surfer who trains MMA)
- Michael Sam #55 overpowers in 1 on 1
- #87 Fiedorowicz stones OLB Marcus Smith
- #86 TE Jake Pedersen dominates Michael Sam
- Christian Kirksey athletic again but James White stays tough (the Wisconsin guys are tough)
- Stephen Morris = Awful
- Deone Bucannon S Wash St – nice in coverage
- Chris Borland – good in coverage
- #87 Is one of the best prospects here (Fiedorowicz)
- Christian Kirksey – poor in coverage looks stiff and a bit of fish out of water
- RB Charles Simms #33 good route – nice catch
- #34 RB Fluellen has a drop on the same route
- Charles Simms makes nice cut – looks pretty sick
- #72 OT Zack Martin does have the body of an OG
- Stephen Morris is a bit slight of frame
- #87 Feidorowicz destroys Louisville OLB Marcus Smith
- Christain Kirksey is fast in run pursuit
- #91 DL Daquan Jones is powerful
- LB Chris Borland is going to be an All-Pro special teams player
- Aaron Donald DT destroys Brandon Linder OG with huge push and drive (Linder is 6’5” 316lb)
- #91 Daquan Jones gets around Baylor OG Cyril Richardson pretty quickly and easily in 1 on 1
- DT Aaron Donald takes his turn whipping Cyril Richardson next
- Zack Martin great technique to have his feet in position – sometimes drops his head at the end though
- Aaron Donald is tenacious
- #79 OG Kadeem Edwards puts a good block on Aaron Donald
- Starting to like #78 Michigan OL Michael Schofield
- Tajh Boyd tries a real cute shotput type throw – was horrible and needs to cut it out
- Chris Borland gets sick- great hands in coverage to pick off Logan Thomas who was throwing – - ——– intermediate middle into traffic
- #1 WR Josh Huff has a horrible drop that should have been a Stephen Morris TD
- Only pass Stephen Morris can make is deep sideline
- WR Robert Herron snatches a quick pass and turns up field quickly
- #16 Stan Jean-Baptiste CB NEB is huge
- Charles Simms with a McFadden type run
- Aaron Donald punishes to get into backfield
- #1 Josh Huff with a nice catch high

Day 3 – South (partial practice – live SiriusXM broadcast)
- Roster Changes – Ike Inampali LA Tech DE – 6005, 263, 32, 9.5, 78.75
- Crockett Gilmore #88- 6055, 253, 33 ⅝, 10, 81 ⅜
- Math Paschon OT BC #70 – 6063, 300, 31 ⅞, 9 ¼, 76 ⅞
- Brent Urban he-man doll is out

- #88 Arthur Lynch is an athletic TE
- OG Gabe Jackson has a very tough time moving in warmups
- #87 WR Jordan Mathews looks a lot like a TE
- Garoppolo and Fales are accurate deep to the outside- Garoppolo is the best
- WR Mike Davis poor effort on a slightly difficult but catchable ball
- #80 WR Solomon Patton w/a quick step upfield
- Like TE Crockett Gilmore as a blocker and route runner
- DB Jemea Thomas looks good at safety – per a scout

Day 4- South (had to choose- N. practice was simultaneous at Fairhope- needed to catch up on South)

- Footwork drills Garoppolo looks the best- his release point is by his ear – reminds you a bit of ARodgers- I don’t see his release being weird at all- more just compact and quick from the ear which may be a little different
- Fales is like a 38 yr old 4 neck surgery frankenstein who has to rotate his whole body into every throw to generate power- still not comfortable in his drop
- Jags HC and defensive guru Gus Bradley- spending all of his time watching the QBs very closely
- #3 WR Ryan Grant Tulane makes a sick catch
- #3 Ryan Grant snatches the ball three times
- #83 Kevin Norwood makes a nice redzone grab
- #2 WR Cody Hoffman runs a horrible route
- #88 TE Arthur Lynch gets sick again twice
- DBs are not looking good
- David Fales throws a laser to #80 Solomon Patton
- TE Crockett Gilmore’s stock keeps on rising
- WR Kevin Norwood is good
- Jordan Mathews makes a hands catch on a quick slant a la J-Rice. He’s going to be a useful possession and redzone receiver.
- This is the best TE crop we’ve ever seen at the Senior Bowl
- WR Jordan Mathews has trouble separating downfield
- Derek Carr lobs it too much when he throws deep sideline -this is exactly what we saw on tape – he loves to lob it – much better on the routes that call for it
- #21 RB Taliaferro has nice hands
- WR Mike Davis is slow off of the line – starting to think he may have issues with his focus – not overly impressive when you speak with him either
- LB Christian Jones shows off great speed
- WR Mike Davis is horrible in the back of the endzone on a slant that should have been a gimme touchdown
- Derek Carr makes a terrific redzone throw on the slant
- #80 Solomon Patton is fast on the reverse (this is somebody who has caught my attention today)
- TE Arthur Lynch shows off sick hands
- David Fales is looking very sharp in the redzone
- WR Jordan Mathews makes a sick hands catch at the back pylon for a TD
- Nice quick adjustment by Derek Carr w/ a side arm delivery on a quick screen to Kevin Norwood for a TD
- #3 WR Ryan Grant runs a sick route for a quick TD and just barely drops it right at the end (another guy we are noticing today)

** Tidbit of the week — Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff told a volunteer worker, that he was the “ball-boy” – then came back minutes later to berate the young worker, and college student, for not knowing and recognizing every GM and Head Coach at the event.

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