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PRO RosterWatch Week 6 Big Tool: Snap Counts, Targets and Touches – Every Player in Fantasy

alex byline Here you can find snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format through Week 5. Simply click on the link below (PRO membership required). The Big Tool is updated through the start of the week in-season as information becomes available from the league office.

We’ve updated the spreadsheet to a new format which will hopefully make it easier to compare snap percentage, target and touch numbers from week-to-week. The rows are ordered by week of the NFL season. Once inside the shared document, find the team you are interested in, then click the link within the week you are interested in.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE BIG TOOL (RW PRO membership login required for access)


  1. Trade offer in PPR.. i send cooks wentz and tevin coleman, i Get Dev freeman and Kelvin Benjamin .. wrs are Hopkins Allen Cooks Jeffrey Mart Bryant RBs are Dougy and Zeke.. we have 2 flex spots

    1. i would see if i could make it jeffery instead of cooks

  2. QB is watson

  3. Post By HuntN4BeastMode

    D. Henry, J McKinnon, or J Charles ROS?

    1. hard to say without seeing the vikes yet. i would say henry right now

  4. Post By

    Hey guys, full point PPR. I have a trade offer, I get D Martin for K Allen. I have k.Hunt, J. Ajayi, and B. Powell at RB. I have -D. Hopkins, M Thomas, M. Crabtree, T. Hill, K.Benjamin, and A. Theilen at WR.

    1. yes, i’d do that trade

  5. Post By

    Trade question, I give up Fuller for Kamara?

    1. where are you weak?

      1. Post By

        He said no to Kamara, I’m going to trade Fuller for Henry. I need rb’s and some lightning in a bottle. Hope you agree.

  6. Big Ben droppable at this point? I own Rivers… And they both have week 9 bye.

  7. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Reached out on Twitter, I’ll just leave this here with a hope for your opinions :).

    I need a QB, and I’m targeting Alex Smith. His owner in my league also has Russell Wilson. He has OBJ, and I have K. Allen, M Thomas, M Evans and T Hilton. Do you feel like any of those four would be overpaying for Alex Smith? Do I need to build a larger package to create more balanced value?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Oh god no- thankfully you asked- Smith is playing well, but you can never send a skill player of that caliber for a middling QB1. Only send players like that in deals for guys like Rodgers.

      As a matter of fact, if you can buy lower on RWilson- that’s who we would prefer. Make sure and keep all of those WR , though

  8. Post By

    Trade offer. I want to snap call it but something must be wrong.

    Chris Thompson for Golden Tate.

    I own Thompson and am a Odell Beckham owner as well. Is something afoul with Golden Tate?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No, we’d do it -esp in PPR- and if Tate becomes a clear cut starter for you.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Also, assuming that doesn’t leave you blank at RB.

  9. Post By Thechosenones

    we send fornette and get diggs and duke johnson. We have gurly,Lamar miller,jordy and mike Evans. Ppr

  10. Should I drop Eli for Hoyer as I wait for Luck to return? It’s slim pickings in this 16 team league.

  11. Lost OBJ after losing Cook last week. 2 potential trades, need to know which is a better deal for me. I have Jameis, Watson, Hunt, Mixon, T Coleman, CJ Anderson, McGuire, Gallman, Evans, K Allen, Garcon, Rudolph, and Brate.

    I can trade Evans for D Martin and K Benjamin, or Allen for Duke Johnson and Fuller/K Benjamin. Or, just stick to my guns. Half point PPR, 10 team league.

  12. Would you trade Zeke and Stafford for Hunt and Cousins in a standard scoring league?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  13. Anyone worth dropping Ajayi for? Or anyone I should target in a trade? I’m in a 10 team PPR

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Can’t drop him. Wait for tomorrow’s TradeCast on iTunes

  14. Post By

    would you trade doug martin and keenan or diggs for ajayi and hopkins standard scoring?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, that is a good deal.

  15. Post By

    I have Carr, Stafford, David Johnson and Engram, I need help with a QB, RB and TE. Thanks.
    – Ignorant in Indiana

    1. Check out today’s Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet, here in a bit- also listen to the Waiver Wire Podcast this afternoon, and the Trade Cast tomorrow- both on our iTunes.

  16. Fuller Ellington or Landry? Can only pick 2 PPR

    1. Way too early RockyCrab. How the hell do you bench Fuller right now? See all the rankings as the week progresses.

  17. Michael Thomas and Kamara for Hunt? I would be giving away Hunt. PPR

    1. I’d do it. That’s a sweet deal with AP gone to Arizona. Squeeze the trigger.

      1. Thanks bro

  18. Post By

    4-1 record standard scoring
    QB- Russell wilson
    RB: Doug Martin, Kamara, Buck Allen, Elijah McGuire, Gallman
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Allen Hurns
    TE: Travis Kelce

    I offered someone in my league who is 1-4 his choice of Buck allen or Kamara and his choice of stefon diggs and keenan allen. Basically what I wanna know is which RB out of those 2 and which Wr out of those 2 would I prefer to trade for ezekiel elliot who is on bye this week.
    Also, can zeke still get suspended?

  19. Post By

    Would you trade CJ Anderson for Crabtree. I am a former Beckham owner who needs a replacement. RBs on my team are strong. Id Anderson for Crabtree a fair trade?

  20. Post By Electricwessel

    Drop Amari cooper. And pick up Richardo Louis? I have Devin funches, will fuller, golden Tate, Nelson agholor, and cooper kupp

    RBs I have mcaffery, bell, and Ellington.

    Should I maybe pick up another RB instead?

    Also I have Brees and Watson am I dumb if I start Watson this week?

    1. Post By Electricwessel

      Galman and McGuire are both available in my league.

  21. I Need 1 RB and 1 flex and 1 WR. PPR
    Jordan Howard
    Desean Jackson
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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