RosterWatch + RotoGrinders DFS Week 5 Roundup w/ Alex Dunlap and Chris Prince


  1. Post By Uncle_Maynard

    Got offered Dez and TY for my Julio. Standard league. Hiltons playoff schedule is gnarly. But if Luck comes back it could be magical. Am I right?

    1. if your team is doing well, i don’t see the need to shake things up. that being said, i like hilton and dez for the playoffs.

      1. Post By Uncle_Maynard

        I’m sitting at 3-1. I also have Keenan Allen. Running Dez, TY, and Keenan at WR sounds sick.

  2. Thanks for the help, 4-0. 12 team ppr. I have Winston, Goff, Hunt, Gurley, Miller, D Foreman, Mixon, Rawls, C West, AB, K Allen, GArcon, Ty Williams, and ASJ. We start 1,2,2,1 n flex.

    Couple of trade questions for rest of season, please. Trade Mixon or Miller &D Foreman for Diggs? And who is better plater long term for playoffs, Gurley or Bell? Trade Gurley n Rawls for Bell n DJ?

    1. no on the the trade, i like that trade if you get bell and dj

  3. My favorite time of the week is this show, this is really where I widdle in my final lineups after all week of listening to Sirius to make a collective decision, so thank you.

    Final questions and I’m probably overthinking this. Carson Palmer or Brissett this week? Standard scoring.

    Also Stewart or Rawls? Standard scoring.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thanks a lot Buck! Think you gotta roll Palmer.

      our analytics like JStew. If you are a Trashman and want to go with Rawls, I kind of like it. Close call. Stewart safer, Rawls more of a boom bust play in a good matchup

  4. I need to drop a player between Tevin Coleman and Smallwood and I can grab McGuire, Gallman, or Funchess for my flex who should I drop and grab?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  5. Hi Guys!

    Love your show on SiriusXM!!

    I have a flex question. I have to choose between D. Murray, Devonte Parker, Frank Gore, and Crabtree. What do you think?


  6. Non PPR, start Aaron Jones or Jonathan Stewart?

  7. Post By

    PPR flex Ellington or Parker. Thanks love the site

  8. Cohen, Jones or Mixon. 1pt PPR.

    Same league 1pt PPR WR who sits
    Parker, R Matthews, W Fuller and Robert Woods? Hurting at WR this week. There some WR I could PU as FA. Terrence Williams, Aghlor, Marvin Jones or Dionte Thompson. Hurting at WR

  9. How concerned should I be about shanahan’s comments regarding Carlos Hyde? Is it time to sell while he still has value? I love Hyde but for some reason shanahan doesn’t.

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