RWi RosterWatch Week 4 Matchup Tool

RosterWatch Week 4 Matchup Tool
Alex Dunlap,

This is a decision-making, fantasy tie-breaker tool to help you judge the weekly matchups your fantasy players face. It should be used, optimally, in conjunction with our Snap Count Reference Tool. Teams are ranked from 1-32 versus the RB, QB, WR and TE positions. A ranking of “1” is the most friendly to an opposing player, while the ranking of “32” is the worst.

When you use the tool, find the team that your player plays on, then look at the opponent’s matchup rating against the position in question.

We have highlighted the top 10 best positional matchups in BLUE.
Fringe-top tier matchups are highlighted in LIGHT BLUE.
Fringe-bottom tier matchups are highlighted in LIGHT RED.
The top 10 toughest matchups for opposing fantasy players are higlighted in RED.

Upon arriving at Week 5 of the NFL season, all of the data we use as inputs for this tool will come from the 2012 season. At this point in time, we will have a solid baseline from which to base projections completely moving forward.

Since we are not afforded the luxury of an established 2012 fantasy points against baseline for 2012 to look back on in Week 4, we have employed our system of weighted averages to construct the following hierarchy.

Matchup rankings take into account a number of variables, and are derived via a proprietary RosterWatch algorithm. One portion consists of six variables from 2011, while the rest, as usual, is comprised of scouting/analysis grades of each defensive team’s 2012 starting positional group when taken as an average.

Meaning, for example, for TE matchups: A grade in this case will be assigned to those who will generally cover the TE. (3-4 ILBs, 4-3 LBs, Safeties and Nickel Corners.) We call this variable the TECP or tight end coverage personnel variable. We then get an average for that group’s scores and use it as an input along with the fantasy points against data we have at this early stage for 2012

+Based on Standard Scoring
++RW Proprietary Algorithm


  1. This this is so freaking awesome. Nerd alert.

  2. so jax is going to shut down dalton and aj?

    1. no, it means that the matchup is less favorable to their success. Some players overcome that, generally studs like A.J. That is why this is a tie-breaker tool. Thanks for reading=ad

  3. Peyton Manning or Joe Flacco?

  4. So this is saying that, for example, Houston’s TEs have a huge advantage over Titan’s? You want to be in the red, and for your opponent to be in the blue?

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