Senior Bowl Spotlight – Zac Dysert, QB Miami (OH)

Senior Bowl Spotlight – Zac Dysert
Byron Lambert,

Zac Dysert, QB Miami (OH)

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 228 lb
Age: 22

NFL Comparison:

J.P. Lossman, Jake Locker, Ben Roethlisberger

NFL Fit:

Arizona, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Oakland


Zac Dysert is big and athletic with a very strong arm. That is what jumps off the tape. He’s got good mobility and is tough to take down while he extending plays with his feet. He’s also a threat to run for the first down. His accuracy is good on paper, at about a steady 64% over his career. So is his touchdown/interception ratio at 2:1.

Keep in mind this is in the MAC. His career YPA of about 7.25 leaves something to be desired, indicating possible inefficiencies in his game. Dysert has a tendency to throw a lot of underneath first reads. He also frequently sails throws high. Scouts want to see more read progressions and more NFL throws. There is evidence of him making second reads on occasion.

While Dysert is relatively calm in the pocket under pressure, the tape reveals he takes some big hits where he shows no anticipation or pocket presence at all. I looked it up, and just when I thought nobody could get sacked more than Mike Glennon, I was terrified to see that Zac Dysert has been sacked 82 times over the last two seasons.


There is money to be made next week in Mobile, AL. Dysert’s size and skills are going to garner a lot of attention. If his accuracy holds up, his draft stock could skyrocket. He has the opportunity to be one of the stars of the Senior Bowl.

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