Ryan Switzer UNC 750

PRO 2017 Dynasty Rookie Spotlight: Ryan Switzer, WR University of North Carolina

Senior Bowl Spotlight: Ryan Switzer, University of North Carolina

Height: 5’ 8 ½”
Weight: 179 lbs
Hands: 9 ⅛”
Arm: 28”
Wing: 67 ⅜”

40 yard dash: 4.51 (official)
NFL Comparison: Julian Edelman, Randall Cobb, Jeremy Kerley

Scouting Notes: Switzer was basically the South squad’s mirrored reflection of the North team’s Trent Taylor at the Senior Bowl, a compact and quick slot receiver/kick returner. To be perfectly honest, Switzer was higher on our boards for most of the week too – that is, until we heard grumblings that he possessed some “character concerns” that Taylor apparently did not. In retrospect, it seems silly to base such distinctions on what currently amounts to hearsay, so I’ll go ahead and say that on the field, Switzer was the more impressive player of the two. Just looking at metrics, collected by Catapult Sports – when you consider maximum speeds, Switzer topped ALL players on day 3 of practice, hitting 19.8 mph, whereas Taylor topped out at 19 mph flat. Switzer also had a higher overall number of explosive movements throughout the week. As for the “character concerns,” TE George Kittle, who is Switzer’s roommate at their training facility told RosterWatch that Switzer was “the hardest worker he’s ever seen.” A statement which corroborates the insane workload Switzer registered in Catapult measurements throughout the Senior Bowl

Switzer actually looks smaller than he is, mainly because he’s got short legs and a longer torso. His short legs aid him in his shiftiness, and that extra torso helps him to extend his catch range horizontally. He regularly makes grabs that seem unreachable at the outset, balls that are going out of bounds or beyond him down the field, all by leaning heavily in the desired direction and catching the ball away from his body. This benefits Switzer in making contested catches as well. He had no problems beating bigger corners to the ball in one-on-one drills at the Senior Bowl. His speed comes in spurts, so although he is lightning fast to move to the ball, he doesn’t dominate in deep routes and gets caught from behind more than he should. Switzer’s secret key is his knack for finding soft spots in coverage and hovering there, making an easy target for his QB. He’s the guy the defense never sees coming until it’s too late. Though he’s an enthusiastic blocker, Switzer tends to go low against defenders, which isn’t good for anybody.

Fantasy Outlook: Switzer is an asset as a return man – he’s tied for first in ACC history with six punt returns for TDs and set the UNC single game record for most return yards in a game (168 yards), in addition to holding the UNC single-season receiving record with 91 receptions over the regular season for 1,027 yards and five touchdowns. That said, he’s an undersized player with a questionable attitude, so he’s probably not going to get drafted in Round 1 or 2. I could see him going anytime after that, though. Switzer isn’t a game changing talent, he’s going to remain a slot receiver who gets few looks in the endzone, but he could have a bright future in PPR leagues if players of his profile like Julian Edelman and Randall Cobb are any indication. He’s definitely worth a mid-to-late round add in PPR dynasty leagues, as well as leagues that count return yards.



  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Dynasty – IDP
    Word on the street is there are 2 elite LB’s in the rookie pool ..
    in my leagues , the top IDP over the last 2 years went in mid 3rd round.

    Where would you stack these two stud LB’s vs the offensive players .. or if you had to rank these LBs in with the wrs rbs and the like, where would you put them ?

    I need to start planning where I am taking one of these guys now, so I can flip some picks to land me in that vicinity


    1. We’ve talked about taking Rueben Foster as early as the first round, but in our main IDP league it is maniacal weighted toward LB and they go early. If we were in a league where guys like Khalil Mack, etc. don’t go until the 3rd round every year, we’d see if we could hold off until the second.

  2. 12 team dynasty 1 ppr

    My Roster
    Devonta Freeman
    Jordan Howard
    Deandre Washington
    Jalen Richard
    J stewart
    Jonathan Williams
    Kelvin B
    Cam Merrideth
    Breshad Perriman
    Robby ANDERSON
    Tyler Boyd
    Tajae Sharp
    Robert Woods
    Picks; 1.02,2.11,3.02

    Give up
    K Cousins

    Get Back
    D Henry
    L Blount
    JJ Nelson
    1.01 and 2.09

    I am def in revuld mode but am I giving up too much for D Henry, Fournette and will prob need to use that acquired 2nd rounder on a qb. I know how high RW is on Henry and Fournette, which is why I pose the question.

    Podcast is awesome, great work fellas.

    1. He also has 1.09, do I push for that instead of 2.09 or does it not matter as far as giving up to much to begin with.

  3. He also has 1.09, do I push for that instead of 2.09 or does it not matter as far as giving up to much to begin with.

    1. Oh jeez this is a tough one, do you have to have Perriman involved?

      1. That was his offer, do I drop him out of the deal and stick with his offer?

        1. I just don’t like the extra pieces involved in Blount and JJN. I think Giving up Perriman on top of Devonta is too much.

  4. Ive got him at
    Blount, Henry 1.01, 2.09
    Cousins, Freeman 1.02, 3,02
    I love Henry too in Dynasty and gives me Fournette indefinitely, solidifies my backs for a few years. Is that worth giving up Cousins is where I’m stuck.

    1. much better deal, if you want to take that one, I’m totally fine with it. It’s fair.

      1. Thanks Brother…..great show yesterday as always.

  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Alex the pro, But for me, personally

    Freeman is a MONSTER – Id say you should be able to trade him for a 1st rounder this yr easily one for one ..
    Maybe you get Kamara / Corey Davis and Cook instead of Henry and fournette out of that deal ?

    giving him and capn kirk for a one pick bump ?
    What time is your draft ? IE if it’s before training camp, maybe cook stays ahead of Fournette … and you keep freeman and still get fournette ?

  6. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    PS Alex
    thanks for the foster advice…
    I own the 2nd pick in the draft ( so 202 is where id have to take Rueben foster )
    I hate passing up on a tight end for a LB But if he is the monster he is made out to be ..

    I am trying to trade guys like james white, tay tay Gabriel, rishard Matthews, and the like for a 2nd

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